_taboola.push({ It is the source of life. Well, the answer is ‘Yes’. If the biological environment gets disturbed, physical environment automatically gets disturbed and both hugely affect the human lives together. This, then, makes it that much more important to choose the right short speech topic. It’s a 3 minute speech competition called the 3 minute Thesis.. Our Short speech on World Environment Day can be used at school or college level celebrations and the long speech on World Environment Day can be used as a sample speech for various organizational celebrations. Hon’ble Principal, Teachers, and My Dear Friends! In the same regards, we’ll be organising a meeting soon in which we will inform them about the technologies we use to preserve the nature. It has been always said that only earth has the most favourable climatic conditions that help us to survive. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});