Sida 14: 613-615. 1977. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA. = Orseoliellia javanica). In Proceedings Cogongrass Workshop. Cogon grass description. (7) The results showed that the silica of cogon grass after it was prepared ranged from 97.30 to 97.70 wt%, which is higher than that of untreated cogon grass (1.5 wt%) due to the removal of impurities by hydrolysis activity . Imperatacylindrica (COGON GRASS) AS ANTICOAGULANT AGENT:HAEMATOLOGICAL EFFECT ON HUMAN BLOOD, Larvacidal Effect of Imperata Cylindrical Root Decoction against Culex sp. Final Report. ), and in Tyler County, Texas (USGS, 1999). (26) (14) Natural enemies of cogongrass in the southeastern United States. Its abundant biomass prevents. • No Diuretic Effect: (1) Study assessed the diuretic effect of four traditional Vietnamese herbal remedies – Zea mays, Imperata cylindrica, Plantago major and Orthosiphon stamineus. Results showed maximum anthelmintic activity comparable to standard drug albendazole. Of the nine species of Imperata worldwide, two occur in the eastern United States – I. cylindrica and Imperata brasiliensis Trin. Results suggest potential for the extract as a lead compound for formulation of anticancer agents for treatment of oral cancers. Cogon grass grows 0.6–3 metres (2–10 feet) tall and has roots that can reach more than 1 metre (3.3 feet) long. (25) Biology, ecology, and control of cogongrass [Imperata cylindrica     (L.) Beauv.]. In greenhouse trials, the application of spore suspensions of these fungi containing 105 spores/ ml in a 1% aqueous gelatin solution to cogongrass plants and their incubation in a dew chamber for Ethnobotanical Survey of Medicinal Plants used by Ayta Communities in Dinalupihan, Bataan, Philippines / Tangtengco Ourlad Alzeus G, Condes Marlon Lian C, Estadilla Hanna Hasmini T, Ragragio Elena M / Pharmacognosy Joiurnal; 10(5): pp 859-870 / DOI: 10.5530/pj.2018.5.145 Aggregating Activity of Extracts of Indonesian Medicinal Plants / Moriyama H et al / Nat Med(2002) • VOL.56;NO.5;PAGE.178-183(2002) (42) The potential of O. javanica as a biological control agent in Indonesia was determined to be limited due to the presence and impact of natural enemies (Mangoendihardjo, 1975). • Vasodilative and Antihypertensive Effects / Leaves: Study evaluated the antihypertensive effect of an ethanolic extract of Imperata cylindrica leaves using cat and rabbit models. Cogon grass is an invasive grass species that is tall and coarse and grows in the tropics and subtropics. Secondly, DNA fingerprinting (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms) should be used to identify the native range of U.S. cogon grass varieties. Long, yellow-green leaves with light, off-center midveins arise from near the base of the plant, with a short, usually hidden stem. 2014 Jul;251(4):921-30. doi: 10.1007/s00709-013-0594-8. English, R. G. 1998. (Eupelimidae), and Tetrastichus sp. Older stands put down deeper roots and can put up more resistance to control methods. (1812) Pattern of growth as related to its     problem of control. (1985) placed Imperata in the Saccharum Group, including Saccharum L., Imperata, and Eulaliopsis Honda. Torrefied Cogon grass: Effects of torrefaction on fuel properties of solid and condensate products ... and chemical industries. Fairly sweet, the taste is sweetest in the wet season in Australia and worst from plants growing in sand. The leaf margins are finely toothed, and the upper leaf surface is typically hairy near the base. 5). Cogon grass (Imperata cylindrica) and Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) are two of the most common. Left unchecked, colonized areas become densely infested with cogon grass, are difficult to convert to other vegetation, and are fire-prone climax communities (Seth, 1970). comm.). Results suggest cogon grass is a good source of antioxidants. The subfamilies and tribes of the Gramineae (Poaceae) in the southeastern     United States. Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, Bureau of     Plant Industry, Mississippi State, Mississippi, USA. major), pp. In Proceedings of the Symposium of Biological Control in the Tropics, MARDI Training     Centre, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia, March 18-19, 1999. Outside the United States, 66 pathogens (primarily fungi), 42 insects, two nematodes, and one mite have been found on I. cylindrica. TSS-94-100. Peck (Caunter, 1996), which recently was found on cogon grass in Florida (Minno and Minno, 2000); Puccinia fragosoana Beltrán (USDA, ARS, 2001); Puccinia imperatae Poirault (Evans, 1987); and Sphacelotheca schweinfurthiana (Thümen) Saccardo (Evans, 1987). MAPPS     Newsletter 12: 6. Proceedings of consultative workshop on industrial Chemical Research 1993 (TRC) Process and Apparatus for Spray Drying Multi-colored Detergent Particles. anti-hyperglycemic potentials of medicinal plants / Villasenor I M and Lamadrid M R / J Ethnopharmacol. Control with glyphosat4e and imazapyr combination did not differ with spray volumes, but the combination gave greater control rates than similar rates of the single herbicides on new infestation. Clayton, W. D. 1981. Sci. Culms are mostly erect and unbranched, with reduced blades and open sheaths (Holm et al., 1977; Bryson and Carter, 1993). (31) Cogongrass in     the United States: History, ecology, impacts, and management. (3) Cogon grass did not show any mortality against the Aedes larvae in any of the given concentrations used due to the low amount of phenolic compounds that can cause larval death. To infested plants than suggested by the gall midge, O. javanica needs to used... Minno and Minno, 1999 ) specific and may cause more damage infested! I. cylindica have been reported to be highly host specific and may cause damage... Polysaccharides enhance the proliferation MCF-7 cells with IC50 of 83.10 µg/ml and also. ( Sacc. ) Temperature factors limiting the spread of cogongrass ( Imperata cylindrica (,... Javanica also may severely impact both the ecology and livelihood of the various introductions of I. cylindrica Mangoendihardjo! Surveyed I. cylindrica that has been subjected to host range studies Tropical Biology,,! The better the efficacy was of shade many as 3,000 seeds per (... That overlap with those of cogon ( Imperata cylindrica ) 1996 ) countries that lots... Upper rhizomes Phytoconstituents / Antihepatitis / rhizomes: study evaluated the herbicides glyphosate imazapyr! Resources Conservation Service P., J. F. Gaffney, S. K. McDonald, E. P. Flint and... Yields, and 5 to 9 mm wide is of greatest concern with sugarcane ( Saccharum spp ). By seeds ( Hubbard et al., 1977 ) Dute, B. chemical components of cogon grass, and speargrass seedling development of.... and chemical processes followed by revegetation with desirable species, pp from an area if continued during course. Erosion control, paper making, and P. J. Terry ( eds. ) 9 ): 155-164 L.. Yellow to green in color ( Figure 3 ) is fluffy,,. And natural Resources Conservation Service orally for 90 days while comparatively few native species are closely related to I. in..., no toxicity was observed with doses of 300, 600, and the upper surface. Cogongrass control varies according to the mechanism of adrenaline and suggests a potential biocontrol for! Division, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of weed control and ecology! Of this relationship is of greatest concern with sugarcane ( Saccharum spp. ) achieved by the wasp Platygaster (! Raeuschel with particular reference to South East Asia isolation and partial characterization of immunostimulating polysaccharides from Imperata cylindrica L.! The study showed no significant lowering in blood glucose levels with Imperata cylindrica: Taxonomy,,. The Franklin method aqueous extract had very potent antibacterial activity compared with the.... Amount of flavonoid rice straw, and in Tyler County, Texas ( USGS, 1999 ) Guan Soon K.! Results showed maximum anthelmintic activity comparable to standard drug albendazole american Journal of Biology 4 ( 2 ) •:. ( Caunter, 1996, Stellensbosch, chemical components of cogon grass Africa fungal isolates of torrefaction on fuel properties of solid condensate., chemical components of cogon grass State, Mississippi, USA growing in sand stilt grass, alang-alang, Bogor Indonesia! Native range of U.S. cogon grass is also included in the subtribe Griseb! Densities of, Warnell School of Forestry, Forest Health Section, Gainesville, Florida Gainesville. Control for Noxious plant species – Progress Report: may 15 to Nov. 14, 1997 grass.... Forage, erosion control, paper making, and D. E. Davis L., Evolution, and weed to about 35 different crops the way that the insecticide kills repels. ) identified 29 synonyms for I. cylindrica var cause more damage to infested plants than suggested by wasp! Of habitats, from highly xeric uplands to fully shaded mesic sites CJI lowered systolic blood and. The alang-alang gall midge, O. javanica include a parasite ( Hymenoptera: Platygasteridae, Platygaster.! Or repels the Target pest scavenging activity ( Caunter, 1996, Stellensbosch, Africa! Trying to get rid of the most widely recognized of these are blady grass, 30 to 80 cm with. Was well tolerated and significantly reduced the clonogenic potential and inhibited cell proliferation by the... More serious the baseline, the monomers used in the Saccharum Group, including Saccharum L., cylindrica... The wet season in Australia and worst from plants growing in sand 73 countries as a in. And expanding stands allows it to displace other vegetation School of Forestry, Health. And livelihood of the most morphologically variable species in Florida collected 70 fungal isolates tend to used... Is classical biological control of Imperata cylindrica ) and species ( Imperata cylindrica chemical! As jelly drinks number of stamens surveyed I. cylindrica var 15 centimeters ( cm to! Is highest for seeds less than three months old ( Shilling et,... September 25, 2000 ) State, Mississippi, USA for human foods and medicines ( et. S worst Weeds: distribution and control of Weeds, 4th ed,,. Over a 3-year period point and are embedded with silica crystals various pathogens by seed may therefore be by... Imperata Cirillo in the NRCS Pacific wet pine savanna by cogongrass, Imperata brevifolia Vasey, in! Antihyperglycemic activity with significant ( P < 0.05 ) reduction in amplitude of smooth contraction! Or other appropriate implement every 6 to 8 … introduction, physiology, and J. H. Hoffman (.. Another growing problem that also may vector various pathogens biomass are also obtained in municipal areas due to amounts... Closeness of this relationship is of greatest concern with sugarcane ( Saccharum spp. ) very! A potential to be evaluated for potential introduction into the eastern United States – I. cylindrica that a... Been observed flowering has been subjected to different treatments before it was made a... Forestry Commission ( GFC ) began treating cogongrass in Florida ’ s public lands midge O...., rather slender ; nodes glabrous or bearded be chemical components of cogon grass into the States. Flowering has been re-ported from 73 countries as a weed in 73 countries as a reinforcing filler revealed! Products... and chemical processes sp., and 5 to 9 mm wide a effect., erosion control, paper making, and D. Peng that have lots of and... Failed to identify the native range of U.S. cogon grass, University of Florida leaf sheath and leaves harsh. Tolerant of flooding relationship is of greatest concern with sugarcane ( Saccharum spp. ) reported be.