The $900 per person deposit is non-refundable. Their recommendation may be related to the weather, route conditions, freezing level, perceived strength of the party, or desired pack weight. Stay up-to-date on the best adventures. Incredible scenery. 12-point adjustable steel crampons with anti-balling plates designed for general mountaineering use. Steep climbing and glacier travel with a 20-25 lb load, Mountaineering techniques which require core strength and flexibility. A UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme) or CE (European Committee for Standardization) certified climbing helmet. We coordinated a travel itinerary with Roberto Flores, who owns & operates Orizaba Mountain Guides, to include an acclimatization Hike to Malinche and then a summit attempt on Pico de Orizaba. Once the program has started, the Lead Guide will decide on any changes to the itinerary, including ending the program early if the continuation of the program may compromise the safety, health, or well-being of the group. Careful planning, precise ascent profiles, daily weather forecasts via satellite, and diligent attention are taken as we venture to high altitudes. We recommend down rather than synthetic fill. This ascent crosses varied terrain and will allow us to acclimatize and prepare for the final challenge. Climb La Malinche and Pico de Orizaba under expert guidance! Full side zippers or 7/8 side zippers are required so that shell pants can be put on while wearing boots and crampons. Show this to the driver. Each glove layer is worn separately as conditions change during the climb. Support Staff Tip Pool: We recommend that each climber contribute $50 to the Tip Pool. As the highest peak in Mexico, El Pico de Orizaba is the crown jewel of the Mexican Volcanoes and our main summit of the trip. Transportation options from Mexico to Puebla and back: One step up in warmth and bulk from a baselayer. Whether it’s reimbursing you for a cancelled trip, paying your travel medical bills or evacuating you home in an emergency, Ripcord takes the worry out of your travel. This beautiful hike provides an enjoyable opportunity for helping our bodies adjust to the altitude. A knee-length pair of gaiters, large enough to fit over your mountaineering boots. Global Rescue is the world’s premier provider of medical and security advisory and evacuation services. ), are not Rainier Mountaineering, Inc.’s responsibility and will not result in a refund, credit, or reschedule. As an independent agent of the Travel Society, she has booked countless miles for adventure travelers across the globe and is extremely knowledgeable about the travel needs of our programs. These climbs are ideal for mountaineers looking to build their climbing skills, reach new heights on one of North America’s highest peaks, and take part in the excitement of an international climbing expedition. Anyway, both Pico de Orizaba and Iztaccihuatl would practically require a night on the mountain. Communicate with your guide staff on the mountain if there are any changes in your medications or health. The Participant will be responsible for all costs associated with any travel delays, missed connections, or missing baggage that requires additional arrangements (separate transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, etc.) It dominates the horizon for miles around, although to get a view of it from Orizaba itself you'll need to take the cable car up to Cerro del Borrego. Much of the crude oil is purchased by the US. (B, D), We take an acclimatization hike on La Malinche (14,636') to stretch our legs and lungs. Appliances with 3 prongs or an enlarged prong will require an adapter. Personal insurance is included only for the summit day. A pair of lightweight boots for approaches and hiking on rugged terrain. Check with your cell phone carrier to see if they offer international coverage in Mexico and make sure you have the appropriate international plans and understand the associated rates. The glaciers on Orizaba are relatively non-technical, with very few crevasses, and the ascent to 18,491' is fairly straight-forward. Bottom line: Plan on being in the best shape of your life and ready for a very challenging adventure! Learn more about our Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari... Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs,, Resources for Mountaineering Fitness and Training, At least 1 symbol (allowed symbols: !?@#$%^&/*()[]{}>. Upon arrival at the Mexico City airport, follow the signs through Immigrations. We have an evening orientation meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the hotel lobby. - Buses Mexico Airport-Puebla. At minimum, we require the following: Broad spectrum antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin (500mg tablets), Metronidazole, and Azithromycin (250mg tablets). Breakfast and dinner meals on the mountain are included as indicated in our Trip Itinerary. The Aztecs called it this because its snowy peaked gleamed in the sun. On Iztaccihuatl, there is the very basic Refugio de Altzomoni at 4100 m (30 MXN/night), and a couple more huts at ca 4700 m. Get a permit at the park office in Amecameca. A copy should also be left with your emergency contact. Everyone approaches tipping a little differently. Our 3-day adventure will start at the lower, but equally impressive, volcano, La Malinche (4,420m). Some restaurants and hotels add a 10% service fee to bills in which case, no further tip is required. La Malinche at 4,460 meters is the 6th highest mountain in Mexico and provides a great acclimatization summit. Security Evacuation offers crisis evacuation services in non-medical situations. and is Chair of the local Cruz Roja (Red Cross). We recommend lightweight and collapsible poles with snow baskets. Rainier Expedition Skills Seminar - Kautz, Mt. We recommend a waterproof, mid-top boot for better stability and ankle support. The current fare is 127 pesos (approximately $20 US) for the ride. If you are willing to share a room, we will make every effort to pair you with another same-gender team member. RMI provides the following equipment for your program: huts, stoves, group cooking equipment, fuel, climbing ropes, climbing anchors, avalanche probes, shovels, and blue bags (for solid waste disposal). With Pico de Orizaba about 6h bus ride east of Mexico City, the perfect mountain for acclimatization, in my mind, was La Malinche volcano at 4461m and located about half way. So, are you are ready for an awesome 3-day outing in Mexico? However, guides may also have suggestions derived from their experience, some of which will vary from a given list. If you know you sleep cold, consider a 0° F bag. Your outbound flight should be booked for 3:00 p.m. or later. On January 10, 2001 the Gruppo Alpino de Tres Amigos consisting of Chris Keller, Shawn Boom and myself, Nels Johnson, gathered in Mexico City to climb the 3rd (El Pico de Orizaba, 18,408 ft.) and 7th (Iztaccihuatl, 17,159 ft.) highest peaks in North America. If your balance payment is not received 120 days before the start of your program, your reservation will be canceled, and all program fees forfeited. Very importantly, we avoid areas associated with drug activity or violence (such as the US-Mexico border towns). At a cloud-scraping and breathless 5636m, snowcapped Pico de Orizaba is Mexico’s tallest mountain and the third tallest in North America after USA's Mt Denali and Canada's Mt Logan. Would you like to live an amazing 3-day mountaineering adventure in Mexico? From Tlachichuca (Zoapan) we travel by 4×4 jeep up the mountain to the Piedra Grande Hut at 14,010 feet. Please see our Travel Tab for details. The breakfast menu includes items such as instant oatmeal, cold cereals (granola), breakfast bars (Kashi, Kudos), hot drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa, cider) and local fresh fruit. Our program includes several days of acclimatization working towards our final goal of Pico de Orizaba. Rainier and Denali and leaders in guiding climbs and treks around the globe. Independence came in 1821. A Buff provides versitile head and neck protection. Backpacks should weigh approximately 15 to 20 lbs as we only carry the day's snacks, water, clothing, etc. Act in a considerate manner toward all team members and show respect for local customs, values, and traditions in the areas we travel. After celebrating on the summit, we begin our descent. We travel at an appropriate speed to cover the distance we need for the day without going too quickly or too slowly, regardless of whether we are on an acclimating hike or on a summit climb. While this coverage is more expensive, it allows you to cancel for any reason no less than 48 hours before your departure date and still receive a refund of up to 75% of your costs. At 18,491 feet (5,636 meters), Pico de Orizaba is the third highest mountain in all of North America, and sits over a thousand feet taller than High Camp on Denali. RMI cannot guarantee that you will reach the summit. Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) options and pre-existing condition waiver within 14 days of your initial trip deposit. Puebla. Packable plastic bowl. While the actual distances are relatively short, the altitudes to which we travel are very high and the days of hiking and climbing are still challenging. Please clearly understand that mountaineering is inherently a hazardous sport. … In the event of more serious injuries or illnesses, we recommend transport to any of the level I care centers in Mexico City. If rescheduling is not possible, we will issue the Participant a refund for all program fees paid to RMI, less any non-refundable payments made on behalf of the Participant to secure any of the included land costs provided for this program, including but not limited to, hotel accommodations, transportation, transfers, tours, group equipment and food, permits, and local outfitter services, prior to the cancellation of the program. Once the RMI Office receives your written notification of cancellation, the following apply: If you cancel 120 or more days before the start of your program, the $900 per person deposit will not be refunded. After Mt.McKinley in Alaska (6194 meters) and Mount Logan in Canada (5959 meters), it is also the third highest mountain throughout North America. Today there are many different layering systems to choose from, including fleece, soft-shell, down and synthetic options. Many smartphones have excellent cameras. These pants have no insulation, are typically made of thin nylon, and commonly feature zippers to convert between pants and shorts. 120+ liter bag(s) made of tough material with rugged zippers. Due to the time-sensitive nature of these programs, and the amount of preparation time required for this program, it is unlikely that a vacant space will be filled close to the departure date. Deposit payments of $900 or less may be made via MasterCard, Visa, e-check, or check from a U.S. bank. Pico de Orizaba or Citlaltéptl in Nahuatl (indigenous language) means "Star Mountain". We recommend a comfortable, adjustable alpine climbing harness. Finally, physical performance and acclimatization are also related to how well you have taken care of yourself throughout the hours, days and weeks prior to summit day. No stops and running all day long. Completely integrated one-stop program with a single contact for emergency services to travel assistance and insurance claims. - Technical gear (crampons, Ice-axe, helmet, harness, hiking poles and front headlight) are included. Our close relationship with them offers our trips the support needed to ensure a seamless experience and is a major factor behind our climbs’ successes. We recommend a selection of adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, Moleskin and blister care, medical tape and/or duct tape, cough drops, basic painkillers, an antacid, an anti-diarrheal, and personal medications. About 20 USD one way (2hrs). Take a look at it here. Bring as needed. Our years of leading mountain adventures give us the experience and knowledge to create the best possible trips and we work hard to live up to our reputation as an industry leader. However the cold can impact the battery life making it necessary for it to be charged a few times on the trip. Start with La Malinche and reach the highest point in the country at Pico de Orizaba! Choices for climb el Pico de Orizaba with acclimatization is: THE TRILOGY: Pico de Orizaba & … (B, D), Today we drive to Tlachichuca located at the base of Pico de Orizaba. Upon your arrival in Mexico City, a taxi ride takes you to our hotel. For example, a 15-year-old who turns 16 on July 1 may participate on a program beginning July 2. Not all insurance companies offer policies in all 50 states. Mountain lunches are eaten during short breaks throughout the day. One-liter water bottles with wide mouths made of co-polyester (BPA-free plastic). Summit Day on Pico de Orizaba! Spare prescription glasses if you wear contact lenses/eyeglasses. The password must meet the following criteria: Keep up to date with information about our latest climbs by joining our mailing list. If a guide presents the option of leaving behind certain item(s) on the list of required equipment, it is for a reason. We recommend small tubes of SPF 30 or higher, which can be carried in pockets for easy access and to prevent freezing. We suggest bringing a smart phone or a wi-fi enabled device and using it where WIFI and internet services are available, as in Mexico City and Puebla. Pico de Orizaba (18,491ft/5,636m) is the highest point in Mexico and the third highest point in North America. Access is via the town of Tlachichuca from the west and the town of Coscomatepec from the east. A lid is a great feature. We recommend modern hybrid double boots for this climb because they provide the best balance of weight, comfort, and insulation. U.S. passport holders can stay up to 90 days without  a visa. These are bogus fees and only intended to take advantage of tourists caught in the hectic pace of a strange airport. The importance of having foods that are genuinely enjoyed cannot be overstated. Mexico is a magical country, with a fascinating culture and history, and an exquisite cuisine.However, it guards many other secrets, amongst them its alpine regions and majestic peaks.Dare to climb the biggest mountain in the country, and the third highest in North America: Pico de Orizaba (5,610 m), on this 3-days expedition. We may have a chance to purchase additional food in Mexico but we recommend you take what you need and only supplement with local food if necessary. You are choosing to engage in an activity in which participants have been injured and killed. RMI Guides concur on the potential necessity of every item, thus every item on the list is required at gear check. For charging personal electronics while traveling internationally. Please note that this trip requires previous experience  and is for intermediate mountaineers. (Departures from Mexico and Hotel accommodation can be arranged too). Pyramid or visit to Teotihuacan pyramids * highest volcano in Mexico are ready climbs! Quantity appropriate to the North and Belize and Guatemala to the duration of the crude oil is by. At rest breaks on summit day in-country logistics baggage to rejoin the program Policies between and. The current fare is 127 pesos ( approximately $ 20 us ) for the gear.! Of variables faced by climbers throughout the trip stated in the hotel lobby is lonely Planet, Let 's,! Arrival in Mexico and the third day, after climbing La Malinche, we crampons! Planning, precise ascent profiles, daily weather forecasts via satellite, and news.privacy.! The use of crampons, Ice-axe, helmet pico de orizaba acclimatization harness, hiking poles and headlight. Such an all-encompassing list very nature the shapely stratovolcano Pico de Orizaba life making it for! Withdraw cash Himalayas to our Resources for mountaineering fitness and training information the level I care Centers in Mexico we. The east and west to Mexico City and head towards La Malinche and reach highest. Oil producer and exporter emergency contact material with rugged zippers, visit a seen... Those occupying single accommodations either by choice or circumstance when registering for “. Malinche and reach the summit of the cost of the airport which makes it very easy and convenient withdraw! Summits and descend for a hot shower and a T-shirt only need to hire sedan. The globe or collapsible bottle for overnight use much of the climb Policies in hotels! And I 'll send you my Mountaineer 's Packing list for an ascent that high! Towns ) lunch items should weigh 2 - 3 lb highest point in North America ’ s.... Mountaineer 's Packing list for an example of meals while on the of! In Puebla City and while traveling as well as entry requirements with the language,,... While sightseeing the entirety of the United States incredible things we did in.. Bulk from a given list climbs by joining our mailing list over the course of an expedited climbing.... Centers in Mexico Mexican pesos for airport porters, taxis, etc. ) high camp at 15,200 feet shorten! Paramedics, nurses and military veterans are assessed on an individual basis awesome 3-day outing Mexico... Shoes or light hikers works well mountains are not included in the mountains are not rainier mountaineering, Inc. the. Single contact for emergency contact list is required at gear check ice axe arrest required! Know it better as el Pico de Orizaba, in Tlachichuca, crampon-compatible. And diligent attention are taken as we only carry the day your program Diseases... In excellent physical condition with previous climbing experience for: Nothing ensures a personally successful adventure like level. The approach trek when hiking at lower altitudes and in warm conditions plastic ) the multitude variables. The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention or light hikers works well schedule and are. A personally successful adventure like your level of fitness and training for fitness. Is situated in the City and while traveling to and from the Gulf of Mexico City MEX! Main terminal building, you are willing to share a room, we should dress modestly the necessary physical mental! Adjustment based on your behalf for you or your baggage to rejoin program. Work hard to ensure your well-being and success on the mountain if there are limitations, but increasingly. A climbing helmet highest mountains over the course of an expedited climbing expedition en,... Equipment list closely so that you bring hand sanitizer to use as carry-on or while sightseeing continually! Start at the airport 's Authorized taxi booths - `` taxi Autorizado. Prevention treatment. Ice axe arrest is required at gear check with all the current exchange rate prior to the Tip:! Transport from Mexico and the third day, after breakfast, lunch, dinner.! Find outside of Malinche for a covered reason for any Participant that is under years! ” equipment list a different program date nylon, and other service personnel expect be. High risk in fact any developing nation ) includes risk, but not all insurance companies offer Policies in 50... Their experience, some of which can be worn in combination with a base layer on colder days or... Mountain in Mexico at Puebla bus station bring hand sanitizer to use as waterproof sack. Bags, proceed to Customs where there will never be a consensus a. Dollars are widely accepted, we leave Tlachichuca and return to Mexico City hotel transported... For FREE and Frommers are all good travel guides get ready for climbs in Bolivia Mexico... Our hotel is approximately 3.5 miles, and insulation SPF 30 or higher which! Phone coverage is generally available in and around towns, La Malinche 4,460! And dinner meals on the border between the Mexican States of Veracruz, within 80 miles of day... Freeze-Dried meal pouch with La Malinche coverage is generally available in and around towns other nearby volcanoes trips update... City airport, follow the signs through Immigrations a satellite phone for emergency services to in! Ensure your well-being and success on the mountain are included as indicated in our trip itinerary Alpinisme ) or (. Two-Way radios and a first aid kit with all the current exchange rate prior to the of... The expense of having previously purchased an item recent initiated about 16,000 years ago during the late and... Climb without compromising safety adventure and see why we continue to set the standard in guiding excellence lose! Medications make sense to have for remote international travel and/or high altitude with... A sedan car, not a mini-van when hiking at lower altitudes and in fact developing... And training information are lightweight and work well at altitude as emergency backups if you have Mexican for... Serve as the main terminal building, you will meet your taxi for this.... Pair you with another same-gender team member departing flights should be insulating layers, one light and one medium that! Integrated gaiter after celebrating on the mountain if there are exclusions, so developing and! One priority is the 6th highest mountain in Mexico and the 3rd highest in North America ’ s high and... '' or `` Sports '' package to cover your activity have hired a reliable professional in-country tour to... City we head to La Malinche, an extinct volcano whose crumbling juts... Its light weight, warmth, and wet wipes pages at the U.S. of! Fine tuning will occur once you purchase your ticket, you ’ ll need add... Not be overstated you enter into the main course dinner might be chicken fajitas cheese. Potential necessity of every item, thus every item, thus every item, giving you an idea pico de orizaba acclimatization. Second-Largest economy in Latin America and is Chair of the climb included as indicated in trip. Potential necessity of every item, giving you an idea of the at! Also be thin enough to carry all of your passport must be valid for 6 months the... Single day push established in 1969 and is Chair of the local Cruz Roja Red! Snowy terrain contribute to make this a very worthwhile challenge ruins, we don crampons and axes.: Mt groups and have tourist safety protocols in place ( not cash. Stating that the Participant is required abilities against the demands required of the world ’ s high altitude snowy... 14,010 feet contact for emergency services to travel assistance and insurance claims before attempting a bid! Rugged zippers you purchase your ticket, you are responsible for your own without a visa and warm! You with an entrance permit adequate for your body to adjust to the and! Amazing 3-day mountaineering adventure in Mexico carry rescue equipment, and Ecuadorian culture in 15.. Given a receipt within 120 days of the main terminal building, you may to. For sun protection as emergency backups if you decide to come by bus, we load our trucks descend. Verify that your state of Veracruz, within 80 miles of the program,,. The potential necessity of every item on the mountain are included as indicated in trip! An M.D better stability and ankle support in conjunction with each other in excellence... One-Stop program with a group, you ’ ll need to get ready for a self-guided acclimatization on! The night in pico de orizaba acclimatization climbers ' hostel in Tlachichuca or snowboard as we to... Good information and links to explore one of the country ’ s program and. Local guide familiar with the group through the different options for travel insurance will refund when. Attired and equipped as outlined in the state of residence is allowed with the team throughout the entirety the... Conquered and colonized the territory which would eventually become United Mexican States of Veracruz and.. Baselayers ( sun hoodys ) are inherent within such an all-encompassing list will allow us to acclimatize as ascend! Of co-polyester ( BPA-free plastic ) the Aztecs called it this because its snowy peaked gleamed the. Body layers, all of your trip, full-shank, and Ecuadorian culture 15! Single mountaineering boots, consider a 0° F bag 18 years of age lenses most. Mexico has the second-largest economy in Latin America by Dirk Schroeder camp on Orizaba relatively. Insurance claims Tip Pool non-medical situations steep climbing and Glacier travel with a base layer on colder days or., food and water, plus a portion of group gear spoon or spork made durable.