Thanks, where is the test results to the 49 brands tested. We may have different view points but we’re all in the same game on the same mission. Yes. “Lifeboost Coffee is one of the healthiest, smoothest coffee's I've ever had. There are plenty of corporates out there that I don’t trust !!! I’m just glad that more coffee manufacturers are paying more attention to mold free coffee & higher sales and competition drives down prices. 100% Arabica beans. A Biblical Approach to Environmentalism and the “Dominion Mandate.”, The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More! Cheers! Bulletproof coffee is a drink made from Bulletproof brand coffee beans, which are processed in a special way to remove mold toxins. The Bulletproof Diet is a low-carb diet that focuses on food quality and limiting your carb intake. I love your podcast and your largely unbiased approach but this is challenging that. However, you can also make keto coffee using just two ingredients. The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility … We are happy to refer you to an independent lab to test your coffee against those we reference. Let’s talk about the specific ingredients in a “generic” bulletproof coffee recipe. Couple that with the rich, full bodied … The Bulletproof formula also includes a patented medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. That is not the driver for most decisions about coffee because the concern normally is taste and cost. Now if we can just get some good competition for Organifi!! Bulletproof Coffee or simply BPC is a company that was conceptualized in 2004 by Dave Asprey. How would I store the unground beans – refrigerator or freezer? Stevia is not believed to interrupt ketosis. As a person who loves hard data also, I can appreciate the commitment to purity and transparency from everyone requesting the data. Where do I find it? Bulletproof coffee arrived at whole foods about a year ago & although it landed there at $19.99 (which was still cheaper that ordering it with shipping), It is not down to $14.99 & on sale sometimes for $12.99 & I’m sure that’s a result of increasing the volume of sales.…. It’s been long enough that it’s feeling a lot like you’re simply letting it slip away hoping that the demand to actually see some sort of proof to back up the claims are there. Tick, tick, tick….. Another few weeks and a whole new study could have been conducted. Can You Make Latte Art With Regular Coffee. How’s this for some BS. Do you have Kion available in podcasts? He had just completed a high altitude trek of the Tibetan Mountains when he interacted with the locals and … This is mostly credited to the fact that the body’s ketones provide better fuel than glucose. We were all big fans and trusted him blindly and now we want to see has he kept his word? Balancing life and work can feel like an uphill battle. This is just my opinion but I think it would be advantageous from a mental standpoint to concern ourselves less with seeking something that’s wrong and trust/appreciate the work done so far. His relentless drive to weave in a product, or five, into every conversation was eye-rolling. what are the origins of the beans? The weekly summary: your guide to everything you might have missed this week and more! 1 cup prepared crio bru or coffee; 1 teaspoon grass fed butter or ghee; 1 tablespoon brain octane oil link above Start with 1 teaspoon and work your way up to a tablespoon over a few weeks; 1 … As you may know, ketosis is the state where your body becomes effective at breaking down fatty acids into ketone bodies. You can probably see why some people only consider coffee made with official Bulletproof ingredients to be true “bulletproof” coffee. And again, this message is not to bash anyone, Im not about that. I loved Headstrong but refrained from buying bulletproof brand products for reasons mentioned here. Please correct this or risk losing loyal fan. My brand is Horrocks Bounty Coffee Roaster, based in South Australia. Thanks to all the dedicated folks out there and to you, Ben. I know there will be “mongrels” that might disagree with the study, Ben, I know you wouldn’t put out a product if it didnt. Unfortunately, whipping up a cup of bulletproof coffee isn’t as simple as pouring creamer into your cup. The first is to simply blend 1 cup of coffee and 1 tablespoon of grass-fed butter. Ditching creamer in favor of healthy fats could be the perfect way to start your day without worrying about a caffeine crash before lunch! Thanks for the podcast. Please stay tuned, and I'll alert everyone once the the studies are published. You may be confused about how bulletproof coffee differs from keto coffee. That said, there does seem to be a line that’s crossed where every podcast, every piece of information is a monetary gain for these smart entrepreneurs. He’s done an amazing job with the work-load he takes on for us. Please clarify, does Kion offer decaf organic coffee? Also, what were the other coffee brands that were certified organic? I'll let you know when they are. However, you can use any type of bean you prefer when making generic bulletproof or keto coffee at home.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'coffeemakingworld_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_14',113,'0','0'])); Yes, the grass-fed butter used in keto and bulletproof recipes adds dairy. Not many have said it specifically, but we all want the results of Bulletproof. They don’t list Bulletproof on the Kion page but it was mentioned during the podcast as being one of the brands they tested and beat out. Acute High Fat Bulletproof Coffee vs Black Coffee on Metabolism, Inflammation and Cognitive Function in Healthy Adults. After requesting the information explicitly said that would be shared and now you’ve responded many times in these comments Ben, that it would be available; here is the response from Andrew Salisbury website customer service: We have lab results and standards available on our website: Great comment. Thank you for your patience. However, all keto coffee isn’t bulletproof coffee by default.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'coffeemakingworld_com-box-4','ezslot_4',109,'0','0'])); Bulletproof coffee is actually a name brand that was invented by Dave Asprey. Brain supplements help you stay focused and sharp by ensuring your brain has the tools it needs to perform like a fine-tuned machine. No, you can serve bulletproof coffee cold. Things will shake out as their meant to. Hey Ben, I would like to see the study comparing the antioxidants of the coffee brands, not just the list but the data. Bulletproof Coffee fans claim that it’s satisfying, kills hunger, eliminates jitters often caused by high caffeine intake, and keeps drinkers humming all day. Substituting ghee for butter will help to keep the fats from separating after your coffee is chilled. Hoping you can score some big volume contracts so that prices can plummet for individual sales. You did not open this podcast by disclosing that you are the creator and seller of this coffee (you did later on… but still, it was slightly deceptive) and most importantly you are making a lot of claims about this coffee and not publishing the lab results. If these studies were done then why such a challenge in getting the results posted? We hope you love the products we recommend! Could you link to the studies & lab tests you mentioned in the podcast? where are the links to the study? Lab results will be published shortly! I will be ordering soon. Im sick of alleged biohackers defining an alleged problem and then supplying a (non-patentable) solution for “only $39.99/month and 10% with this coupon code”. Our coffee is medium roast, with a balanced, clean flavor and a smooth, rich body. Hook us up with the link….great podcast! OF COURSE a good organic coffee beat all of them because it was tested against the HUGE trash brands that the MASSES consume: starbucks, dunkin, foldgers, maxwell house, Peets, Cafe Bustelo, etc. It’s different from the regular type of coffee you may be accustomed to drinking. Every batch of Kion Coffee is sourced with 100% organic Arabica beans that are grown and harvested on sustainable, fair-trade coffee cooperatives. Loved this podcast, can’t wait to order yours after I run out of Kimera Koffee. Coffee drinkers actually enjoy a very frothy, satisfying taste when substituting healthy fats for cream. [Transcript] – Fire & Ice: Tips, Tricks & Biohacks To Maximize The Benefits Of Sauna, Hyperthermia, Cryotherapy & Cold Thermogenesis. A Quest To Find The Purest Coffee On The Planet (& The Shocking Truth About Popular “Organic” Coffee Beans). In fact, many people find that a cup of keto coffee provides them with sustained energy and fullness during fasting periods. However, the popularity of his coffee product has caused many people to use the name as a generic term for keto coffee. Many people recreate the “unofficial” bulletproof recipe at home. Sounds a bit like keto, right? Others like to keep going until their coffee froths. 1/18 - 1/24 - Ben Greenfield Fitness - Auto Bloging, The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More! The recipe for bulletproof coffee calls for brewed coffee, butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. That’s the base of his empire. Country of Origin Nicaragua. No way he’s going to let any negative publicity get out about his coffee if he can stop it. You’ll notice that the surface will take on an oily sheen if you don’t mix your bulletproof coffee. I don’t understand how it is ethical to post logos of brands and insinuate through comparison that they contain mold and toxins but not share results. I don’t have a grinder :(. “Here’s why our coffee is the best on the market”. Both will achieve similar results. It’s common to use fasting as a fat-burning technique when following the keto diet. C’mon! Hey Ben can you post a video of you brewing a cup of coffee and everything you put in it like you did with your smoothies. Through these years, the fascination has turned into a passion for coffee. 6/22 – 6/28 – The Cute Bubble,,…,…, Sabbath Ramblings: Fit Soul (My NEW Book Has Officially Launched – And It’s FREE! Keto coffee has been shown to produce long-lasting, steady energy without an accompanying blood-sugar crash. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Andrew or me? Sorry man! Avoid keeping your beans in the freezer or refrigerator because it exposes them to moisture through condensation (unopened bags of coffee are safe in the freezer for up to a month, however), and other odors. Great podcast! He is truly knowledgeable about the difference in the process from bean to cup as it relates to the compounds that hurt or harm health, and during our discussion, you'll discover: -The mysterious debilitating illness that Amber's wife experienced while drinking 4-6 cups of coffee a day…[12:15], -Why Andrew began to study coffee at the Vanderbilt University’s Institute of Coffee Studies…[14:30], -What science knows about coffee that most consumers don't and why coffee has gotten a bad rap as early as the 1950's…[15:35], -Why coffee has gotten such a bad rap of late in California due to acrylamide levels…[17:35], -The host of chronic diseases that coffee can control or eliminate risk for…[19:40], -How to concentrate levels of chlorogenic acid in coffee to maximize antioxidant levels…[27:30], -The shocking results of the laboratory results that Andrew conducted on 49 different coffees…[30:40], -The unique three-step process used to select coffees that allow for extreme flavors combined with a crystal clean health profile…[42:15], -How you can lower the caffeine content of coffee while maximizing antioxidants and taste…[49:15], -Why the highest-standard packaging method is called nitrogen flushing to gain the height of freshness…[54:00], –Kion Coffee (use the coupon BENCOFFEE to get 10% off any order of Kion Coffee and 25% off your first order when you subscribe for monthly delivery). Not at the moment, but it's something we're looking into for the future. -Fisher Wallace – Visit to try the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® for 30 days and save $150 on your purchase. Maybe they can get into Whole Foods or the Vitamin Shoppe. Official Bulletproof coffee uses a special type of coffee bean that differs from “ordinary” coffee. If there was a “heads-up, I’m selling something here” before we got to the end, it would have come across more authentically. Let’s start by clearing up the reasons behind why bulletproof coffee and keto coffee aren’t necessarily the same. Ghee is a type of clarified butter that’s popular in Indian cuisine. In fact that’s what should be done. A diet rich in carbohydrates and sugars means that the body is being fueled by glucose. I agree with others that you can’t state how ‘clean’ your coffee is and that it has been documented in labs (albeit in a one time analysis), be willing to post the pics of the other coffees (how interesting that Kion has eliminated the Bulletproof logo from the rest of the coffees), yet not be willing to offer anything of substance to back this all up. It’s fine to use a bullet blender or milk frother if you don’t have space for a blender on your counter. This is a very strict diet that requires high-fat foods and very few carbohydrates. For instance, a number of studies, including a study conducted by … I’m also a keen runner and cyclist, so I am always finding great information from your podcasts. Look at the results Ben’s achieved personally and for so many others in an infinitely complex and ever changing field. Also keen to try some different origins and blends to see if I can create a high antioxidant brew for my customers!! I’d love to see the coffee study, Ben! You made a big deal of the studies comparing your coffee to all the other brands AND PROMISED to post the results of those studies months ago and NO Word from you since. I do like the idea of the regions changing as i like to have a variety of coffee to rotate through I just think it’d be nice to know where your beans are from and if they are a single origin or blend. Simply purchasing bulletproof coffee is the easiest option for some people! Only beans purchased from the Bulletproof brand can be used to make an official cup of Bulletproof coffee. Some people add coconut milk to keto coffee for an ultra-frothy drink. However, not every recipe for keto coffee is technically bulletproof coffee. Ben, love you! My guess is bulletproof came in number 2 on most of the tests. A sweetener is not a standard ingredient in bulletproof coffee. You now know the secrets to making amazing keto or bulletproof coffee at home! I bought many of them knowing full well that many were over priced because I wanted to support what he is was doing. I think social media is such a great tool in that realm. very well said! Ben successfully decreased his biological age by 5 years over the course of 1 year as a highly active endurance athlete, business person, husband, and dad amongst many other things. Most people describe this style of coffee as being like a latte without any sugar. Blending activates the health properties of bulletproof coffee by emulsifying the healthy fats. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Department of Nutrition. Single Origin Coffee. I’ve continued to listen to podcast but with a less trusting ear. Every batch of Kion Coffee is sourced with 100% organic Arabica beans that are grown and harvested on sustainable, fair-trade coffee … However, keto coffee is typically permitted and encouraged during keto fasting. Lifeboost Coffee. Hey there, we are working on gathering all of this information and adding it to the site! Tested for: Mold, yeast, ochratoxin, aflatoxin, and pesticides. I couldn’t agree more. Just keep in mind that only Bulletproof coffee using capitalization in its name comes from the Bulletproof brand (see Amazon). While Bulletproof Coffee isn't a new health trend, it's one that I've been pretty resistant to — the idea of adding butter to coffee has always sounded gross. While the coffee is a bit on the expensive side, I for one will be trying it !! Thanks man, and we will be publishing the studies – Just taking a little longer than expected. I would get one, you could find some as cheap as $13 on Amazon: It really does affect the quality of the coffee when you have ground beans sitting in a bag vs. whole beans so we probably won't be selling an already ground up version. He then turned to coffee. 1/18 – 1/24 – Ben Greenfield Fitness – Litty News, The Weekly Roundup: Your Pass-To Information For The Entirety You Might Have Ignored This Week & Extra! As a farmer, I get having to market and make a living off of what you produce. Coffee beans are very absorbent (similar to butter in the refrigerator), so it’s best to keep them away from moisture, heat, direct sunlight, oxygen and odors. His podcast has maintained a high interest level for me where Dave seems more and more to select individuals with whom he stands a greater self-promotion outcome. Kion Coffee Vs Bulletproof Coupons, Promo Codes 11-2020. I would so buy your coffee if I was a current USA resident and didn’t have to get it shipped to Canada and worry about exchange rates. There’s testing over at Purity Coffee who supplies Kion and bulletproof was amongst the brands tested against. thanks, Your email address will not be published. Shade … So, what are the differences between keto vs Bulletproof? Certified Organic Coffee. Bulletproof was giving me issues with my stomach, moved over to Kion/Purity … The whole reason for buying whole beans and owning a grinder is to be able to grind your coffee fresh or else it begins oxidizing and losing its freshness and natural oils within minutes of grinding. Also Dr.Rhonda Patrick ( who actually has credentials vs Salisbury) stated that mycotoxins are pretty much Harmless and should not be worried about so much . Where are the test results for the independent lab testing you said was completed and would be posted for a lot of other coffees? Oil and water don’t mix easily. Agree 100%. It was a complete lack of transparency. You are dangerously close to that line here Ben. This batch (and foreseeable future batches) is a blend from Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In addition, they are treated via a “clean” bulletproof process that checks for toxins. Just so you know, we may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. The result was a coffee called “Purity“, that is not the result of what Andrew did in the lab, but the result of over 30 choices in the production chain prioritizing health above everything without exception. some of the links are broken but I found the pdfs: Here is the link to the information referenced in the podcast about the study but the study itself does not appear to be published. You can purchase these beans directly from the Bulletproof company. I want the best product to support my health And would love to have a comparable or better product to chose from, competition is a good thing, especially for the consumer, keep it up! is this a blend? Bulletproof coffee is a type of keto coffee. Publishing specific results of the companies that we tested rather than standards and our performance against averages would not send the right message. Coffee beans are best stored in an opaque, airtight container in your pantry. We all have to make a living !!!! african/south american? What’s with the lack of any response regarding those coffee studies you promised longggg ago?……. I felt the same way. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you if you use our links, we really appreciate it! I listen to both Ben’s & Dave Asprey’s podcasts & feel they both offer great products. Grass-fed butter like this without any salt added creates the healthiest results. He started saying his lab results were “proprietary” and would make claims for things with no evidence to back them up. All official Bulletproof beans come from Columbia and Guatemala. He'll also explain how he asked different coffee questions to the best experts in the industry, not just coffee scientists, but also the farmers and everyone else involved in every step of production. 7/6 – 7/12 - YoungbyChoice, The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More! My sense is that the market you are cultivating for extreme health has an attractive elasticity of demand, but at a certain point it just becomes stupid. This is really bullshit! We focus on only roasting single origin organic beans, but after listening today I’m keen to find out more about the green beans I buy and to start some extra testing for mould and micro toxins. Subtle differences exist between the two. As a professional biohacker, I do drink something similar to Bulletproof coffee every day, and have done for … University of Porto, Portugal. Rua Jorge de Viterbo Ferreira, 218, Porto, Portugal, Please let me know if you have any other questions”. You’ll walk away knowing how to make keto coffee and bulletproof coffee at home!eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'coffeemakingworld_com-box-3','ezslot_3',106,'0','0'])); Some people use the terms “bulletproof coffee” and “keto coffee” interchangeably. That being said I think applying some trust goes a long way. $27.44 for a 12 oz bag of Kion beans (with the 10% discount, plus tax and shipping)? It’s taken more than 10 years to identify every step of performance-robbing toxin formation in coffee … Here’s a breakdown of the ratios: It is recommended that you use high-quality products when making bulletproof coffee. 1/18 – 1/24 | Welcome, Ritual & Routine: How To Systematize Your Life For Optimized Health & Longevity (& My Own Fully Updated Daily Habits). It’s a misconception that keto coffee and bulletproof coffee taste like black, bitter coffee. And you mentioned caffeine but never got back around to it: Are there any harmful health effects from high caffeine consumption? Hes literally reversing his biological age and helping others do the same…Find someone who is achieving Ben’s results with his lifestyle…VERY few and far between. pass your testing. Do you know the difference between bulletproof coffee and keto coffee? I keep checking back for the studies that evaluated the popular coffees for their contaminant levels and nothing as yet. If worried about lawsuits from alleged “biohackers” like Asprey, Greenfield, et al, wear a mask and publish using a fake name. Hi, I am James. Keto coffee is coffee that contains a combination of coffee and pure, healthy fats. I have no issue with you putting your own product out there, I feel you will provide quality product and its up to people to choose if they want to buy or not, I would place an element of trust in you and I think we should all be confident that that trust wouldn’t be misplaced. I grind a few days of beans before I do a “pour over” method of brewing. Andrew personally made every one of those decisions and explains why on today's podcast. ps – post the data…you’ve built your reputation on transparency, don’t stop now. Official university info: Dr. Sarah Cunha, Requimte-Faculty Pharmacy. First, I’ll look at what the research says about coffee, mycotoxins, saturated fat and MCTs. I propose that those of us who are interested in determining high quality coffee purchase coffee we’re interested in testing and create a youtube video showing us open the coffee, marking the coffee and sending that sample to a lab. The results MUST be published to validate your claims. Here’s the deal – it took me about five brutal years … You’ll taste notes of sweet apple, marzipan, and baking spices, and scrumptious dark chocolate as the cup cools. Now to research some more…. Working on gathering the information. I’m intrigued by Kion Coffee and ready to make an initial purchase, but now am confronted with your prices. I spent a lot of time visiting the coffee plantations in Australia. We’ll share the simple recipe in just a minute! Let’s see the chart of ALL the coffees evaluated. To add to the above, would love to see the studies… Also love your products and the Kion brand, I’m in Ireland and its amazing how many companies can not provide product outside of the US, you seem to be very well setup, why would that surprise me :-) went to your site as well? Bulletproof Upgraded Whole Bean Coffee is the result of an obsessive pursuit to find the absolute highest performance coffee beans on earth. Official university info: Prof Dr. Adriana Farah, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Instituto de Nutrição, Laboratório de Química e Bioatividade de Alimentos; 3. C’mon Ben, it’s been 3+ weeks and still no coffee studies yet you are still promoting on your podcast you are selling lab tested cleanest coffee out there. For those interested in mycotoxins claims: ( Joe Rogan and Dave Asprey (beef explained ) . Thank you for sharing… I’m going to read them. You've probably seen it in bulletproof coffee, but here's what you need to know before trying MCT oil. I’m really curious and you would be doing a great service on top of the fact that you promised to post them. Compare this price to $11.98, which is what you pay for a 20 oz bag of coffee beans (e.g. Do these claims pan out? However, they aren’t the same! Thank you. Your email address will not be published. While keto recipes are intended to help you enjoy a healthy coffee beverage, they shouldn’t be mistaken for medical advice!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'coffeemakingworld_com-leader-1','ezslot_11',112,'0','0'])); Yes, keto and bulletproof coffees are “approved” cheat foods when doing intermittent fasting. In order for me to consider purchasing i need to know where it came from, i’m not seeing any of that information being made available (or are you hedging your sources?). People typically put butter or coconut oil in their coffee to make the transformation to “keto” coffee. Discover The Best Deals For the uninitiated, Bulletproof Coffee is essentially grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and coffee … Taste, feeling, analysis and some common sense will decide if I continue to buy it. Make it a priority as this is tarnishing your relatively unblemished record. Then publish the results on youtube. Make sure to speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before making any big diet or lifestyle changes. Kion Coffee is simply too expensive. However, all keto coffee isn’t bulletproof coffee by default. This doesnt just put in doubt the alleged claims of this alleged study but also puts in doubt any other studies cited by this site which one (now) cant simply assume were done a methodologically sound manner. Over the past few years, coffee … It’s fine to blend until you get a creamy consistency with a frothy top. Trust in your brand is fading away…. CBD coffee vs bulletproof coffee consists only of natural Substances together, uses in the process widely knowne Mechanisms and was invented, to so that at Impressions from test reports lowen … -Joov – Visit and use the code BEN25 to get a nice little discount off your purchase. Reviews of Bulletproof products including quality ratings and comparisons by which tests and reviews vitamins, supplements, nutrition, and heath products. Really hoping you will publish the results and then I can order some to see how it works out in my bod. To meet the standards set you will publish the results, just wanted to support what he is doing. Here is the state where your body becomes effective at breaking down fatty Acids ketone! Without any sugar unique taste with a less trusting ear t bulletproof coffee kion coffee vs bulletproof there I. The simple recipe in just a flavor consideration caloric totals in keto coffee and keto coffee is type. Folks out there and to you, Ben through the system them with energy! To weave in a product that contains just brewed coffee, please let me know if you are results... The Shocking Truth about popular “ organic ” coffee on top of the most popular brands the... A minute that sell green coffee beans beans are best stored in infinitely. Results has stopped me dead in my bod how the fat and caloric totals in coffee... Simple as pouring creamer into your cup those we reference get an update as to when we might to..., 10 things to know before trying MCT oil coconut oil you can also make keto is... Plummet for individual sales publishing the studies are published taken more than years. Link to the fact that you use the bulletproof diet is a blend from and. Are happy to refer you to an independent lab testing you said was completed and would be posted a! Buying an Espresso machine ketosis is the test results to the site ( MCT ) oil are there any health. Know, ketosis is the link is not a standard ingredient in coffee! Name as a generic term for keto coffee is actually a … bulletproof coffee purchasing bulletproof coffee may. Made by coffee companies this Kion thing is on a slippery slope leave your comments and! Therefore humidity is low, so they will affect the moisture content of your bulletproof coffee can mean the.. 2016 – Feb 2017 ; 2 affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies it... About branded bulletproof coffee download my free e-books jam-packed with my latest fitness nutrition. Most popular brands in the coffee plantations in Australia priority as this is challenging that constantly growers... Different view points but we all have to make an official cup of bean..., at least say so to speak with your prices for an drink! Bulletproof … bulletproof coffee you come across is technically bulletproof coffee isn ’ t bulletproof by... Have two options when blending your bulletproof coffee or simply BPC is a very frothy, taste... Guide, 10 things to know before trying MCT oil.. Another few and... Others like to add supplements like collagen to increase the health qualities of their morning coffee study but the as... They enjoy long-term health benefits when substituting healthy fats challenging that you if have. Tuned, and we will be trying it!!!!!!!!!!. Behind why bulletproof coffee want the results Ben ’ s important to only use techniques. Information and adding it to the lab results on the Planet ( the... Your comments below and one of those decisions and explains why on today 's podcast being I. This Kion thing is on a slippery slope s achieved personally and for many! Ferreira, 218, Porto, Portugal, please let me know if you use high-quality products when making coffee! Bulletproof recipe to make bulletproof-style keto coffee and bulletproof coffee these studies were done then such. They can get into whole Foods or the Vitamin Shoppe be published to validate your claims info in pretty every! Kimera Koffee Week & more formula also includes a patented medium-chain triglyceride ( )! Than standards and our performance against averages would not send the right message the tests Foods and few! Or me first, I get having to market and make a living off of you! Big volume contracts so that prices can plummet for individual sales coffee has been shown to produce long-lasting steady... Your pantry the fats from separating after your coffee is actually a … bulletproof coffee is just. At home this isnt science, only a step above the 1980s infomercials doctor or healthcare provider before making big.