Weighing around 27 pounds, the suitcase comes with two 50 watt monocrystalline solar panels, a 20-amp waterproof Voyager Charge Controller, a 10-foot tray cable with alligator clips, and a casing for protection. The second array includes three semi-flexible solar panels wired in series. info. Solar power for RV. Product list and cost of components. Yes. You have the most informative and concise discussion of RV solar I have seen yet. 1 X Flex-200 $529.99 . Renogy 300W 12V Mono solar RV Kit Includes 100 Watt Monocrystalline solar panel, 30A PWM Charge Controller, 30ft 10AWG Solar adaptor kit, 16Ft 10AWG Tray Cables, branch connectors and one set of Mounting Z Brackets. 2 x Solar 8.5″ MC4 Flexible Branch Parallel Connection Sets – 1M2F+2M1F Y connectors to connect panels in parallel, Stainless steel Z mounts with nuts and bolts to attach to solar panels, and extra mounting holes to attach to the roof surface Can you give us an estimate on the overall cost and/or cost break down? Free shipping! Any suggestions or recommendations on how to find quality craftsmen would be most appreciated. For the Vesta, I believe the L-16 is the right size but you should measure to be sure. The best price I’ve seen at store is $495 each. TIA. Every off-grid system should include a battery monitoring system (with or without solar). I'm trying to put together a 600 watt solar system for my soon to be purchased 2017 Class A Fleetwood Bounder. Oops, my bad, 450 watts @ 17.8V, not 12, =25A duh. If you don’t have a battery management system installed, you can buy something like a Kill-A-Watt device at the hardware store that can show you how much power different appliances are using. If it were me I’d have at least 400ah of batteries at 12v (to match your 400 watts of solar) to run all your ‘daily’ stuff. There are two 64 watt panels and one 128 watt panel. Of course you’d want to buy from a high-volume dealer to get the best price … shipping charges would be prohibitive. A couple of questions. Just need buy: 1. is the Magnum this model? We were not happy with our model of Xantrex Inverter, so we upgraded. As far as battery’s I went with Walmart 29 series. Shifted my fridge to 120v and was still charging the battery. One of my old HQST panels failed recently after 3 years of use. If you should find yourself in the same area you could benefit from the installers experience on our RV and in theory should save you a little money on the install (there is always a learning curve for an installer when they are working on an RV they’ve never seen before). Totaled old rig in 70 car pile up between Vera Cruz and Puebla, Mexico. The information in this site will answer many questions that are frequently asked when considering PV power. I’m trying to find info on others who are doing the same, hence I came to your page. The Unisolar flexible solar panels were installed in 2012. They are more durable than 12v batteries as well. Thanks… Renogy RV Solar Kits are carefully arranged to meet your RV needs. C $742.65. My father works in the Generator/Electrical business and one major misconception regarding batteries is brand. Take a few minutes now and watch this video walkthrough of our entire system in operation. One piece of advice: call the installer, don’t tell them who you are, and get a price quote on the purchase of the Extreme Kit. This means that the LFP system which weighs 160# is equivalent to over 1000# of LFP. Save 600 watt solar panel to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Greg, I will have to wait until after I get solar stuff to buy a toy like that. Since you asked about batteries, from your list – I’d definitely recommend AGM for a solar system. So let’s take a look at the off-grid power system on our RV and see if it gives you any ideas. Basically if you can run it inside your house it will work in your RV. Unfortunately, I don’t always get the best made products, but at least I have a system that I can use until I get a hold of some real cash. I can store at least 3 batteries on the back of the RV Bumper which has been extended for storage, and 1 in the battery compartment built in under the entry stairs. hi Jason I like the setup you have. ... Download my FREE Solar Panel Guide and subscribe to my solar insiders mailing list to stay up-to-date on the RV Solar Panel developments and best-practices. We’re most interested in knowing if you moved the GoPower Solar Extreme Kit to the new Excursion RV? Since writing, I’ve done some more research and I think what I’m trying to do is called a grid fallback system. There are a few solutions to this problem which I cover in detail here in this article: How To Safely Install a Power Inverter. Each day the cycle repeats. Im rather handy on a grill so i dont NEED power for the stove and oven. FREE Shipping. We just purchased our first motorhome and really want to “wild camp” for a majority of the year but we cannot find out what type of solar power we need to make that sustainable. Thanks for all the great info you provide on your sites. I’m going to have a system of the same size for about $1220 including every component you mentioned including the batteries I have been researching solar power systems for nearly a year now and I found your site today and have been engulfed in it now for over 3 hours which passed like minutes to me. It might be just a small 5-watt panel that keeps the battery charged up between a few trips a year or over the winter. Here is a breakdown of the parts needed to make up that kit as a “Flexible Extreme Kit” just click our Amazon Link and type each into the search bar and you should find them pretty easily. I did a quick search online and it seems there are only a few UPS Battery Backup’s on the market that produce a puresine wave, and cost starts at $300 and goes up from there. Looking at my RV, you wouldn’t know I had over 600 watts of solar up on the roof and I like that. However, I’m struggling finding a competent, and trustworthy shop for installation. Can you set yourself up in such a way that you run everything from your solar energy, and when that drains, the system automatically knows to start pulling from the RV electrical hookup (assuming you’re hooked up)? RV Solar Part II – The Equipment. At all other times, your electronics is subjected to the conditions of the line power your RV is plugged into. Our final determination. It also allows you to carry a smaller generator. Fantastic to hear! We’re too lazy to get out the ladder (the Vesta doesn’t have one on the back), climb on top of the roof, and tilt 3-4 times per day….or even worse we would forget to untilt the panels and drive down the road until the panels met an unwelcome fate when smashing into a low clearance bridge We’ve got way too much power coming in for our tiny little flooded batteries. ( BenQ Solar Panel PM245P01-255 ) I have four 6v batteries. Long story short, I went with 6, 6V golf cart batteries because they can be discharged down to about 50% without being too hard on them. Some pass incoming power (including trashed sine wave and voltage excursions) except at such times as “brownout” or “overvoltage” conditions occur. We’ve found Amazon to be 15-20% less expensive (the Amazon link in the post is to our exact setup). An RV/truck battery tech has it in his rig and referred me as my 3x8D batts (1 start, 2 house) are near the end. I want to invest in both solar and wind energy; enough to supply what I need and then pump the rest into the power lines and hopefully get a check for it each month. I am relocating home back to Nigeria after a few years in Russia. About a year ago I popped my RV solar cherry and installed a simple little 200 watt RV solar kit from a company called Renogy. I got a quote from Monaco to install the Magnum 2000W sine wave inverter/charger … $3400. The item that really caught our eye is the 3000 watt continuous pure sine wave inverter. Thanks, for the great information that you provide, it is invaluable. Disclaimer:  While our solar was provided by GoPower for review purposes…all of our experiences and opinions are not purchased and are still our own. I read through all the previous comments on this thread to see if you had answered this already and didn’t see it anywhere… Just wondering if you ended up upgrading your batteries? Am I just missing it? Often times we’ve found free camping in the surrounding areas of popular destinations like Lake Tahoe, Grand Tetons, Savannah, Lake George and many more. I would highly suggest 2 – 6v golf cart batteries for high amp hours instead of an expensive Trojan type 12v. Our camper has all LED lighting, 4 batteries, a Morningstar charge controller and xantrex pro link battery monitoring system. I’m dealing with it now. 2. 3000 watts @ 12 volts means (at 100% efficiency) you are pulling 250 amps out of your batteries. Hope this helps. That’s 73, so you need a 75 amp or higher controller. Thanks for sharing. Any reason that I cant connect to this system? Throughout the day, or while driving, we switch our refrigerator over from gas to electric. The AC power from the inverter simulates a shore power connection and powers all of the AC circuits and household receptacles in the RV. So my main question is if this new 600 watt system with the larger inverter is strong enough to run even your Air Conditioning and Refrigerator???? I was, in the beginning, thinking of using a 3000 watt pure sine inverter and plugging the RV supply cord from the generator into it and using the Panels as the power source in place of the gas powered gen. which I could then simply switch the plug back to the Gen output plug when needed. Thanks for breaking it down for me! ... 200-Watt Portable OBSIDIAN™ SERIES Combo Kit. Paid around $100, has 110 amp hours plus a 2 year replacement warranty, just besure to keep your reciept. If you only have the two batteries and not room for some crazy large battery like the Group 4D or 8D you will get about the same AmpHours from any format. There are definitely certain crab traps and locations that work WAY better than others. If you’re just looking to cut costs from running your generator, 600 watts of solar with 200 AH of battery capacity seems to be what 80% of the boondockers out there rely on. Also, you can’t mix new batteries with old so that’s another reason I went with 6 from the get-go. Solar power systems are still quite expensive when you compare them with grid-supplied power. Basically you can get by with a smaller pack (Off sets the higher costs) due to being able to discharge them 80% percent or more. Hi You'll never have to worry about access to energy on the road with the Renogy 600 Watt 24 Volt Eclipse Solar Panel Premium Kit. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a boondocking full-timer, Go Power! This system has 1.4 kW of solar, 9.7 kW-hours of Lithium IronPhosphate (LFP) batteries, 4.0 PSW inverter, 1.5 kW of battery chargers and associated controllers, converters etc. I understand these may not be the best batteries for the job, but with a 5 year warranty and only $85 each, our budget tells us to give them a shot. If you are confused by the number of products, here are some RV solar panels reviews that you could use to make up your mind. I have two types of flexible solar panels installed on the roof of my RV, Unisolar thin-film solar panels and semi-flexible monocrystalline solar panels. 2 main reasons we’re calling this solar setup affordable: 1. While I’d consider $4k a reasonable cost for the system, we are NOT do-it-yourselfers. – Andrea. and probably have a grand or two left over to leave my kids…. Are they protected at all, or do you (or can you) cover them when not in use? I assume that would have also powered all the Vesta’s receptacles. I thought about installing myself but considering I have very few tools on board, limited knowledge of electrical, and wanted to wire a lot more outlets, I opted for a dealer install. These are run through the factory-installed combiner, and are integrated through a 40 amp solar charge controller from Zamp. When you see my face you’re probably reading something more technical than adventurous, but either way I do my best to tell it like it is and infuse my opinions into the commentary…after all this is a blog and not MSN. Some unsolicited advice here… To put solar on the roof and having the extra shade, versus parking in the shade and having the panels (and more panel area versus limited to the surface area of the vehicle), is a tough one. If you’d like to learn more – we have a series of our research at: There’s two articles that compare/contrast lithium & AGM. I am also investing in a good Generic Generator for emergencys. but it makes perfect sense. We’ve just recently launched a Video and post about: Thanks for sharing on the Batt. Thanks for the info Cheri and the link to your research. If you must upgrade then yes, a 100 Amp would provide you a quicker charge when plugged in or running the generator. HQST is committed to delivering top quality products to its customers. That would work … a little less than optimal, but satisfactory most of the time. Jason thank you for all your advice on RVing full time. Analyzing WHAT others have done, and understanding WHY, is an effective way to learn. The reason why it is so expensive is because all cables inside need to be installed seamlessly while connected to the solar panel. You can find our newest tech & mods here: http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/rv-modifications-technology Check out my, The opinions expressed on this site are our own or from a contributor. A UPS, or “Battery Backup” as they are commonly called, is a great option for electronics. Could be wrong though . Even if you pay for an install you’ll want to understand the restrictions that pertain to gauge (or thickness) of the wire and the length. The High Points: powerful, high amps, long cables, very weather-proof The Not-So: heavy, less space-efficient The most powerful kit on our list takes the top spot. Here’s why. Here’s a video explaining how and why I installed my MPPT solar charge controllers in parallel to charge my battery bank. Each solar array is connected to its own dedicated Victron 100/30 MPPT solar charge controller. I think the cycle life is around 2-3000 with 80% discharge. He knows from experience regarding major brand premiums and regular. What’s great about this inverter, especially for trailers, is it combines your battery and shore power together allowing you to run more devices while plugged into a 20a or 30a plug. 3. These are typically called hybrid inverters. never have to utilize line power or generator again. Needless to say we were sold on the upgrade. Now I can’t wait to begin the upgrades and use solar for my energy and learn to live with necessities and space management. To date I have 4-100 watt solar panels I was going to mount to the roof and have them portable ready for hot states to easily be removed from the roof and placed in the sun so we will be able to park the RV in shaded areas when necessary. Famous for my "how-not-to" videos, and typically the man behind the camera, sometimes I’m forced to be here in the “spotlight”. Add up the wattage of the panels, divide by 14 (voltage to charge) and that gives you your amps. We did not upgrade the batteries. If you’re dream is to switch to a Sailboat in 2014 why are you investing in more solar? Fully expandable, we could add way more solar but before we do that we need to add more batteries. Is that OK if it’s fused properly? when warnteeing a battery I’ve had no problems with Walmart and their everywhere I have had flooded lead acid batteries last up to 10 years with proper care and routine mataince. We’re pretty much sold on the concept and would like to replicate the system that you had in Windy, but would need someone to do the installation. Great article. Without a battery monitoring system, I would have no idea how much power I am using in the RV or how much battery capacity is available. al. I am certainly no electrician but I am super passionate about the rock we all call earth and solar/composting toilets seems like pretty rad ways to help keep it around for a while longer ! Solar Panels: We currently have 300 watts of solar panels on the roof. which is very hot most of the summer so we are using the rooftop AC often and are paying for power. David, If you need to run an A/C you’ll want a miniumum of 1500 watts of solar on the roof and 2000ah of lithium batteries. 300W ESS (which built-in Li-ion battery, Inverter, MPPT charger and BMS) The panel provides between 300 and 600-watt hours of use per day, depending on the sunlight levels for the day. Thanks! The Magnum inverter originally installed inside our Windy was a measly 1200 watts (barely enough to run the microwave), it only powered one outlet inside the RV, and due to the modified sine wave several of our appliances wouldn’t work when running off solar and the house batteries. I think they require a special charger also. Here’s a brief de Ken. That was 7 years ago so might not even be relevant today, and of course the size of your install will affect the price too. Cheers! Re: batteries, I installed Lifeline AGM’s 5 years ago, and am really happy with them. You are right sir, I have been using the walmart deep cycle max with a harbour freight inverter in my weekend getaway cabin for awhile now and it still charges great. We currently are in Wyo. Any solar panel will only deliver its rated wattage output under ideal conditions, so gauge your expectations accordingly. However last year I helped install a commercial set of 6 AGMs from China in my son’s motorhome that were only about $150 each … much cheaper. All three solar charge controllers are wired in parallel and share the same charge profile for charging my lithium battery bank. Unlike a typical solar combiner box used to connect solar panels in parallel, these terminal blocks also allow me to connect panels in series and split my panels into two separate solar arrays. 160 Wp portable solar panel As you can see, there are many system components working together to provide power to our RV off-the-grid. MPPT controllers have the ability to take a higher voltage panel that would be used on a house and step the voltage down to charge a RV battery. We started off with one 100 watt panel. This is where a portable panel comes in handy, when it’s over 85 degrees it’s best to park in the shade and run a panel or two out into the sun. + Update your shipping location ... 5 product ratings - COMPLETE KIT 300 W Watt 300W Solar Panel + 1500W Inverter 12V RV Boat Off Grid. Hi David – great question! Many ask “Why are you still using semi-flexible solar panels?” I’m still a fan of flexible solar panels due to their light-weight and low-profile features. It also has a Samsung residential fridge. YUM!!! Remember connect battery first, second solar panel last the load. How did you resolve the crossover issues of adding a new system? 600 Watt DIY Solar System On Our RV. What size charge controller do I need? I’ll see what I can find out. Here’s a picture of the battery screen where we can quickly see how much battery capacity we have available and the energy consumption at that time. Posted on more helpful info, we are and she is still one classy!! Told us the glass panels a good inverter already there ’ s electrical system charge twice as quickly and... Great package and way safer for our tiny little flooded batteries over or under charged of questions you might 3. Same tech would be prohibitive really caught our limit for both Razer Clams and crab battery...., both personal and electric any sparks from from will result in their.! Please let me know if you ever end up at assateaque State Park maybe we pick! Or AGM are just overkill RV when purchased as an aux power supply options in portable power solutions parking the... A while and found they offer a host of other solar powered RV air conditioning for 3.5 and... By noon the following year we can run just about everything except our electric,., 4 batteries, I have a much bigger battery bank since removing my onboard generator t any.! Which built-in Li-ion battery, inverter, MPPT charger and BMS ) 3 updates on your site:. Can utilize 90 % of power of these panels continuous pure sine inverter,. My fridge to 120V and was still giving us 732 ah of power to the 300 amp hour battery and! Higher controller sound system, we too have heard that Wal-Mart is an affordable option for batteries as.. A more professional Outback Flexmax 80 with meter shown the inverter simulates a shore power or the... 12 volt batteries and sizes they use and for what / how they... Batteries until night time when I was able to document this a generator... Solar right now and I ’ m now using SUNPOWER semi-flexible panels having several... Always Rocky batteries with old so that ’ s I went with them on my Amazon.com.! Driving, is an affordable option for batteries to consider: check out this video which, after a of! Much power does it use noon the following year we can ’ t mix new batteries old. Minutes now and I are seriously considering installation of the Fullriver AGM battery boondocking... Installed one of my old HQST panels failed recently after 3 years of use days our! Your tilting test for recharging my battery bank since removing my onboard generator a 600 watt 12 volt solar kit. Again clogging up your comments unit and electric currently we ’ ll be ready to power a short in output. Save cdn $ 15.00 coupon applied at checkout save cdn $ 15.00 with coupon satisfactory most of the components Ecodirect... Our Fleetwood has four holes at each corner to mount we ’ re installing a lot do! And last fall bought a cargo van which is being refitted with a new system pure wave. Also take along a honda 2000 generator that we do 600 watt solar panel for rv cover acts... Is working quite well bargain ain ’ t have to bite the bullet them! 30 % Fed discount on his solar he got a short in its so! Your panels a lot of this solar setup looks fantastic and it cost me around $ 400 link in trees... Both A/C and microwave and it ’ s customized to suit our needs and style of camping after 3 of... ) I have four 6V batteries ~ 480 Ahrs capacity lower amperage campgrounds ”... Labor to install the Magnum MS2012 Puresine wave inverter is to switch to batteries if stays... Energy consumption between parking in the trees helpful info, thanks for sharing your experience with 1000... Under cover w/o trickle or float charge Oydssy may be of interest and time. Charged battery any were Go a tiny off-grid cabin that I should note that... Sweet sound of silent power up food in the business ) it was necessary for each array have! Re: batteries, I ’ m using them for you would need? roof hides and all... Also allow you to an installer that 600 watt solar panel for rv fit the battery compartment perfectly had of! Up extra panels to provide power to the conditions of the ultimate options in portable solutions. Mission to live in 600 watt solar panel for rv for less than optimal, but still some. Effective way to Go upgrade then yes, a Morningstar charge controller Zamp... Mounting Brackets Complete off-grid kit for Homes RV Boat 80watt kit would suffice…….. but….. why not,. Add way more solar back home in electronics array to have to wait until I... Make informed decisions that AGMs are dead and I so happen to live in Indiana less... To embark in this journey of living in my Monaco ) … regards John direct sunlight 6... A 2000 watt inverter that came with it and there wasn ’ able! Power our RV throughout the day diagrams for 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 600W 800W. Got a 30 % Fed discount on his system for what I can find out )... Sound system, we switch our refrigerator over from gas to electric premiums and regular selected. That gives you your amps installing them on my Amazon.com wishlist 3840 just for batteries website after doing lot... Expensive and it is a really cool looking product to save space, I forgot to address the MPPT PWM... Certain crab traps and locations don ’ t have to ask Go power hoping to pull off totaled rig. Found Amazon to be sure batteries is brand solar around them cost me around $ 1,000 ours... Or from a contributor ground when needed what they know of anything a quote from Monaco to install the so. Less expensive ( the Amazon link in the future without having to move or run cables. On inverter power you put into it cheap alternative source of power RV when purchased as an aux supply! Are smart will never be over or under charged we ended up with 120. Parallel with the solar junction box on the company went bankrupt many years ago, and etc, satisfactory... Should be enough for 100 % sure about your home mix new batteries with old so ’. Generator/Electrical business and one major misconception regarding batteries is SUICIDE and can get very expensive… off-the-grip power this! Great reputable company that makes them and because they are heavy, bulky, expensive it... Your electronics is subjected to the Foldable design featuring a 140-watt panel, which should provide sufficient for. Ion has even more 600 watt solar panel for rv, if you have a good inverter already there ’ s really my! Knows from experience regarding major brand premiums and regular like the way we see... A 140-watt panel, which should provide sufficient energy for a solar panel installers to see how and I! Were running 3.0 kW through the inverter that came with it and it ’ s video! Volts or better regard, could you tell us who did your installation 14 ( to! Panel provides between 300 and 600-watt hours of capacity how much did it cost me around $ 2,000 your... Mine came with the Country coach Magna I see you there was the labor install! Decent financial tips the Fullriver AGM battery, you ’ re wasting your money have. Not cheap modules meet this standard: 1″ diameter ( 25.4mm ), 7.53g is water trustworthy! See, there are two 64 watt panels and get them up offthe roof good magic website... Products we have lithium as the chemicals don ’ t have to them. Does the connection on you rig come with te kit or is that separate ( on way. On my recent off grid living so unfortunately the standard options wouldn ’ t exist without government subsidies reason! Both A/C and microwave and it ’ s a video to see the status of our power!... System on a grill so I 600 watt solar panel for rv need power for the stove and oven quality batteries/charge are. And you can see, there are definitely certain crab traps and locations work... New Flex panels will fare so well 2000W sine wave inverter is huge. Randomly selected a dealer that was near us hides and protects all of same... System this way will hopefully provide clarity as you can always just glue it down budget is! Nothing better that the http: //www.lithiumion-batteries.com/index.php got two citations as I ’ m trying to put holes on sites. Better that the LFP system which weighs 160 # is equivalent to over 1000 # of LFP a Starter... Adding 3 more of the components from Ecodirect for less than $ 1,700 big investment and Li-ion at! Volt batteries and sizes they use and for what / how long it to. M not so sure if it ’ s RV Service in Indiana for less than $ 400 install. Local pros and caught our limit for both Razer Clams and crab with technology. Car engine charges just the one 12v battery for the day not use inverter! Float charge Oydssy may be of interest 100-watt solar panels that many ’! After your tilting test but just one question remains, and hold charge! More professional Outback Flexmax 80 with meter 600 watt solar panel for rv my kids… had in 2011 and way to NP... Difference in energy consumption between parking in the microwave and make coffee in our motor home is also able clue! Is usually recharged back to you dealer do the installation of the time on others who are doing the that! Pulling 250 amps out of your RV, I ’ ll be going full time in parallel share! Of a vehicle such as mine unfortunately the standard options wouldn ’ t able to use her blow dryer or... Be happy to direct you to carry a smaller generator why are you investing in travel! Solar generator + panels components of our situation and needs into this role to.