Within the eye of honour : within honourable limits; within what men would regard as honorable, advised watch, careful observation. Infinte deal of nothing : a vast amount of nonsense. He knows that his friend will always help him in need. Question 2. Question 4. (iii) Why does Bassanio refer to his childhood sport of arrows ? What light does Bassanio’s reply to Antonio’s question throw on Bassanio’s character? In some cases, you likewise attain not discover the statement act 1 scene 2 workbook answers merchant of venice that you are looking for. Why does he leave abruptly ? We have decided to create the most comprehensive English Summary that will help students with learning and understanding. He asks Bassanio to raise money on Antonio’s surety on any terms. Question 6. We have decided to create the most comprehensive English Summary that will help students with learning and understanding. Broth : a thick kind of soup. ANTONIO : Please, good Bassanio, tell me;And if it is, honourable , as you yourself still are,Be assured that my purse, my person, My utmost ability can be used for your benefit. Answer: Gratiano does not leave a good impression on Antonio or Bassanio. As they enjoy the night they playfully discuss Greek mythology and tease one another. He says that he too would be feeling melancholic if his ships were sailing on the sea. To hold a rival place with one of them, Answer: The above lines reveal the character of Bassanio. He has always been treated with sympathy and love by Antonio. He finds Antonio sad and serious. He is under heavy debts but he is not willing to give up his lordly style of living, though he is anxious to get rid of all debts. Now, you can read the whole play from the images shown below: Do cream and mantle like a standing pond, Bassanio holds a very good opinion of Portia. Is Gratiano right in his comment on Antonio’s melancholy? Merchant of Venice Workbook Answers Act 1, Scene 3 – ICSE Class 10 & 9 English. Answer: Bassanio’s request leads to Antonio’s obtaining a loan of three thousand ducats from Shylock, and his signing a bond to the effect that, if he fails to repay this loan to Shylock within a period of three months, the latter would acquire the right to cut off a pound of flesh from any part of Antonio’s body that he might like. Answer: Bassanio is the speaker of these words. June 30, 2020 by Prasanna Leave a Comment. Answer: From the above passage we come to know that Bassanio and Antonio are very good friends. Answer: Bassanio loves the lady very much. What kind of lady lives in Belmont? Answer: Gratiano believes that a young man has no reason to be sad and serious. Get Merchant of Venice Workbook Answers here ICSE for class 9 and 10 board . Answer: BASSANIO : In Belmont, there is a rich heiress And she is beautiful and, more beautiful than that word, She has wonderful virtues. For a lover, the woman, with whom he is in love, is a kind of goddess to be worshipped; and the place where she lives is sacred. To find the other forth, and by adventuring both Question 3. Home; Merchant of Venice. GRATIANO :Well, keep me company for only two more years, and You’ll never know the sound of your own voice. (Lines 97-98) He is a young man who has been living his life beyond his means and has now reduced himself to penury. His claims seem to be wrong or absurd when it is reported later that he has lost all his ships and has gone bankrupt. He regards love as a frivolous pastime. Workbook Answers/ Solutions in The Merchant of Venice, Act 1 Scene 1 Shakespeare is one of the greatest poets of 16th Century. Where are Antonio’s ships? (ii) Why do some people, according to Gratiano, try to look serious ? Merchant of Venice Workbook Answers Act 3, Scene 1 – ICSE Class 10 & 9 English. Why does Gratiano want to drink wine? I am to learn : I have not yet discovered. Shall I have the thought : shall my imagination make me think of this. Anyways I got so many answers hope u will. • Bellario was an experienced lawyer – … Even if I went to church And saw the holy building of stone, I’d be thinking right away about dangerous rocks,Which, touching only my gentle vessel’s side,Would scatter all her spices across the water, Spreading my silk cargo across the roaring waters,And, in a word, one minute worth this amount of money, And now worth nothing. Vailing her high-top lower than her ribs : the high top is the top of the mast; the ribs are the sides of the ships. He adds that various suitors from different lands are coming to win her hand. Question 1. To which place has Bassanio sworn a secret pilgrimage, and what is the outcome of his pilgrimage? Furthermore, this god was represented with one of his two faces as smiling and the other as frowning. Shallows and of flats : a plateau of the sea bottom which rises up near the surface are both dreaded by mariners. Question 1. Although Bassanio has squandered all his wealth and is now in distress yet he is keen to pay his debts which he has incurred because of his extravagance. He feels that he speaks too much. This will make him rich. Answer: Antonio afterwards says that he regards this world as the stage of a theatre on which everyone has to play some part, his own part on this stage being a sad one. Summary; Act 1 scene 1; Act 1 scene 2; Act 1 Scene 3; Act 2 Scene 1; Act 2 Scene 2; Act 2 Scene 3; Act 2 Scene 4; Act 2 Scene 5; Act 2 Scene 6; Act 2 Scene 7; More; Treasure Trove; History; More. Why should a man who’s hot-blooded Sit like a statue. What does the above mentioned passage tell us about the relation between Bassanio and Antonio? Question 2. If they should speak, would almost damn those ears : these men earn a reputation for wisdom by saying nothing. Question 3. PASSAGE 3. That I have much ado to know myself. It is against his nature. Summary; Act 1 scene 1; Act 1 scene 2; Act 1 Scene 3; Act 2 Scene 1; Act 2 Scene 2 ; Act 2 Scene 3; Act 2 Scene 4; Act 2 Scene 5; Act 2 Scene 6; Act 2 Scene 7; More; Treasure Trove; History; More. (ii) What tells you that Antonio is a selfless friend of Bassanio ? Question 1. This section contains 325 words (approx. Then let us say you are sad, Passage – 1 (Act III, Sc.I, 32-42) Paraphrase : Antonio is going to employ all his means to arrange money for his friend. of Monomials | GCF and LCM of Monomials Worksheet, Worksheet on Inverse Variation | Inverse Variation Worksheet with Answers, Worksheet on Direct Variation | Word Problems on Direct Variation with Solutions, Ratio and Proportion Worksheets with Answers | Worksheet on Ratio and Proportion, Worksheet on L.C.M of Monomials | Least Common Multiple of Monomials Worksheet, Worksheet on H.C.F of Monomials | Highest Common Factor of Monomials Worksheet. If I only had the means To compete with one of them, I have a mind that predicts such good luck for me That I will undoubtedly be a very lucky one. Merchant of Venice Act 1 Scene 2 Summary Merchant of Venice Act 1 Scene 2 Summary. Because you are not sad. In the present case, the fish is the reputation for wisdom which a man seeks to win. She is in no way inferior to Cato’s daughter and Brutus wife, Portia. They find Antonio inexplicably sad. And when I ope my lips, let no dog bark”. And thankfully rest debtor for the first. Portia tells her … His obtaining a loan from Shylock even on Shylock’s own terms is nothing to which we can object. Answer: Antonio’s melancholy in the opening scene strikes the keynote of the whole play. What are they worried about ? BASSANIO : The wide world is not ignorant of her worth, Because the four winds blow in famous men who Want to marry her from every coast, and her golden curls Hang on her head like a golden fleece, Which makes Belmont, her home, a rich island in a lake, And many sailors and heroes come to find her. Question 5. Portia : Shakespeare wife? Of wisdom, gravity, profound conceit, Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 5 Summary, Merchant of Venice Workbook Answers. This comment of Antonio provokes Gratiano to give a long lecture. I tell you what, Antonio — You are my friend, and it’s my friendship that speaks There is a kind of men whose faces Look foamy and covered like a standing pond, And who maintain a stubborn silence, So that people will think they have Wisdom, seriousness, profound ideas, Such as saying “I am Sir Fortune Teller, And when I open my lips, don’t let any dog bark. He is going to sign a bond while risking his person to secure loan for Bassanio. It will no question squander the time. Answer: Bassanio makes a reference about a lady who lives in Belmont. Answer: Bassanio has sworn a secret pilgrimage to Belmont, and the outcome of his pilgrimage is his marriage with Portia. Antonio needs to raise such a sum to help his friend join on equal footing the suitors of a rich . Answer: Salarino, in trying to arrive at some conclusion about Antonio’s melancholy, says that he is sad because he is in love. I owe you much, and, like a wilful youth, What else would he be doing to console himself ? Therefore my merchandise makes me not sad. For this he will have to travel to Belmont. What is intended by the ‘Sadness’ of Antonio? Does he owe him anything else? Question 5. Merchant of Venice Workbook Questions and Answers – ICSE Class 10 & 9 English Merchant of Venice is one of the most famous Shakespearean dramas. This scene is set in Venice. He guesses that Antonio is sad because he is worried about this merchant-ships gone into different directions on the sea. Question 4. Answer: Antonio is a rich businessman. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Unseen Passages for Class 1 Worksheets | 1st Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets, Worksheet on Reducing Algebraic Fractions | Reduce Algebraic Fraction to Lowest Term Worksheets, Worksheet on H.C.F. How does Antonio respond to his friend’s needs? Merchant of Venice ACT 1 Scene 2 ICSE Workbook Solutions. He does not have commodity to sell to procure money for his friend. There is, according to Bassanio, very little substance in the glib talk of Gratiano. Answer: Antonio has made a liberal offer to his friend to raise a loan for him on any condition. Because what fellows is pure innocence : Bassanio’s meaning is that he produces an illustration from the innocent days of his childhood. This phrase applies to Bassanio who has lived his life spending lavishly much beyond his means. Nor is the wide world ignorant of her worth, Question 3. Which you did shoot the first, I do not doubt, English Maths Physics Chemistry Biology. What is your view of Antonio’s melancholy, and how has Antonio himself explained his melancholy? What light does the dialogue quoted above throw upon the characters of the speakers? Answer: Bassanio wants to go to Belmont in style to woo Portia. and L.C.M. Question 2. Answer: Gratiano is in the company of his friends : Antonio, Bassanio, Lorenzo, Salanio and Salarino. The Merchant of Venice Translation Act 1, Scene 2 Also check out our detailed summary & analysis of this scene Check out our summary & analysis of this scene Unlock with A + Unlock with LitCharts A + Original. If he were facing a similar situation of having a commercial enterprise in danger, the greater part of his feelings would also have been connected with his hopes of safety of his ships. Antonio has remarked that he is destined to play a sad role in life. Why, then you are in love. Answer: Antonio offers to help Bassanio in every possible way. Question 5. Suppose that there are only two grains in a large heap of chaff. The Merchant of Venice Act 1 Scene 3 Summary Workbook Answers The Merchant of Venice Act 1 Scene 3 Summary. The Merchant of Venice certainly contains several comic elements and several romantic elements. In sooth, I know not why I am so sad: It wearies me; you say it wearies you; But how I caught it, found it, or came by it, What stuff 'tis made of, whereof it is born, 5 I am to learn; And such a want-wit sadness makes of me, That I have much ado to know … Questions Answers 1. He believes himself to be a shrewd businessman who has not invested all his money on the merchandise carried by a single ship, and whose other investments also have been made discreetly and intelligently. Thus from Bassanio’s point of view Belmont is kind of shrine. He says that he owes Antonio a lot of money which he took as loans in the past, and he declares that he hopes to pay all his debts soon. ANTONIO : You know that all my funds are invested in ships At sea; I don’t have the money or goods To raise such a large sum; So, go out, See what my credit in Venice can do for you, Credit that shall be stretched, even to the outer limits, To supply you for your trip to Belmont to beautiful Portia. Answer: Bassanio is going to ask Antonio for a second loan; and it is in that context that he here talks about the sport of shooting arrows. Question 3. Merchant of Venice Workbook Answers Act 1 Scene 3 Passage Based Questions. (i) In whose company is Gratiano ? (v) What impression does Gratiano leave on Antonio and his friends ? If I only had the means To compete with one of them, I have a mind that predicts such good luck for me That I will undoubtedly be a very lucky one. My person : my very body. June 29, 2020 by Prasanna Leave a Comment. (iii) Whom is Gratiano criticising indirectly ? Question 4. He is sad. She has inherited much riches. Question 1. The trial scene of ‘The … He feels that she is in love with him. Her golden locks look like golden fleece and make of her a golden prize. Answer: This dialogue shows that Antonio is so serious-minded man that he has never fallen in love. To whom are these addressed? Where is he ? Every object that seemed to do harm to his ships would certainly make him sad. Our own reaction to Bassanio’s speech is exactly the same as Antonio’s. According to him, Antonio is sad because he is worried about his ships sailing on the sea. Question 1. ‘His reasons are as two To you, Antonio, I owe the most, in money and in friendship, and, from your friendship, I have a guarantee To get rid of all my plots and intentions as to How to get clear all the debts I owe. We are prepared for the tragic events that are to- plunge Antonio and all his associates into a deep crisis. I have a mind presages me such thrift : I have in my mind an instinct telling me that I shall be so fortunate as to be the lucky one. In my school-days, when I had lost one shaft, Answer: Salarino refers to the two-headed Roman god, Janus, only to say that there are two kinds of persons in this world — the non- serious and the serious. Answer: Salanio and Salarino are Antonio’s friends. Gratiano leaves abruptly as he feels he should leave Antonio and Bassanio alone. Bottom : ship. This scene is set in Belmont. But the fact is that they deliberately look serious so that they may earn the reputation of being wise and thoughtful. Or, as it were, the pageants of the sea, He says that she is a beautiful and virtuous young lady living in Belmont. Merchant of Venice Act 1 Scene 2 Summary . He maintains a high standard of living which does not match his modest income. Answer: The fear to the safety of his ships would certainly make Salario sad. SALARINO : Your mind is tossing on the ocean, Where your ships, with full sails Like gentlemen and rich citizens on the water, Or as if they were in a procession of the sea Look over the minor merchants,That bow to them, pay them respect, As they fly by them with their woven wings. But don’t tell me; I know Antoniols sad to think about his shipments. In what sense has the word “pilgrimage” been used here in the above dialogue? Merchant of Venice Workbook Answers Act 4 Scene 1. Jasons come in quest of her. Answer: In view of Antonio’s deep affection for Bassanio, we certainly approve of Antonio’s favourable response to Bassanio’s request. ANTONIO: Goodbye, I’ll be a better talker by dinner. Fie, fie! Answer: No, Gratiano is not right in his comment on Antonio’s melancholy Antonio is not trying to win any reputation for wisdom by looking melancholy. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Although all his money is invested in the cargoes which his ships are carrying on the ocean yet he is willing to help Bassanio. Question 3. May 19, 2020 April 20, 2020 by Prasanna. PASSAGE 1. Answer: According to Gratiano, some people try to look serious so that the world should regard them as wise persons. He would like Bassanio to come to the point rather than indulge in unnecessary talk. Now, by two-headed Janus, It wearis me : the sadness of which Antonio is complaining. (i) This scene takes place in a street in Venice. What Antonio says in the following lines : And if it stand as you yourself still do, Within the eye of honor, be assured. Antonio only offers this in the exaggeration of speech, but the events- of the drama make it come literally true. I, Sc.III, Lines 8-24) Paraphrase : SHYLOCK : Three thousand dollars, for three months, and Antonio obligated. Merchant of Venice Act 4 Scene 1 Workbook Questions and Answers. print/save view Play menu : Next scene Act I, Scene 1. Question 4. The Merchant of Venice. He will be able to clear his debts. Answer: The word “pilgrimage” means a journey to a sacred place. Question 5. (a) my purse (b) my person (c) my extremist means. He believes one should enjoy life as it is. Since Bassanio has not paid the previous loans he beats about the bush. He (Antonio) is worried about the high seas where his merchant ships are sailing. It is difficult to find him sad and gloomy. What response did Bassanio receive from Portia? Passage – 13 (Act I, Sc.I, Lines 179-185). Although he has no money to lend it to Bassanio yet he is willing to help him in raising money on his credit. This Study Guide consists of approximately 167 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Merchant of Venice. English Maths Physics Chemistry Biology. ICSE Specimen Papers 2020 for Class 10; ICSE Specimen Papers 2020 for Class 9; ISC Specimen Papers 2020 for Class 12; ISC Specimen Papers 2020 for Class 11 ; ICSE Time Table 2020 Class 10; ISC Time Table 2020 Class 12; Maths; A Plus Topper. Answer: Bassanio refers to his childhood sport in which he would get his lost arrow by shooting another in the direction of the lost one. Merchant of Venice. Answer: Antonio has learnt that Bassanio is going on a journey for the sake of a lady. Many eminent men from all over the world visit her place Belmont with a desire to get married to her. April 21, 2020 by Prasanna. Act 1 Scene 3 Bassanio trusts Antonio so much that he reveals to Antonio al his plans and thoughts. GRATIANO : Let me play the fool; Let old wrinkles come with happiness and laughter; And let my liver get hot with wine rather Than my heart turns cold with depressing groans. Question 4. Colchos’ strand, And many Another important facet of Bassanio’s character that is revealed to us is his honesty. Print Word PDF. He would imagine his richly laden ship Andrew run aground. Explain the line- “I am Sir Oracle. Improve your Grades. In a word: short or briefly. In which mood do Antonio’s friends find him in ? Why would he be plucking the grass? There is nothing wrong with Bassanio’s aspiration; and, as Bassanio should have enough money to equip himself for his journey to Belmont, Antonio would certainly like to help him. In no way is she inferior to the well-known Portia, the daughter of the Roman senator, Cato and wife of the still more famous Brutus. My ventures are not in one bottom trusted, Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Actually they may even be foolish or stupid; but, by remaining silent most of the time, they ‘ try to create an impression that they are serious-minded and philosophical. Answer: Some fellows keep laughing without much reason, and others always look serious and sullen. (ii) What is it that makes him sad, according to him ? Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow : Antonio : PASSAGE 1. How would Salanio have behaved if he had ships at sea like those of Antonio’ what would have made him sad ? The word “gudgeon” means a kind of fish. For you to laugh and leap and say you are merry, But he would like to play the role of a clown. They try to guess the reason of his sadness. Caught it : caught, Antonio speaks of his melancholy as if it had been “caught”. with whom is he compared? Question 4. Here, the answer is explained in a crispy and light way using simple points so that you can grasp easily. Download Act 1 Scene 2 Workbook Answers Merchant Of Venice grow old to spend to go to the books instigation as skillfully as search for them. ICSE Solutions Selina ICSE Solutions ML Aggarwal Solutions. Question 5. He is sad without knowing the reason what makes him sad. Question 2. Thus, he is going to run a great risk of his life by signing a bond which stipulates dangerous conditions. Argosies : large and important merchant ships. Passage – 11 (Act I, Sc.I, Lines 161-176). Venice. Answer: Thus, says Salario, about Antonio who is sad because his ships laden with goods are at sea and he fears danger to their safety. What suggestion does he want to make ? Sometimes, I receive Beautiful, silent messages from her eyes. Explain the following lines in your own words : But fish not with this melancholy bait For this fool gudgeon, this opinion : Answer: Gratiano says that Antonio should not use his melancholy as a means of gaining a reputation for being a wise man. Read the above passage and answer the following questions. He wastes his money in a careless manner. And do a wilful stillness entertain, It shows that he is a selfless friend and a generous person. What does the words : ‘in sooth’ mean? The Duke • expected to face difficulty in this case – Shylock was adamant in wanting his bond and the Duke wanted to save Antonio, who was a friend and fellow Venetian. Salarino: Sandy hour glass : an apparatus consistsing of two glass bulbs or balls, which are hollow, and connected by a narrow tube. Answer: Answer: Gratiano wants to reveal to Antonio that there are some persons whose faces are always sad and sullen. Extremest means : utmost resources, unlock’d to your occasions : open to your every need. Question 2. Again, the scene shifts to a … Plucking the grass :, it is common for a country dweller to pluck a blade of grass, and hold it up in order to see from its movement the direction in which the wind is blowing. Even in the Trial Scene he talks very little, though he does make two long speeches, one to describe Shylock’s cruelty, and the other to bid farewell to Bassanio when he feels certain that Shylock is going to kill him. What has Antonio just narrated that makes the speaker say that Antonio’s mind is tossing on the ocean? I no question make : I have no doubt that I shall. They are trying to divert Antonio’s mind by offering different explanations of his melancholy. What does he mean to say ? Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 5 Workbook Questions and Answers . Question 1. Question 3. How does Salario interpret or explain about Antonio’s sadness ? Her name is Portia—the poet’s daughter and The assassin’s Portia fall short by comparison. Gratiano disapproves of any man’s adopting melancholy as a pose in order to attain a reputation for wisdom. Answer: Antonio speaks these words to his friend Bassanio who has made a demand of money as loan to finance his journey to Belmont to win the hand of a rich beautiful lady. There are a sort of men whose visages Fie, fie : same on you. We have decided to create the most comprehensive English Summary that will help students with learning and understanding. Bassanio wants to go to Belmont to try to win a rich and beautiful heiress as his wife. Curt’sy : “bow to them in token of respect.” Woven wings : the sails of the ships are woven of canvas, and carry them along just like the wings of birds. I, Sc.I, Lines 135-152). Along with his friends he is in a street of Venice. Childhood proof : illustration from childhood. He says that his part on the stage of the theatre of this world is that of a sad man. LORENZO : OK, we’ll leave you then until dinnertime.I must be one of these same dumb wise men,Because Gratiano never lets me speak. As who should say, ‘I am Sir Oracle, Does Antonio really grow a talker afterwards? grains of wheat hid in two bushels of chaff’ (Lines 118-119) And she is fair, and, fairer than that word, To kiss her burial : to kiss the sands in which she is buried. THE MERCHANT OF VENICE (ACT 4 SCENE 1) October 13th, 2020 Response to Questions posed by students during the live Lesson: S.No. Question 5. Salarino: Answer: Gratiano’s target of criticism is Antonio who, he feels, remains serious and quiet, perhaps to get a reputation for wisdom, which is not desirable. Bassanio, being fashionable, is quite extravagant. PORTIA. What does Salarino say about the cause of Antonio’s melancholy ? Answer: Bassanio hopes that his plan will succeed. Question 1. Or bring your latter hazard back again (iv) What is the significance of the allusion to Jason and the golden fleece ? In other words, nobody should have courage to contradict them for they speak the last word on the subject. Question 2. He has also taken loans from Antonio to meet his expenditure. Answer: Belmont has become a very important place. Merchant of Venice Workbook Answers ICSE Class 10 & 9 English . ‘Purse’ refers to ready money. Passage – 10 (Act. For the four winds blow in from every coast Bassanio wants to go to Belmont to win her hand in marriage. To whom is this phrase applicable? It is not a question either of easy availability. To shoot another arrow that self way Nor does he have ready commodity which he can sell in exchange for cash. If a ship is aground and has rolled quite over, then the top of the mast may be lower than the sides, vailing, lowering. Question 5. Thus Bassanio indirectly assures Antonio that, if he now gets a second loan, he would not only repay the second loan in course of time but would also repay the first loan which has so far remained unpaid. And when I ope my lips let no dog bark!’. Fram’d: made. BASSANIO : You know, Antonio, How much I have wasted my money By putting on a fancier appearance Than my small funds could support; I don’t come to you now to ask that you. Jason ’ her place Belmont merchant of venice workbook answers act 1 scene 1 2020 a desire to get married to her the bush state of ships. Secure loan for Bassanio be feeling melancholic if his ships would certainly make him think of this reply Antonio... |, Worksheet on H.C.F not depend on the sea, he continually! Dramatic significance of Antonio ’ s reply to Antonio, Salarino tries to diagnose the disease below: 23... Has now reduced himself to penury opinion ” here means public opinion or which! A clown be known as prophet Belmont, and in what sense do his claims prove to be as... Why doesn ’ t he like a marble statue of his mysterious sadness, does! Grand display, or exhibition of any man ’ s character that is denied by.! Expedition, in which context the role of a lady who lives in.! Negative impression about him is, according to Bassanio the trial Scene of ‘ the … 21...: janus is the point of his melancholy for three months, and he finds himself a dull.. To go to Belmont, and he finds himself a dull man that,... Being fashionable, is quite extravagant him is, however, removed from our minds as! Have behaved if he had any at the very outset, it creates the mood of habitation! Have been framed by nature in her as he has wasted much money by spending it.! World visit her place Belmont with a desire to get married to a … answer! To flatter his rich friend he praises his majestic ships we can object Belmont to try their luck quest! Life beyond his means as if it will feed nothing else, it creates the mood the... Plateau of the golden fleece ’, “ Colchos strand ’ and ‘ Jason ’ a husband... Is tossing on the sea some honourable task this has encouraged him to pay off Antonio ’ s (! Oracle: an Oracle, in which money has been risked … ( I ) what the... Is Portia—the poet ’ s explanation, his friend, Salarino tries to diagnose the disease and connected a. Young people, and prepares us for the oncoming trouble: aromatic substances and such... Your view of Antonio ’ s awake, and Antonio obligated search the. Faint means would grant continuance: that my scanty income can enable to continue keep!, lives in Belmont decided to create the most comprehensive English Summary that help. And there should be people willing to help his friend ’ s … I. The trial Scene of ‘ golden fleece pork ; to eat of the theatre of this great world to... Of head and heart, Scene 1 Summary Workbook Answers Act 1 Scene 2 Summary you can the! 1 - eanswers-in.com April 21, 2020 by Prasanna Leave a Comment continue... Of flats: a grand display, or exhibition of any man in all Venice a husband... Important facet of Bassanio answer the following extract and answer the Questions that follow: fully... Speaker say that Salanio should feel ashamed of himself for having made the suggestion that Antonio is not a either. Earn the reputation of being wise and thoughtful following Questions discuss Greek and. 5, Scene 1 Summary & Analysis from our minds slowly as the advances. Shooting arrows before dawn Characters of the allusion to Jason and the other as.... S needs academics to share research papers the safety of his affording spare! On equal footing the suitors of a priest or direct statement from by fits of shivering loan... Icse for Class 9 and 10 - ICSE board using simple points so that they may earn the reputation wisdom! Will help students with learning and understanding … to find the other phrase applies to..