The main reason for the decline, though, was political: Once Hong Kong came under partial communist jurisdiction, the former “Hollywood of the Far East” faced increasing censorship, especially when it came to themes of alternative sexuality, political dissidence, and the very idea that ghosts exist. The film included more cultural aspects which is good if you are interested to find out more about the culture, and they have added in a lot of new elements. That being said, even though there are Chinese hopping vampires in this picture, it's more a comedy/romance. Throughout the 1960s and ’70s, there were other Hong Kong movies about vampires and zombies, including the awkward Hammer and Shaw Brothers crossover The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974). And Sammo Hung also went on to produce Mr. Vampire after this film. Related articles: Best Chinese Scifi Movies, History of the Chinese Cinema, Best Chinese Animated Movies, History of the Cinema of Hong Kong, Best Documentaries about China Song at Midnight (1937) by Ma-Xu Weibang. Here are the most important horror films from the Hong Kong Golden Age right up to the present. Korean Horror Movies: Vengeful Ghosts and Psychological Terror, Unwatchable: Top 60 Most Disturbing/Shocking Movies Ever Made, Best Russian Horror Movies: From the Soviet Union to Today, Bollywood Horror Films: The Best Hindi Scary Movies, Holiday Horror: The 25+ Best Christmas Horror Movies, Funny Zombie Movies: Best Zombie Comedies Ever Made (List), Silent Horror Movies: Very Old Horror Films, 70s Horror Movies: 100+ Scary Films from the 1970s, Black Horror Movies: Best Scary Movies With Black Directors & Actors, Mumblegore Movies: Best Low-Budget Horror Movies, Hong Kong Horror Movies: Kung-Fu Vampires and Hopping Corpses. Especially during the Chinese's Hungry Ghost Month. Hong Kong Drama - 1998, 35 episodes. One of the most legendary Hong Kong horror films, Mr. Vampire is a horror comedy directed by Ricky Lau and produced by Sammo Hung. aka The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires Coming full circle, after earlier HK horror being influenced by Hammer, the Shaw Brothers entered into a co-production with them, a move that really kickstarted the modern era of modern Hong Kong horror movies. This film was said to be one of the earliest comedy-ghost film in Hong Kong, and it has inspired many following films. In 1985, the film "Mr. Vampire" brought him success in several official sequels to horror comedy hit. He makes them from the skin of beautiful women after peeling it from their bodies while they scream in pain before he finally kills them. He accidentally meets a beautiful female vampire at the bottom of a lake and falls in love with her. Given how big cinema is in Hong Kong, there are naturally dozens and dozens of more horror films to catalog here. Photo: SCMP Pictures Hong Kong To her dismay, the new eyes also allow her to see ghosts. Captain America‘s Best Friend is the new 007?! Blue Veins (Chinese: æ®­; Cantonese Yale: Gēung; literally "Vampire") is a 2016 Hong Kong supernatural television drama produced by Joe Chan Wai-Kun for TVB, starring Kevin Cheng, Kay Tse and Grace Chan.Filming took place from April to July 2015 on location in Hong Kong and the Netherlands.It premiered on Hong Kong's TVB Jade and Malaysia's Astro On Demand on April 11, 2016, airing … She soon realizes she has an overwhelming and sexual obsession with death. There he meets a beautiful woman and has sex with her, not caring one bit whether she’s a ghost or not. 36. 35. The film has a lot of goosey point, but it is not as scary, which suits those who like a light-scare-tease but a lot of laughter.Â, Why this : The oldest among the nine films listed here. Adultery Content Our list of the best horror movies and series for weekend binge-watching, inboxed every Friday. In this notorious Shaw Brothers horror classic whose original Cantonese title was Ren pi deng long, a man who has been rendered intensely bitter at humanity after having his face severely disfigured in a kung-fu battle years earlier lives deep in the woods and makes lanterns. kong ... My Date with a Vampire II. In the midst of performing his duties, a professional vampire hunter makes the shocking discovery that he is part-human/part-vampire himself—or at least maybe he’s immune to vampires? Starting off the count with a series of . One of the earliest Chinese Hopping Vampire films. Copyright Infringement Japanese customs dictate that in order to amend for his entirely innocent indiscretion, he is forced to marry the woman. Why this : Featuring the same casts from the first Mr. Vampire, and added another talented female comedy actress, Sandra Ng, you are sure to laugh all the way throughout the film. Note: While the same gruesome crew is responsible for most of Hong Kong’s hopping-vampire movies (actors Lam Ching-ying, Chin Siu-ho, Pauline Wong, and Moon Lee; producer Sammo Hung and director Ricky Lau), in Taiwan an equally dedicated crew of cinematic craftsmen have been turning out the four Hello Dracula movies about a hopping-vampire child who pees and farts on everyone. The best of Hong Kong horror comes in the form of horror comedy. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy. Featuring the young Hong Kong famous singer, Jacky Cheung, and the famous comedy actor, Ricky Hui, these 2 leading actors is super hilarious! A sequel, Black Magic 2, came out in 1976. Copyright 2019 Goody25 copyright reserved. The film- virtually every frame- is so beautiful that I want to eat it. The Golden Age of Hong Kong horror films lasted roughly from the early 1970s until 1997, when the British ceded control of … Why this : The theme of this movie is more on ghost and possession. Think Ghostbusters, but with vampires instead of ghosts. The evil Madam M hosts a torture camp that puts forty kidnapped 13-year-old girls through such extreme sexual and physical rigors that only three of them will survive. Vampire Sponsored links. Lamb is a slick, and sick, exploitation item that both repels the viewer with its images of disturbing, misogynistic violence, in addition to tickling them with repulsive black humor à la early John Waters.”. One of many productions from Shaw Brothers Studio on this list, The Bride From Hell features a man who enters a country inn one night after escaping ghosts and robbers, only to accidentally chance upon an attractive woman lying nude in bed. But when the sellers reject her offer, she turns to murder, killing 11 people, including two police officers, in the condo building that night. He is accompanied by a gorgeous blonde woman named Samantha who, despite the freezing climes, wears only an animal-skin bikini. The Vampire Family has no intention of harming human in the beginning, and you can even see the son of the Vampire family playing with human child. The blood-suckers depicted herein are just as dedicated to movie The same guy made another of this type called Ghoul Sex Squad. horror The film was produced in the 80's, with a very limited technology and resources available to them. chinese A woman works diligently to save up money to buy her dream condo. This 2013 Hong Kong movie produced by Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) pays tribute to the classic horror movie series Mr. Vampire, which is credited for the "hopping vampire" trend from yesteryears. This legend spawned one of the biggest movie franchises in 1985 Hong Kong and beyond. Pages in category "Hong Kong horror films" The following 73 pages are in this category, out of 73 total. There are vampire films dating back to the 30s that use the characters 殭屍 but information on them is limited and the only earlier film that seem to contain jiangshi is 1940's Dr Li and the Mummy (which certainly shows one on the poster) SYNOPSIS. At the moment she realizes she is sick and needs help, someone anonymously sends her a snuff film. But still, it's a good Lam Ching-ying's production. Since they are recorded in the Cantonese language and originate from a fundamentally different cultural and political climate from that of mainland China, Hong Kong horror films should be considered their own separate genre. The Golden Age of Hong Kong horror films lasted roughly from the early 1970s until 1997, when the British ceded control of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China. Hong And Sammo Hung also went on to produce Mr. Vampire after this film. A hundred years later in China, Professor Van Helsing (legendary British horror actor Peter Cushing) is giving a lecture about Chinese vampire legends when seven kung-fu experts beseech his help in rescuing a remote village from the grip of the murderous seven golden vampires. - The Musical Vampire (1992) - One HK database give the release year as 1990. Packed with sex and violence, this was another “Category III” boundary-pusher that was rushed in to production shortly before mainland China took over control of the Hong Kong film industry again and clamped down on such extreme subject matter. Why this : Out of all the Mr. Vampire series, this is by far the most heart-warming ones. lam South China Morning Post called the film “a welcome touch of deadpan humor.”. A street-savvy exorcist eschews traditional methods of casting out demons and instead takes a more therapeutic approach: He talks with demons and convinces them to let go of their bitterness. Videos of his exorcisms go viral, which draws the wrath of a murderous demon. ying Movies. The film inspired several jiangxi copycat movies until the return of communist censorship ended such movie themes in 1997. A talented but socially alienated art student witnesses a gruesome car crash and feels compelled to take photos of the dead victim. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Therefore, many times you might see flaws in the film. Mr. Vampire inspired a 2013 tribute film called Rigor Mortis. The three survivors then become paid international assassins known as “China Dolls” who earn $1 million a year to seduce and kill male targets. The BBC referred to the film as a “kung fu Evil Dead romance!”. A man murders his wife, only to realize that ghosts can’t die. Hong Kong Horror Movies: Kung-Fu Vampires and Hopping Corpses Written By Jim Goad Hex (1980) is an interesting staple of Asian horror cinema. One of the experiments involved tying prisoners to stakes and dropping ceramic bombs around them that were filled with fleas who’d been infected with the bubonic plague. Abusive and Violence Content Then a humble monk rushes in to try to save the day. A group of friends decide to go have some fun in Thailand, an entire country which is essentially the Las Vegas of Asia. From there on out, the Hong Kong boxer is drawn into a world of black magic involving crocodile skulls, monks kept alive in jars, and a laser-beam-shooting Buddha who transforms into a naked gyrating witch. Other Hong Kong horror flicks of the time featured a cannibalistic army wife, an evil scientist who creates dwarfs and giants, and a pack of female vampires who terrorize the city’s streets. Scam or Defamation The fighting scene between Lam Ching-ying and Michiko Nishiwaki was awesome, flawlessly smooth and exciting! goodymy Hong Kong Movies. In this obvious homage—or ripoff, it depends on one’s perspective—to George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, a pair of young slackers who work at a DVD store must pool their energy to fight off an invasion of blood-hungry zombies who flood their mall in the middle of the day. Hong Kong horror has a lot of duds but this ain't one of 'em. It turns out that whoever they killed while joyriding and then stuffed in their trunk as they hurried back to work carried some kind of chemical that turns people into zombies. At the peak of Hong Kong's movie industry in the 1980s, a series of comic vampire movies thrived at the box office. McDonald’s First Barber Shop that only cut ONE hairstyle - Classic 90s "Golden M", Are you sure that your sunscreen have SPF 50? You may unsubscribe at any time. A dying kung-fu master commands his last student to track down and destroy a quintet of martial artists who all have peculiar fighting styles: the Snake, the Scorpion, the Centipede, the Lizard, and the Toad—which are the “five poisonous creatures” of Chinese folklore. Hop. Featuring the famous Sammo Hung, who is very well known for his martial arts roots. Editor‘s Pick | TOP 8 NETFLIX Show to watch during Low Brain Power time. People. month. The Chan movie, “Vanguard,” is better. Whereas most vampire movies of this later era seemed to be marred by extremely low budgets, this film actually brings quite a spectacle. This film has definitely set a new trend to Hong Kong's ghost movie industry, which … Review by Wonggifs ★★½ . A quickie movie made to capitalize on the massive success of the 1987 American film Robocop, Robo Vampire features a narcotics agent who is shot to death but doesn’t exactly die—due to advances in cybernetics, he is able to live on in the form of a crime-fighting Android. By the time they get back to Hong Kong, they realize the sorcerer has cursed them. exocist Different from the Western kind of ghost movies, Hong Kong took the theme in a very different direction - spooky but hilarious! It is set in the streets of Hong Kong and features four separate stories that all fold into one another: 1) A group of teens encounters a mysterious grave while on a camping trip; 2) a cheating husband strands his wife alone at dinner on their anniversary; 3) a ghost gives a young girl her first sexual experience; 4) a Hong Kong movie star realizes that the theater where his new movie is premiering is haunted. These guys were legion in the Hong Kong movies of the 1980s and 1990s, from the classic Mr. Vampire and Encounters of the Spooky Kind, featured above, to The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, … According to Silver Emulsion Film Reviews, the film “is ultimately a Hong Kong version of the French classic Diabolique with a bunch of ghost hauntings and the parade of variously colored bodily fluids normally associated with the Hong Kong horror genre.”, A man becomes possessed by a demon, which leads him to murder his daughter. Also, the film features the famous Hong Kong late actor, Lam Ching-ying. But the story was well planned out, with loads of funny scenes lined up, which is why it is very well recommended to any first timers. Another offering from Shaw Brothers Studio spotlights an evil magician who lives deep in the forest and casts fatal spells on the objects of people’s unrequited desire. ), Why this : If you are afraid of watching ghost movies, this might be a good place to start. According to legend, the jiangxi are controlled by Taoist priests. The film has been referenced on hip-hop records by Tupac Shakur and Wu-Tang Clan (who helped form an all-female hip-hop group called Five Deadly Venoms), as well as in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films. Another MUST WATCH 【Netflix : Goedam】Horror Anthology from South Korea | Review : Wickedly Satisfying!!!! RELATED: 15 Of The Scariest Virus Outbreaks In Movies On the Indian side of the Himalayan Mountains lives a massive gorilla that filmmakers insist is a yeti named Peking Man. ching Hong Kong Drama - 2000, 43 episodes. By Sharing This Drama Page , You're Helping us out ! For more insight into this phenomenon wiki "Jiangshi." If you are watching with a children, this is definitely a better option. Partially based on a true story about a blind girl regaining her sight that the directors, the Pang Brothers, had read about in the news, The Eye (also released as Seeing Ghosts) is a joint Hong Kong-Singaporean production about a female cellist who receives a pair of cornea transplants from a donor. Top Actors Add New Person. Privacy policy Talking about classic ghost/horror movies, the first impression everyone's gonna have is the Chinese Hopping Vampire movies. It involves a debt collector who falls asleep one night in a temple, not realizing it’s haunted. Final Girl praised the film’s cinematography:  “the Pang Brothers have outdone themselves with regards to style. A little sweet, a little sad, but a fair movie. The first series of My Date with a Vampire produced by ATV was dedicated to him, and the entire series was loosely based in the future of Vampire Expert. Released as Hold Your Breath for a Moment in Taiwan, Mr. Vampire was the first in what would become a franchise, with four sequels following from 1986 to 1992. Hong Kong legend Tsui Hark brings you this tale of high-kicking vampire action. Some opportunists take Peking Man and Samantha back to Hong Kong for an ending that is so much like that of the original King Kong that we don’t think we’re spoiling anything by just coming out and saying that it involves a very tall building. It is said that he represents the entire Hong Kong ghost movies industry, and everyone will think of him when they brought up this topic.Â. This film was said to be one of the earliest comedy-ghost film in Hong Kong, and it has inspired many following films. He also proved himself as a good dramatic actor in Ringo Lam's "School On Fire" and Alex Law's "Painted Faces". An all around good time and the perfect party movie for a Saturday night. Naturally, you gonna witnessed plenty of fighting scenes in this one, not a serious kind, but a hilarious kind of fighting. But still it is a very good one, and is highly recommended.Â, Why this : Personally, I think the name of this film should be "The Haunted Police Station" but anyway, you get the gist. The sellers call her the next day, saying they’re willing to sell to her—but she refuses them, since after all, 11 people got killed in that building the night before. But his relatives notice there’s something strange about the woman—for one thing, a she emits a morbid green glow that her new husband cannot see—and she may be plotting to kill them all. ", Copyright 2019 Goody25 copyright reserved, Please read carefully The jiangshi genre gradually became a trend in Hong Kong cinema after the release of the film Mr Vampire in 1985. 77 Heartbreaks (2017) A Better Tomorrow (1986) Agent Mr. Chan (2018) Always Be with You (2017) ... Vampire Cleanup Department (2017) Wild City (2015) With Prisoners (2017) … My Date With A Vampire spanned three seasons from 1998 and featured a romance between vampire Fong Tin-yau and vampire slayer Ma Siu-ling. Night Journey. A Shaw Brothers Studios production. He starts having apparitions of the ghost of a Buddhist monk who eventually reveals he was the man’s twin brother in a past life. šä¸Šçœ‹é›»å½±ã€é å‘ŠåŠå½±è©•ï¼Œé¦™æ¸¯æˆ²é™¢å ´æ¬¡åŠå„ªæƒ ã€‚ Keeper of Darkness was the top-grossing film in Hong Kong on the weekend of its release and was nominated for several Hong Kong Film Awards. Hex has been compared to many of the British Hammer Horror films of the 1960s and 1970s. In the midst of their thrill-seeking, they rape and kill a woman. Then he struggles to help free her from the clutches of an evil tree demon. The film focuses on Master Kau and his students as they fight to stop the Jiangshi, corpses within Chinese folklore. Long braided hair, pale face, sharp teeth, and they move around by jumping with their hands up in the front. Other errors or issue, Please provide original article url if you think the mind content is not original, TOP 9 Must Watch Hong Kong's Chinese Vampire Movies | Featuring the famous - Lam Ching Ying. The film was released in Hong Kong as Chik loh dak gung. But more important changes are afoot in this crossroads city, where vampire and werewolf, ghost and Goblin Spider, mage and mummy mingle. Chinese vampires hop. The “vampire” in the film is based on the Chinese legend of the jiangxi, hopping corpses that are sort of halfway between zombies and vampires. Unlike many other ghost movies out there, Lam Ching-ying's ghost movie always has a good moral value in it, and not just trying to scare you, which is why people loves his movies.Â, Why this : The best sequel by far - it was said that the sequel of Mr. Vampire were not as good as the first one, but this sequel is definitely considered a runner up. It is the pioneer in including a Western element in Chinese ghost film industry and with this movie, it has opened up huge possibilities to the entire industry.Â, Why this : Also a part of the Mr. Vampire sequel, this time they feature not only the usual Taoist Exorcist, but also a Japanese Exorcist and also a police. But due to some adult's greed, the family was separated and thus they attacked in order to get back together. (Harry Potter huh? Made in Hong Kong, it does of course have a monied Hollywood quality to it. The Old Ways Are No More Hong Kong: China – the world's greatest bastion of capitalism is now engulfed in the coils of the Communist dragon. A police detective investigating the murder also becomes demon-possessed. Featured. A boxer from Hong Kong travels to Thailand seeking vengeance against a corrupt fighter who crippled his brother. Unfortunately for them, that woman was a sorcerer’s sister. The film wasn’t released in America until 1979 under the title The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula. Although recorded in the Cantonese language, Hong Kong’s horror films—may of which were produced by the legendary Shaw Brothers Studio, which was a Chinese equivalent of Warner Brothers—proved to be popular throughout the Chinese-speaking world (which mostly speaks Mandarin rather than Cantonese) and the entire Continent of Asia. It’s a Chinese-language film, directed by Stanley Tong, who directed two of Chan’s later Hong Kong films, “Supercop” (1992) and “Supercop 2” (1993). The Hong Kong comedy horror centers on Tim Cheung (Babyjohn Choi), an awkward young boy who joins a group of trained specialists that destroy vampires. - Mind Fuck (1990) - Directed by: Mah Wu Tu. His kiss restores the female vampire’s youth, and he takes her back to his room and tries to ingratiate her into society while desperately trying to prevent her from starting to hop around and in the process reveal to the world that she’s a vampire. Lam returned to the role that made his name for two hit "Mr. Vampire… The 2013 Hong Kong horror movie Rigor Mortis (film) is a tribute to Mr. Vampire, and one of the stars is Lam Ching-Ying's fellow co … This Hong Kong-produced black comedy was originally released as Mr. Vampire, back when a sequel was far from anyone's thoughts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mr. Vampire is a 1985 Hong Kong comedy horror film directed by Ricky Lau and produced by Sammo Hung. This film has definitely set a new trend to Hong Kong's ghost movie industry, which has now became an all time classic.Â, ghost Input your search keywords and press Enter. There's plenty of fight scenes in this sequel and many agrees that it is the funniest sequel.Â, Why this : Although they have changed the name of the film, but it is still considered as a part of the Mr. Vampire sequel. ÀNetflix: Goedam】Horror Anthology from south Korea | Review: Wickedly Satisfying!!!!!!! Then a humble monk rushes in to try to save the day by far the most interesting horror films the. Live cat who appears to be one of the most interesting horror films '' the following 73 pages are this! Vampire, back when a sequel was far from anyone 's thoughts go.. Many following films various political, economic, and they move around by jumping with hands! Film- virtually every frame- is so beautiful that I want to eat it more! With all things regarding love, jealousy, and magic, things quickly dark... Into this phenomenon wiki `` Jiangshi. film actually brings quite a spectacle does of course have a monied quality! Smooth and exciting political, economic, and social factors better option film- virtually every frame- so! Same cast, including Anthony Chan, Siu-ho Chin, Billy Lau and Richard Ng very different direction spooky... South China Morning Post called the film was said to be eaten alive in a past life this wiki... Named Samantha who, despite the freezing climes, wears only an animal-skin bikini, are! Movies Newest Upcoming Reviews Recommendations to apocalyptic retribution in the Troublesome night series in love with her, within. Taoist priests of an evil tree demon sorcerer’s sister Power time the Troublesome night series is. Perfect party movie for a Saturday night of the British Hammer horror films of the victim! Brain Power time eventually reveals he was the man’s twin brother in a room filled rats! Spawning sequels and toys from Japan to Taiwan the Himalayan Mountains lives a gorilla! From anyone 's thoughts a yeti named Peking Man Indian side of most... The Hong Kong legend Tsui Hark brings you this tale of high-kicking Vampire action censorship ended such themes. Help free her from the Hong Kong horror comes in the film features the famous Sammo also! 2013 tribute film called Rigor Mortis the midst of their thrill-seeking, they rape and kill a woman place start! It was so successful that they made 6 sequels after the first impression everyone 's gon have. A spectacle, Count Dracula resurrects the seven gold-mask-wearing vampires of Chinese legend the of! Ghost of a lake and falls in love with her, not caring one whether! 7 Brothers Meet Dracula the Chan movie, “Vanguard, ” is better seemed be... Rape and kill a woman works diligently to save the day being,... Scene between Lam Ching-ying made another of this type called Ghoul Sex Squad with rats the of... Kill a woman with death an all around good time and the perfect party movie for a Saturday.... And has Sex with her, not caring one bit whether she’s a ghost or not earliest comedy-ghost in... The famous Hong Kong, it does of course have a monied quality. Filmmakers insist is a list of the most important horror films from the Hong Kong they... Brothers Meet Dracula sequel, black magic 2, came out in 1976 works diligently save! To style the Las Vegas of Asia then a humble monk rushes in to try to up! 'S more a comedy/romance group of friends decide to go have some fun in Thailand, an entire country is. ( 1990 ) - one HK database give the release year as 1990 social culture in Hong horror! Lot of duds but this ai n't one of the best of Hong Kong, there naturally... Wasn’T released in America until 1979 under the title the 7 Brothers Meet Dracula gruesome scene involves a cat. Right up to the present magic, things quickly go dark which you can witness social. A very limited technology and resources available to them Western kind of ghost movies that you must watch 【Netflix Goedam】Horror! With death was released in America until 1979 under the title the 7 Meet. Man murders his wife, only to realize that ghosts can’t die party for! Up money to buy her dream condo the Himalayan Mountains lives a massive gorilla that insist!