(I live in a different city now. I really appreciate your advice! I have done CrossFit before and now I will not; I can tell you what is great and why I left. However, as a newlywed fresh out of college, the budget was limited. A place for people of all sizes to discuss healthy and sustainable methods of weight loss. By Tom On January 12, 2015 In Training No Comments. August 1, 2017. The very first plus to a Crossfit workout session is that they are very fast paced in … The community aspect can motivate you to exceed your limits of recovery and make you more susceptible to injury if you are not mindful. Excellent sense of community. CrossFit pros and cons? And finally, the money is a big issue. It works, going to CrossFit will get you in shape and fast, after two session walking up and down stairs will hurt from all the muscle recovery. Cons: Risk of injuries. There are however both pros and cons to CrossFit… Pros Climb On! Can you try out a class before you sign up? I'd also argue that it isn't a competition on who can workout better, it's who is fittest. CrossFit Pros. The Pros & Cons Of Crossfit. There are no Cons in crossfit because reebok is the official sponsor! Workouts can be highly demanding which increases your risk of injury if you don't listen to your body, particularly in your shoulder. The important thing is that you exercise rather than be sedentary. Thank you so much for your input! It’s $70 a month to move junk around. Fast Paced. At first glance, they may look similar. It’s $70 per month, which is a big investment so I’ve been really hesitant about it. Personalization is customizing a training program for an individual. Go to the dump and do it for free. 5 Sleep Tips for CrossFitters. Whether you need to lose 2 lbs or 400 lbs, you are welcome here! To get started, let’s first consider some of the pros that Crossfit has to offer. 10-minute read. Pro: The community aspect will motivate you to push yourself harder. So try it and if you enjoy it, great, otherwise try running or swimming or dance or yoga or bodybuilding or anything else that you might love. CrossFit prides itself on having refined a series of exercises that, on some level, far surpass the more established expectations and traditions of popular workout routines. You'll also likely learn about how important nutrition and recovery are. Thinking about incorporating some Crossfit training into your normal routine? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Crossfit Pros CrossFit practically has a cult-like following, and here are some reasons why: Camaraderie- one of the best things about CrossFit fitness is the supportive group of fitness-minded people you will meet. CrossFit is Safe. That leads me to this article, which is a comprehensive list of pros and cons. When I first heard about CrossFit, I was super excited, because I have always been interested in discovering exciting yet effective exercise programs. CrossFit pros and cons? Let’s look at the pros and cons that Crossfit has to offer so you can see for yourself whether this is the workout for you. The pros are that one achieves a good state of form in a short time by performing different types of aerobic and anaerobic exercises in each training. I had to quit because all the Crossfit gyms where I was living at the time were around $199/month, so even though I had a good job I was struggling to afford it. The Pros Of CrossFit 1. Or are other fitness freaks pressuring you to take the plunge and join their “Box” for some full-time, puke-inducing craziness? I felt terrible and thought to myself: 'what would have happened if I fainted while the bar was over my head.' But I didn’t let that stop me! Do you advise against it? LOL. Jenna Hunter August 15, 2019 1:37 pm My sister is thinking about going on a keto … Either way, you’re not alone. Host Jeff Logan throws down the positives and negatives to on some of the most conflicting and … The gym never asks you to go above your limit, but people often want to beat their peers and push themselves too far. ... We discuss the pro’s & cons as well as the history of Keto, different variations and where it fits in the world of CrossFit. Let us discuss the pros and cons of Reddit so you can decide if its the right platform for you or not: Pros- Increased traffic: Reddit is the ideal site to focus your marketing efforts, as having smart mentions of your brand or business on Reddit can easily help bring in more traffic to your website. The discipline comment above about being more accountable is true, but there is a flip side, if you start to lower your attendance you will be pressured to have higher attendance, this often has led people to quit. Episode #348. play pause. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Pros and cons to help you decide whether to join a CrossFit gym or not. (One note before we proceed: CrossFit has trademarked their name, but I will refrain from using the trademark after its name throughout. Con: Its significantly more expensive than a regular gym-chain. I enjoyed it for few years, its fun and helped me get in shape. I previously went to a different box which was essentially just the owner and his elite friends training for competitions which I didn't like so I stopped going there. You get lots of training on how to do the movements. In fact, once individuals learn how to pace themselves, and take instructions from a good coach, the chances of injury are low. So you want a solid, all-around workout program, and have (for one reason or another) ruled out weightlifting? CrossFit™ training hits several of those marks: It combines vigorous physical activity and weight training, and research shows its supportive group environment could improve exercise adherence. And, I don't mean anything that risks injury, but, instead, just requires one more ounce of motivation to hold on to that dang kettle bell for one more rep before putting it down, or one more pull up before letting go, or one more double under. All exercise is good exercise and the best type of exercise is any type that you'll do consistently. Crossfit Cons Crossfit Con #1: Lack of Personalization As much as I like how CrossFit inspires and motivates people, one thing that irks me is the lack of personalization. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If I could afford it, I would definitely join a CrossFit gym again if I found one with a social dynamic I liked. Here are the best and worst things about joining a CrossFit gym: Pros. I'm dating an orthopaedic surgeon, though, so I hear the horror stories. You can start your search on CrossFit's affiliate finder to find gyms in your area. When I did CrossFit, I really enjoyed the social aspect of it. While you're waiting for someone to answer, check out these resources: Quick Start Guide - an easy way to get started with weight loss. I do not want that kind of pressure again and it is not worth it for me to go to that type of environment. Motivational Support; The Workouts are Intense! It just depends if you're able to handle peer pressure and listen to your body or not. I currently have a crap backpack from wish with rocks in it for doing a crap ruck but I am looking to weigh my options and looking for you all for help. Archived. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 260+ lbs lost ▪ M/42 5'8" SW-444, CW-180s ▪ Getting it done. Accessibility of CrossFit Gyms Is Often Difficult; CrossFit Workouts Can Cause Unnecessary Injuries; The Best CrossFit Alternatives; Additional … The guys "winning" the workout didn't just learn some tricky skill--they're faster and stronger than you. Thank you for your first post in r/loseit! If done correctly, it’s very effective. You may want to double check to make sure it's not just a short term rate before you get too involved, the monthly price is usually twice that in rural areas, and can be three times that in cities. I mention the good and all the bad in my three years going to the box 4 to 5 times a week. Lots gym geeks you know off-line and on-line make fun of the thing that has changed your life so much for the better. That's how injuries happen. An Honest and Comprehensive List of Pros and Cons (OPINION) boxrox.com - Will Chou. On the flip side, be careful not to hurt yourself and once you have learned the proper movement you may find a regular gym is more value for the dollar. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Workouts are timed so you typically are in and out of the gym faster than a normal workout routine. Is it worth it? In addition to the pros and cons already listed, I'd like to add one more pro. This has really helped! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. To define CrossFit, it is useful to go to the source. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Close. The goal was to do 75 clean and jerks with a bar loaded up to 75 pounds as fast as possible. I am weighing out my options at this time and looking for some advice on which one would be best to use for general walks. Easy to scale and can be applied to anyone. It's all a measure of fitness and has a lot of carryover to real life. I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Goals and Achievements are awarded, typically in the form of your name / nickname on a big board showing your numbers and if you Rx'd the workout (in other words 'as prescribed' or without any alteration) this can be a huge draw for Type-A personalities like myself. Social support is one of the most important factors in exercise adherence and performance. “Competing online has its pros and cons, similar to anything else. Let’s look at the pros and cons that Crossfit has to offer so you can see for yourself whether this is the workout for you. Press J to jump to the feed. CrossFit is a community. Jerred's home made sled. I’ll assess the pros and cons of this form of exercise and examine what the evidence says about its claims. Pro: CrossFit May Lead to Lifelong Friendships. There are around 13,000 CrossFit affiliates worldwide and over 500 just in the UK. It is expensive. Jerred Moon. Not true unless you have a home gym with the equipment needed to get stronger. Crossfit Training Pros And Cons: Taking A Closer Look. Since its routines are many different exercises all wrapped up in one, this phenomenon is completely understandable. CrossFit Pros Strangers you meet at the Box are friendlier than strangers at a commercial gym. You can achieve the same results from a typical gym with a little research or if you don't want to do research most CrossFit gyms post their WOD's online and you can just copy their workout at a different gym with out the pressure from the groups to Rx'd or push yourself too far. It cheaper than personal training. CrossFit Pros & Cons. 10 Pros and 10 Cons of the ‘Crossfit’ “Crossfit”, although it seems a revolutionary new practice, has been training in this way for dozens of years in highly demanding individual sports such as athletics or contact sports such as boxing could be. If $70 a month is the price for unlimited classes per month, that's extremely cheap and probably an introductory/temporary rate. geddit? John Lennon once said he got by with a little help from his friends. I actually decided to travel to California to do Stage One of the CrossFit Games. PROS VS CONS – is a breakdown of controversial topics within the bodybuilding and fitness world. Workouts are timed so you typically are in and out of the gym faster than a normal workout routine. They always regret it, so my suggestion is, don’t do it. Ruck or Weighted vest pros and cons. And, I seriously think it's because for 1 hour, 6 days a week, my body is yelling at my brain to stop doing things and my brain is constantly saying "NO, JUST ONE MORE REP" and my body complies. Thanks for your warning! Share. I've found that I'm much less lazy now. It actually is $70, but I live in Central America so CrossFit gyms are a fairly new thing here. Everyone I’ve known who starts crossfit ends crossfit with an injury, and then they can’t work out for months. It might seem odd to include safety here, but we’ve already established that the sport is not dangerous. The coaches take care of the programming and teaching, the class takes care of the motivation. I have never belonged to a CrossFit gym, but would have to say that I also employ a “CrossFit” approach to training – I leverage the benefits of high intensity, variable demands, whole-body movements and a communal environment in training for life. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Not in the way of a corkboard in the corner collecting old contest and church fliers. Competition: In CrossFit, not only will you compete with the people around you during daily workouts, you’ll get the chance to compete against yourself. What are the pros and cons of CrossFit? Any advice for someone opening a box up? It is nice being in a controlled environment. They pick up heavier weight than you, run faster, and move better. The Cons of CrossFit Workouts. A place opened up near my house and I’m considering signing up. Certification to coach is too easy to attain and requires very little training, resulting in a large number of below-average coaches. Cons: Risk of injury has been the big one for me. Among the more popular options, two tend to stand out: calisthenics (or bodyweight workouts), and Crossfit. Published: Feb 18th 2020. If you have never worked out before CrossFit is welcoming and accommodating, they will scale down workouts and teach you how to do everything encompassed in the WOD (Workout of the Day). CrossFit DIY: Pros and Cons. This SubReddit is for discussion of CrossFit, functional fitness, weightlifting and the lifestyle, nutrition and training methodologies involved. I do CrossFit amongst other things and I enjoy it and it works for me. By . If it appeals to you, do it. Posted by 2 years ago. High injury rates. Principles of CrossFit. … Motivation is the most difficult thing, and CrossFit provides it. Fitness is fitness. It’s easier to make friends. All you have to do everyday is walk in. Plus it's nice to have a community of people to commiserate with when you're laying on the floor dying after a horrible WOD. To get started, let’s first consider some of the pros that Crossfit has to offer. No one forces you to go faster and pass out. Strangers you meet at the Box are friendlier than strangers … There are many pros and cons to the overall effectiveness and safety of CrossFit. It’s easier to meet friendly people than in other places. Tweet. CrossFit can be an effective workout for losing weight, and improving aerobic performance, flexibility, and agility. ), The cons, though: If you're a super competitive person, I think it could be easy to get so caught up in trying to get the best time or lift the heaviest weight or whatever and injure yourself, especially if the coaches at your box aren't super careful about keeping an eye on your form. Although I enjoy working out regularly, I must admit that I get bored very easily. All that said, you -definitely- need to be careful on pushing yourself when you're tired. Here are the pros and cons of CrossFit. Related: 6 Ways To Spice Up Your Workout Routine This Year 2. I pay 10 times as much as friends, coworkers, and other people my age for my gym membership; and I make roughly the same amount in income as them. overhead squats cause me a lot of shoulder pain so I did front squats in a WOD instead). Cons: The people who tell you CF is stupid all have one thing in common, they've never tried it. Listen. The pros and cons of the controversial training method of Crossfit. Pros. Although popular it has also become one of the most controversial forms of fitness and training, with people into more traditional forms of training labelling it as a fad and ineffective. The Pros & Cons of Keto Written by Gino Escalante. Maybe you can pay a day rate and try it out. CrossFit is essentially competing on who can work out better, in essence it is completely ridiculous. Cons: Can be pricey depending on the availability in your area. I guess it just makes mundane tasks like taking out the recycles so much easier to deal with. You're always going to be better at some kinds of movements (I'm a horrible runner but I'm much more comfortable in lifts, etc.) How do I choose a good CrossFit gym? FAQ - frequently posted questions and answers. Pin. Not much difference to any other programs out there. I'm not naturally super athletic, but my box was really supportive and was great about cheering people on to reach their own personal goals. I'm a little more positive about it though because I think a lot of the negatives are within your control: You can do 80% effort instead of feeling pressured to do 100% and injure yourself. but I've been doing it for a couple months now and the improvements I've seen in my health and just general fitness are mind-blowing. Pros: useful for people who need fitness to be social, or lack adequate exercise-related knowledge, or want to lose and aren't too overweight already, good if you're one of those people that just wants to feel like they "worked hard" without caring about what you do, Cons: one size fits all programming (ie your own strengths/weaknesses will not be addressed), some poor exercise selections (depending on the coach, but more often than not..), may require a lot of additional (pricey) equipment if you get invested in it, Pros: Great for building muscle endurance, strength, and for losing weight. ▪. 29. Since then I have my own garage gym, still do similar workouts. Thank you for taking the time to write this out! Pros: Probably the most effective general physical preparedness program. Enjoying working out will make you more likely to keep it up. Possibly, the things that are great truly are, and it may be a good intro to fitness if you haven't done anything before. Brock Armstrong Get-Fit Guy. I'm always scared of blowing out a shoulder and I've had some back issues but I've learned to be careful and if a movement is really killing me I'll adjust (ex. Additionally the social dynamic would make a HUGE difference and I don't think it would be very appealing if the people who go regularly were unpleasant or boring. 1. 0. CrossFit. (And now I'm a grad student, so I get access to my university's gym for free so it's hard to justify paying money to go to a different gym.). Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to post this question. Assessing the quality and culture of a gym is a bit more tricky, but keep in mind that in general, … It works, going to CrossFit will get you in shape and fast, after two session walking up and down stairs will hurt from all the muscle recovery. Crossfit: Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Each. Cons: There are no such things as "Cons" in Crossfit Pros: Its fucking crossfit.... NUFF SAID. What would you like to see more of or changed in CrossFit gyms and what don’t you like about CrossFit gyms. Reply. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Pros: CrossFit is a community The first thing you should know about CrossFit is that it’s unlike any gym you’ve been to or signed up for. Quick Start Guide - an easy way to get started with weight loss. The very first plus to a Crossfit workout session is that they are very fast paced in … Fast Paced. You won’t just track calories burned, you’ll be constantly pushing toward new strength or endurance PRs (personal records), which is innately … Cons: Rhabdo the Clown (look it up) Pros: you get to run around telling everyone they are weak and lazy. It could be assumed, then, the demands of CrossFit performed in a group atmosphere must influence the development of friendships overtime. Hi, very interesting your post, i train at crossfit gym and my thoughts are: pros-get in sahpped-Resistance-quickly WO-Group Motivation I passed out at the gym after doing a WOD which was essentially what they called 75 by 75. I think what I like best about crossfit is that it's adjustable and scalable. You’re probably familiar with the term, but may still be struggling with a coherent definition of what it actually is. Ultimately, CrossFit has done an excellent job creating a training system that is built on science. The Pros of CrossFit Workouts. The first is a great overview of what CrossFit is about: Nerd Fitness The second is a great discussion of the Pros and Cons of CrossFit: Wallen Way […] gabriel Says: January 8th, 2014 at 11:08 am. It’s typically a fun group of dedicated fitness enthusiasts who will help you bring out the best in yourself. Hand Care Giveaway. CrossFit is a community, everyone is doing the same thing and there is often people cheering each other on as they complete each part. A deep dive into the good, the bad, the pros, the cons, the science, and the catchphrases of the fitness movement known as CrossFit. You don't have to go in and master every movement but you can work your way up as your endurance and fitness improves. But a community that puts together events and cheers on others at the gym. Accountability to coming to the gym is often higher than a normal gym because of the community, so you may find if you have low discipline you will attend more often here. Pros: Great community, good for weight loss, getting back into shape, building muscle, endurance, and strength (I've especially enjoyed doing the oly lifts, made me wonder why I never tried them sooner) Cons: Risk of injury has been the big one for me. It's good overall and will get you in shape but if &70 is too much there is nothing there you couldn't achieve for free at home. I know it sounds dumb, but I find myself able to just tell myself to do things when previously I might put them off. Great emphasis on fundamental movements. I hold nothing back. According to the CrossFit website: CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Pros: Great community, good for weight loss, getting back into shape, building muscle, endurance, and strength (I've especially enjoyed doing the oly lifts, made me wonder why I never tried them sooner). Crossfit 101: Pros, Cons, and Catchphrases. It has been a little over two years since I decided to go the outdoor/garage gym route. I completed the WOD, albeit not under the time, and sat down, at which time I fainted. The Achievements and Goals often encourage people to work out beyond their means, which is why you see all the injury issues. Pros. Is CrossFit Worth the Price? This is a pretty good overview and I agree with a lot of it. If you made it under a certain time limit (I cannot recall what it was) you would achieve the Rx'd.