It can also be found along roadsides and in athletic turfgrass mixes. It remains dark green throughout most of the season. All rights reserved | Site Map | Legal | Privacy Statement | FAQ | Site powered by. It has a fine leaf texture and maintains excellent turf density when managed both as a high quality It is 5mm in length. Flowering from May - July. Deep rooted,drought tolerant, and require the least maintenance. A mixture of information, document.write("- " + update); It is distinguished from creeping red fescue by its absence of creeping rhizomes. It is well suited for use at all cutting heights, unmown to putting green height. One of the most popular is the mixture of perennial rye grass and chewings fescue. Creeping Red Fescue & Chewings Fescue provide germination, tolerance, & durability in shaded areas. Chewings fescue is part of the red fescue complex but is treated separately owing to its differences in growth habit from the creeping red fescues – chewings fescue is a bunch-type species that lacks rhizomes (Ruemmele et al. Copyright © 1997 Chewings Fescues have long been known for their fine leaf texture and to be among the most shade and drought tolerant of the cool season grasses.