phenomenological analysis in health psychol, contribution to qualitative research in psych, Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and, Psychology: A Practical Guide to Research. I suggest three fundamentally significant resonances between the critical and phenomenological enterprises. This was the first initiative of its kind since the inception of the modern Bhutanese education system in the early 1960s. This experiment yielded preliminary results that suggest mentors may experience marginally lower levels of anxiety and feel as if their job is more meaningful when they participate in the mentoring programme. ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any citations for this publication. Ignorance has only received scant attention in organization and management studies. topic interviewing as interpersonal communication [topic control, logging the data] / ethical issues in interviewing (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved), European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling. Interested in research on Qualitative Methods? Photocopy. Finally, I suggest a project that would go round one particular hermeneutic circle in the different direction, using empirical research in the human sciences to further extend and develop hermeneutic theory. Finally, van Manen argues that the choice of research method is itself a pedagogic commitment and that it shows how one stands in life as an educator. Finally I consider critical phenomenology’s futures: How is a newly enlivened kind of scholarship emerging from these two forms of thinking, both of which have been dismissed as outmoded or irrelevant? (PDF) A Phenomenological Research Design Illustrated | Awi Asih45 - This article distills the core principles of a phenomenological research design and, by means of a specific study, illustrates the phenomenological methodology. A phenomenological research design was deployed in this study. Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HP, United Kingdom. We hypothesise that mentoring programmes can have a positive impact on both mentees’ and mentors’ mental health. In this article several dissertations are reviewed in order to point out some of the difficulties that are encountered in attempting to use some version of the phenomenolo-gical method. The Pros of Phenomenological Research. - Phenomenological approaches of History and “longue durée” ; Phenemenological Perspectives in Psychology. There are specific designs availab… We diffuse here recent texts and ideas, highlight some particularly challenging aspects of qualitative research interviewing, which, to date, have received little attention in the methodological literature / throughout this chapter, the rather generic "qualitative research" will be used to refer to grounded theory, ethnomethodologic, ethnographic, ethnoscientific, and phenomenologic research, and important differences between these. to examine each type of phenomenology in its entirety, it elaborates o, researchers in selecting one type that is app, Reprinted by permission of SAGE Publications, chapter develops a typology that classifies and c, phenomenological. While it is heartening to see that more researchers in the field of the social sciences are using some version of the phenomenological method, it is also disappointing to see that very often some of the steps employed do not always follow phenomenological logic. This essay considers what is critical in critical phenomenology, and asks what features critical and phenomenological methods share. The selected case is the design practice of the Rural Studio and its founder, the late Samuel Mockbee. The setting is usually realistic or naturalistic, so for example, no attempt is made to ‘remove’ the patient from their natural environment. - Materiality, new materialities, performativity and their relationship with experience; chapter is an adaptation of the following article: Gill, M.J, a culturally and historically conditioned, ideggerian) dichotomy to classify each method, y as informing their data analysis but refer, or at least three participants as “a sufficient number of variations are needed in order, its essence”. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 473-478) and index. Pittsburgh, PA: Duquesne University Press. In this study, the phenomenological research design contributed toward truth. Experimental research is traditionally highly structured. The author presents a sample of results from recent research exploring the role of attachment status in counselling psychologists’ experiences of personal therapy. The idea of this study originated out of a genuine concern for the enhancement of the primary HPE. - Work and management as lived experiences; Exemplars are, could resist bureaucratic power and how innovative action arises. Several unique contributions to interpretive research are provided. disconnecting from, or transcending, the natural attitude of “everyday life”, Husserl believed his method, of phenomenological reduction provided an outlook ‘upon “transcendentall, phenomenon under study to see what remains as it, essences”’ (Husserl, 2012: 3). several phenomenological methodologies. These frame the design and method, and practically integrate the underlying philosophy. phenomenological research methods Oct 07, 2020 Posted By Jackie Collins Public Library TEXT ID c3361edb Online PDF Ebook Epub Library phenomenological method of inquiry therefore phenomenology has both philosophical and methodological stances to this end one needs to understand it from a historical Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry, January 2015, 6(1) 3 Descartes' belief that the “perception of the reality of an object is dependent on a subject” (as stated in Moustakas 1994, p. 27). Beyond a connection, Giorgi’s methodologies would be inappropria, type of phenomenology with aims that align, elements of their phenomenological study, such as, phenomenology would necessitate sampling until no new information emerges. In: Valle RS. Phenomenological Design Ethan knows that he wants to do qualitative research. Phenomenological-Research.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Proceedings, Volume 3 , International Congress on Rheology, 1980, RheologyBiological and The new work currently emerging in phenomenology, with its emphasis on its own reflexive self-consideration and decolonization, offers hope that it might yet be capacious enough to simultaneously encompass the revelation of its limitations as well as the expansion of its reach. He focuses on the methodological function of anecdotal narrative in human science research, and offers methods for structuring the research text in relation to the particular kinds of questions being studied. ethnography, autoethnography, collaborative ethnography and all active methods such as action science and pragmatic inquiries; Unique Perspectives To be sure, there is some value to be found in focusing research on how people perceive an event or phenomena, rather than simply how the phenomena exists in a vacuum. I suggest that the human sciences can offer a useful crucible for thinking again about some of the ideas in hermeneutics. As Giorgi (2007: statement of the structure of the phenomen, clarity about the underlying nature of a pheno, clear point of departure from other types o, Manen, 1984) that seeks to speak to the world rather, followers also utilise small sample sizes (e.g., ten participants in Gibson, 2004). I bracketed myself consciously in order to understand, in terms of the perspectives of the participants interviewed the phenomenon that I was studying, that is ”the focus [was] on an … Publications and debates grounded in Lambert’s, Oetinger’s, Hegel’s or Kant’s seminal phenomenologies are welcome. Phenomenological and post-phenomenological perspectives are not a clear cut school of thought or set of ideas that could be ‘aximomatized’ (a process which would not be coherent with most experiential thoughts). I then provide a small piece of data from an empirical study I conducted on identity change during the transition to motherhood and show how the data and analysis can be "re-illuminated" when thought of in terms of ideas from the hermeneutic writing of Schleiermacher, Heidegger and Gadamer. 1 (June 2018) Phenomenology 216 his/her life. Fortunately he came across the work of Edmund Husserl and discovered in the latter's thought a way of researching humans that met the criteria he was seeking. In the first step of our study, we conducted a field experiment. A paradigm case, which helps researchers to recognise similarities in other cases. Data were collected through interviews, observations, field notes, reports from the four head teachers, and report summaries from the pilot teachers' workshop (Winter, 1999). This article aims to explore some of the tensions and dilemmas of combining different qualitative methods in a single study. In contr, saturation would be superfluous when utilising Smith’, the lived experiences of participants, they utilise different concepts and emphasise different methods, particular philosophical assumptions and a certain c, While different types of phenomenology exist, their differences should not obscure their similarities and, the various philosophies of phenomenology to, thematic analyses that necessitate creati, relationship that is central to the natural sciences and challenge natural, labelled their approach as a human science (e.g., Gi. Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. This paper introduces the reader to phenomenology and demonstrates the relevance of phenomenological analysis to organizational research. He thinks that interviewing is the best way to go as far as his research study is concerned. This paper focuses on ignorance in an organizational context by presenting and analysing the lived experience of three managers who attempted to manage creativity. a phenomenological research method by suggesting a four-step procedure for meaning making. In contrast to the traditional use of trustworthiness criteria to evaluate the quality of research, we advance the criteria to encourage historians to generate more transparent narratives. reproductive health. - Reversibility and the experience of life; S�`+����+J1�p4{���Z�,�[�9�|ģY �9XvK�[7l �$�[��7,��3���O�Q�� Rather than relying on abstract generalizations and theories, van Manen offers an alternative that taps the unique nature of each human situation. Phenomenology “must bring to pure expression, must, phenomenological methodologies that draw on his, of such a neologism reflected his desire to develop a language unencumbered by the assumptions of the, signification of that word, which designates the w, For any phenomenological methodology drawing on the work of Heidegger, inte, already in an environing world”, meaning that everyone exists in, philosophy. Van Manen also discusses the part played by language in educational research, and the importance of pursuing human science research critically as a semiotic writing practice. Van Manen M (2007) Phenomenology of practic. Organizational scholars increasingly recognize the value of employing historical research. Salamon G (2018) What's critical about critical phenomenology? In this article, we contend that a closer connection between these two fields is possible if organizational historians bring their role in the construction of historical narratives to the fore and open their research decisions up for discussion. (Eds.) The study ascertained that the pilot teachers are experiencing both intimidating impediments as well as some noteworthy opportunities in the successful implementation of the new curriculum. Idem for the indirect or sensible ontology of Merleau-Ponty, the hermeneutic phenomenology of Ricoeur or the political thought of Arendt. research design selected to conduct the study and the topic of interest, all designs pose challenges for investigators that need to be considered and addressed. Phenomenological Research Methods Clark Moustakas, Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks California, 1994 I Human Science Perspectives and Models Moustakas starts with discussing different human science perspectives and models. All rights reserved. Phenomenological research provides an opportunity for researchers to help people gain a new - Emotions and affects as processes of becoming at the heart of organizing; Vol. PURPOSE OF PHENOMENOLOGICAL RESEARCH• is to illuminate the specific, to identify phenomena through how they are perceived by the actors in a situation. This article briefly describes the method. Resumen Este artículo presenta nociones fundamentales de uno de los métodos de investigación cualitativa, nos referimos a la fenomenología hermenéutica sustentada en las teorías de Van Manen, Raquel Ayala y Miguel Martínez. Drawing on neo-pragmatist philosophies, the author considers how participants’ accounts can be seen to interrogate the professional view that personal therapy is an indispensable part of psychotherapeutic training. Findlay). Key words: Hermeneutics, human sciences, interpretation, identity. The collaborators - Digital semiosis, digital technologies, cybernetics and post-humanisms; The researcher is at liberty to proceed as they see fit, merely ensuring that they conform to the basic tenets of philosophy, notably emphasising the first-person and targeting their conscious experience. He illustrates five human science research approaches that utilize qualitative methodologies: All phenomenological methodologies. Yet little is known about the effect of mentoring on the anxieties of the mentors themselves. It presents an overview of the major features of phenomenology and discusses those components appropriate to designing a phenomenological research model. research design. In an indicative example, Kram and Isabella’s, mentoring within organisations cites Sander, experiencer (Giorgi, 2006a), typically thr, bracketing (Giorgi, 2009), he does employ different terminology and a. transformation no longer describes the experience underlying an experience. This project seeks to understand, empirically and theoretically, how and why suffering is created and controlled in organizations. IPA employs flexible guidelines, rendering it more of a craft than a technique or, phenomenological inquiry is from the outset a, particular experiences or events hold for participan, ‘interpretative’ phenomenological analysis, idiographic emphasis is an important point of a distinction. Phenomenological Research Method, Design and Procedure: A Phenomenological Investigation of the Phenomenon of Being-in-Community as Experienced by Two Individuals Who Have Participated in a Community Building Workshop by Carl Holroyd Abstract This project was conceived to determine the feasibility of using a phenomenological method of Phenomenological research requires a researcher to focus on people’s experiences of a phenomenon to obtain comprehensive details that provide a basis for reflective structural analysis that ultimately reveals the essence of the experience. reflective function (Fonagy, P., Target, M., Steele, H., & Steele, M. (1998)); and subsequently using a semi-structured interview format, analysed via interpretative phenomenological analysis, to explore experiences of personal therapy. In book: Qualitative Analysis: Eight approaches (pp.73-94). Eventually he developed a phenomenological method for researching humans in a psychological way based upon the work of Husserl and Merleau-Ponty. Phenomenological studies, as a research method, are noticeably infrequent in the research literature. We convert each criterion into a set of guiding principles to enhance the trustworthiness of historical research, pairing each principle with a practical technique gleaned from a range of disciplines within the social sciences to provide practical guidance. (trans. Though many methodological chapters within organisation stud, objectives and analytical steps of different ph, participant and sampling requirements of, The construction of a typology enables this chapter to contrast each, However, an inevitable consequence of classification and categorisation is some deg, researchers contemplating phenomenological s, Sanders argues that a phenomenologist should probe a, recording and transcribing interviews, rese, by a participant, as revealed in interviews. %PDF-1.3 PDF | On Jan 1, 2020, Michael J Gill published Phenomenology as qualitative methodology | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate his “indirect” or “sensible” ontology), Foucault (and his explicit or implicit use of Kierkegaard) or Deleuze’s thought at large. Like Sanders and Giorgi, van Manen seeks the, es multiple sessions of revision to become ‘depthful’, sharing Benner’s interest in examining caring, . 4. ~Xh/�/��(=yW�.�q����N �"��D3��Rd7�J0\< xڝ][s�q~�_��P���Eo�#�Jʩ�b*Q*u�_���=�3=�ݻ�X��l�Ʒ===}����_ƿ�:�NM*)=��h��������y��O�z�zU���Ыɸ�߾��4����ƫ��?����j���߼��IOj�㛛���o�7��&y Since wilful managerial ignorance and symbolic work prevent the productive and transformative integration of different institutional contexts it is possible to link it to the concept of ‘decoupling’. The purpose is to illumine specific experience to identify the phenomena that is perceived by the actors in a particular situation. Differences between Phenomenological Research and a Basic Qualitative Research Design Michael Worthington, PhD Adapted from a number of materials I created for my Capella courses, learners and faculty It is far more likely that qualitative researcher in the SOE will conduct a basic qualitative study 2 0 obj - Organizing as an experience; accounts over the quantity of data (Sanders, 1982). ��M*6�N��B���Sd=�x|�ku.L�4�����.��l���� #�4�0�_8ER��p����m�H��)�D �s� ?�6~X��{"���ϔ�d�W�c��=��S�EeshI���7���HJa�$�ю�]0�dF_ҿ}�pr�S��0����@R}bZj��#�;�2��'����(8��Vs ��r��7Ų�-ոo�R�Ҫ��a6U�|��|���G�u��'Ӭ����EXhA�����(�*�# ���;F" A1j�-�Sq����Q$7ٙ�A���j�� �7 - Phenomenologies of animality, machinism and humanism; phenomenological text. v�Q�8y���~K@¼�q� ��*T��F�fr�4��o�"�)ul� �)(� ����nߐ������>m�(��� Yet the fields of history and organization studies struggle to reconcile. The analysis of the empirical material with the help of a detailed agency framework illustrates how the managers’ clearly articulated visions contradicted their practices and how they also stuck to their visions even when they were confronted with or had the possibility to collect information that would challenge those visions. According to Lester (1999) , the purpose of this design is to identify and clarify phenomena as perceived by … could take the form of Giorgi’s free imaginative variation or an “artistic endeavour, a creative attempt, differences should not obscure their fundamental similarities. The focus of the study was to ascertain the inhibiting factors and opportunities experienced by the HPE pilot teachers and the students in implementing the new curriculum. The objective of this monographic contribution is to inform the reader about the essential elements that constitute phenomenology as a educational qualitative research design. Additionally, the author exposes the background of phenomenology as philosophy in a … Heidegger, Scheller, Schütz, Henry, Lefort, Dreyfus, Simondon…). Do not hesitate to share here with us your latest thoughts about phenomenology and organization studies! Data were analyzed through developing coding categories. Tested Hermeneutical Principles for Research (HPR) are outlined. We welcome here a diversity of documents and events around the broad dimensions defined in this short text which will be adapted through the emergence of our community. Husserlian thought and Husserlian heretics are more than welcome. The study was conducted over a two and a half-month period with four pilot teachers from both urban and rural schools in western Bhutan as participants. We provide guidelines to support this endeavor, drawing on four criteria that are prevalent within interpretive organization studies for developing the trustworthiness of research: credibility, confirmability, dependability and transferability. %��������� Interview techniques in qualitative research: Concerns and challenges. When it comes to phenomenological research pros and cons, here are some of the pros that are important to understand: 1. 2. What's Critical about Critical Phenomenology? Such transparency allows others to comprehend and comment on the construction of narratives thereby building trust and understanding. Article can not be printed. Thesis (Ph. Van Manen suggests that, Van Manen (1984, 1989) describes four analytical activities and, in, presuppositions may “persistently creep back into our reflections”, researcher conducts thematic analyses to determine the themes or experiential structures that make up, an experience, separating incidental themes (which can, phenomena through the art of writing, which requir, into the essential nature and meaning of a particul, emphasis on exploring practice, seeking to observe and articulate the commonalities across, practical, everyday understandings and knowledg, (Benner and Wrubel, 1989). It shows how to orient oneself to human experience in education and how to construct a textual question which evokes a fundamental sense of wonder, and it provides a broad and systematic set of approaches for gaining experiential material that forms the basis for textual reflections. Phenomenological Research tekijä: Tanja Tuulikki Välisalo — Viimeisin muutos tiistai 09. maaliskuuta 2010, 14.57 Phenomenological research enables you to explore experiences and sensory perception (different to abstract perceptions) of researched phenomenon, and the formation of understanding based on these experiences and perceptions. D.)--Union Institute, 2001. types will be noted when appropriate J.N. Post-phenomenological approaches are epitomized by the late Merleau-Pony (e.g. Keywords: Qualitative Research; Phenomenology Hermeneutics; Life experiences. Philosophy and Organization Theory: Research in the Sociology of Organizations, K. Ameriks). about phenomenological, post-phenomenological and ante-phenomenological* research in management and organization studies. Meshing results from both sets of data raised interesting questions about how to reconcile interpretations drawing on attachment theory with phenomenological, experience-near descriptions of personal therapy. Hence the reason (rationale) for a discussion of the research design and methodology: Firstly, this is to provide the plan or blueprint for the research. This study, since its emergence (Smith, 1996) it has become increasingly popular in psychology, producing hundreds, of studies (Smith, 2010). an introductory aid to, rather than a replacement for, becoming familiar with the nuances of a particular, phenomenological approach. programme. The fundamental goal of the approach is to arrive at a description of the nature of the particular phenomenon (Creswell, 2013). All content in this area was uploaded by Michael J. Gill on May 02, 2020, The complete reference for the finalised and published version of this book chapter. To Once each transcri, how they initially took steps that they did not intend to use to change, can provide guidance across the aforemention, Descriptive or interpretive phenomenology, ontological assumptions should inform their selection of a particular methodology. They should be able to visualize HPE as active healthy living, not competitive games and sports per se. Note, An approach to phenomenology, pioneered by Martin Heidegger, that emphasised how interpretation is, an integral aspect of any understanding of experien, such that our context informs the meanings, was a departure from Husserl’s earlier descrip, or always engaged with, the world and cannot step, Research and Writing: Developing Qualitative Inq, Bird G (2009) What is phenomenological soci, Existential-Phenomenological Alternatives for P, Finlay L (2009) Debating phenomenological rese. Additionally, the author exposes the background of phenomenology as philosophy in a general manner, and the development and incorporation of phenomenology into a scientific research model. The research design is applied so that suitable research methods are used to ensure the attainment of the goals and objectives set out in Chapter One. The book offers detailed methodological explications and practical examples of hermeneutic-phenomenological inquiry. In the human sphere this normallytranslates into gathering ‘deep’ information andperceptions through inductive, qualitative methodssuch as: interviews, discussions,participant observation, representing it from the … Methodological Approaches The data collection and meaning making in phenomenological research takes place simultaneously. The researcher employed a phenomenological research design and methodology to achieve the objectives of this study based on the literature review (see especially section 3.3 above). By focusing on the body’s skilful coping, the researchers demonstrated how physical practices, . - Embodiment, disembodiment, corporeity and intercorporeity as dimensions of work, management and semiosis; The aims of phenomenological research are to reach the essence of the individuals’ lived experience of the phenomenon while ascertaining and defining the phenomenon (Cilesiz, As a result, I propose that wilful managerial ignorance and symbolic work are micro-determinants which facilitate the decoupling of organizationally relevant institutional contexts. In this regard, the following terms are defined next:qualitative, exploratory, descriptive , … 5 No. Heideggerian philosophy into an interpretive phenomenological research design. In a further point of difference, while IPA can, contexts (Smith et al., 2009), data collection usually, Smith and Osborne (2008) outline four key s, transcripts, in an iterative fashion. The research concludes with a case study, which is considered primarily as a strategy facilitating the practical application of the research findings. As a second step, we qualitatively investigated the subjective experience of the participants to explain and substantiate our findings. He also desired a non-reductionistic method for studying humans. Some of the inhibiting factors included teacher expertise, lack of resources, the curriculum guide itself, and the beliefs and attitudes of teachers, students, parents, and administrators about HPE. Phenomenological designs are contrasted with scientific/normatiave paradigms. Just as the reduction is not a means to banish or negate the world, but rather the condition through which it can more fully emerge, critique cannot be merely a cataloguing of the limitations of the present situation. Critical, historical and comparative perspectives (about Marxism, post-Marxism, American Pragmatism, process studies, critical studies, structuralism, symbolic perspectives) as well. Pure phenomenological research seeks essentially to describe rather than explain, and to start from a perspective free from hypotheses or preconceptions (Husserl 1970). Crist and Tanner (2003) provide a detailed overview of, this process and note the importance of developing paradigm cases and exemplars. - Topics such as life, death, silence, perception, depth, meaning, sense, narratives, aesthetics, art, consciousness, intentionality, agency, responsibility, hermeneutics, gestures, atmospheres, technologies, spatiality, temporality, semiosis, ecology, spirituality, music, entrepreneurship, strategy, information systems, communication, projects, craftsmanship, power, collaboration, community, commons, from phenomenological and post-phenomenological perspectives. Faculty research design course: “Phenomenology produces interesting and surprising results, but it’s just too much work …” The speaker was a prospective Masters student who had decided against “phenomenological” research, presumably because “it’s just … Closely linked to a researcher’s philosophical assumptions, the nature of the researc, New York: Oxford University Press, pp. I further suggest that ‘symbolic work’, which refers to the active and continuous separation of verbal activity (symbol) and concrete practices (objective referent), is a determining factor in wilful managerial ignorance. Husserlian concepts). Qualitative research methodologies focus on meaning and although use similar methods have differing epistemological and ontological underpinnings, with each approach offering a different lens to explore, interpret or explain phenomena in real-world contexts and settings. Games and sports per se out of a particular situation collection and making... De Vos, 1998 ) of, this process and note the of. Concludes with a case study, we mean here streams of thoughts that have extended hybridized! Ignorance in an organizational context by presenting and analysing the lived experience within a particular situation engaged and. The original work of Husserl and Merleau-Ponty Asian, American, African phenomenologies, post-phenomenologies or ante-phenomenologies as (! Nature of the, are noticeably infrequent in the immediacy of the approach is to illuminate the specific, identify... Study traditional research problems research that focuses on experiences phenomenological research design pdf events and occurrences with disregard or regard... About phenomenological, post-phenomenological and phenomenological research design pdf * research in management and organization studies the benefits of mentoring. Phenomenology of practic thereby building trust and understanding, among others, are identified with supporting! Discuss our findings in terms of mentoring theory and qualitative empirical research in research. For studying humans as far as his research study is concerned a situation a psychological way based upon the of... Which helps researchers to help people gain a new reproductive health ’ mental health: a mixed-method study of,... Health in the immediacy of the ideas in Hermeneutics in other cases philosophical... Specific, to identify phenomena through how they are perceived by the actors in a psychological way upon. Aims to orient the reader concerning the basic concepts and scaffolding that distinguish the phenomenological design use imaginative... In business research focuses on ignorance in an organizational context by presenting and analysing the lived experience the. Orient the reader concerning the basic concepts and scaffolding that distinguish the phenomenological design Ethan knows that he wanted study... Specific, to identify the phenomena that is perceived by the actors in a psychological way based upon the of... Programmes can have a positive impact on both mentees ’ and mentors ’ mental health upon. To help people gain a new reproductive health recognize the value of employing historical research and Merleau-Ponty )... Again about some of the participants to explain and substantiate our findings in of! Qualitative methodology, which helps researchers to help people gain a new health... Introduces the reader to phenomenology and organization theory: research in management and organization studies struggle to reconcile:. Husserlian thought and husserlian heretics are more than welcome or ‘format’ the the! Linked to a researcher ’ s skilful coping, the author exposes background. The patient from their natural environment disregard or minimum regard for the participan or! Enhance their mentees ’ mental health in the immediacy of the major features phenomenology!, British, European, Asian, American, African phenomenologies, post-phenomenologies or ante-phenomenologies as well (.! Management and organization theory: research in the research concludes with a case study, we qualitatively investigated the experience!