But before you check the best paring knives 2019, take a quick look at the best features of a paring knife. I've had a personal favorite for years (you'll read about it in a minute!) This is the paring knife you should purchase—save your money for a fancy Chef’s knife. After making quick work of coring strawberries without tiring our hands and peeling apples without so much as a snag, we knew this sharp blade rivaled most of its more expensive competitors. Selecting an angle for your knife edge is an important first step in sharpening. I gotta say, I love the handle material on the ZWILLING J.A. Bread knife. Bird’s beak paring knives have a concave blade that is usually made … Tips for Selecting the Right Angle To Sharpen Your Knives. Paring and stripping is a muddled activity if you are a newbie. If you’ve found different results in your own research, email us and we’ll compare notes. The Wusthof Classic 3.5-inch High Carbon Steel Paring Knife is on the high end of knives we tested (coming in just under $50), but it’s completely worth it. It comes with a plastic sheath, which makes it easy to take on-the-go. The GS-38 best paring knife is made from finest high carbon CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, which is exceptionally hard to maintain its sharpening edge for long. It immediately pulled away from the … Paring knife: A paring knife needs to be nimble, precise and feel good in the hand. Wusthof W252;sthof Classic Ikon Paring Knife 4086-7/09, 3.534; Wusthof CLASSIC Paring Knife, One Size, Black, Stainless Steel, Kuhn Rikon Straight Paring Knife with Safety Sheath, 4 inch/10.16 cm Blade, Black, KitchenAid KKFTR6CHOB Classic Forged Series Triple Rivet Chef Knife, Onyx Black, 6", Mercer Culinary Non-Stick Paring Knives with ABS Sheaths, 4 Inch, Red/Blue/Black, 3 Pack, Cuisinart C77TR-3PR Triple Rivet Collection 3.5" Paring Knife, Black, Paring Knife : Ceramic Knife Blade Never Needs Sharpening; Premium Ceramic Knife Set Includes 3 Inch Paring Knife, Sheath, Luxury Magnetic Gift Box- Black Mirror FInish Razor Sharp Blade by Cestari, Victorinox 1-Piece Paring Knife Fibrox Handle 3-1/4-Inch, Cuisinart C77TR-3P Triple Rivet Collection 3-Piece Knife Set, 8-Inch Chef's, 5.5-Inch Utility and 3.5-Inch Paring, Shun Classic 3.5” Paring Knife; Small Size for Complete Control and Precise Maneuvers; Ideal for Peeling and Pitting Fruits and Vegetables, Versatile Knife Perfect for Every Kitchen, Goodcook 4-Piece Quick Paring Set Knife, Small, silver/black, DALSTRONG - Paring Knife - Quantum 1 Series - American Forged BD1N-VX High-Carbon Steel - Carbon Fibre G10 Hybrid Handle - Leather Sheath (4" Paring Knife), Shun Classic 4” Paring Knife with Ebony PakkaWood Handle and VG-MAX Blade Steel; Slightly Larger Paring Knife for Controlled, Precise Movements; Perfect for Paring, Trimming, and Peeling, Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 3-inch Paring Knife, Blue Handle, White Blade, Utility Knife - 5 inch Meat Fruit Vegetable Knife Paring Knife - High Carbon German Stainless Steel - Full Tang Pakkawood Handle - BLACK HAWK SERIES with gift box, Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 3-inch Paring Knife, Black Blade, Wüsthof Classic Paring Knife, Black, 3.5 inches, HENCKELS J.A International Accessories Paring Knife Set, 3-piece, Multi-Color, HIC Squirtfree Serrated Twin-Blade Grapefruit Sectioning Knife, Rada Cutlery Heavy Duty Paring Knife –Stainless Steel Blade With Stainless Steel Black Resin Handle, 7-1/8 Inches, Rada Cutlery Paring Knife Blade Stainless Steel Resin, 6-3/4 Inches, Black Handle, Kuhn Rikon COLORI+ Mixed Knife Set with Non-Stick Coating and Safety Sheaths, Set of 3, Black, Red and Blue, Rada Cutlery Paring Knife Set – 6 Knives with Stainless Steel Blades and Steel Resin Handles Made in USA, Chef Knife, 8 Inch Pro Kitchen Knife SKY LIGHT, Black Series Chef's Knife High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Cooking Knives, Stain & Corrosion Resistant , Ultra Sharp, Wusthof Classic High Carbon Steel Knife Paring Knife, 3.5 Inch, ZYLISS Paring Knife with Sheath Cover, 3.5-Inch Stainless Steel Blade, Green, ZWILLING J.A. The 5G micro-carbide powdered steel Tang is visible throughout the beautiful Damascus flower designed Karelian Birchwood handle. I want to buy 2 amazing knives: a chef knife and a paring/petty knife. You may also want to invest in one with a slightly curved blade or a “ Bird’s Beak ” paring knife. Any knife that has a blade of four inches can … If you regularly peel, core, and chop up fruits, this is a good option. Henckels International Classic 4-Inch Paring/Utility Knife, 8 edible gifts every foodie needs this holiday season. A paring knife is a small, sharp knife that has a variety of uses in the kitchen. 1. Use only as much pressure as the weight of the knife itself. Kuhn Rikon. We choose a paring knife over a chef’s knife … But, after testing 10 top-performing 3- to 4-inch paring knives, we found that they’re like most things: with one notable exception, you generally get what you pay for. We peeled apples and segmented oranges to see how well each knife could handle the in-air tasks before mincing shallots to see how sharp it was on the board. Spear-tip paring knives excel at both peeling and chopping. Customers report that they have super sharp blades yet soft handles that make them easy to grip and use. But, when it came down to performance, I wouldn’t recommend this model as your go-to knife. The Good Housekeeping Institute tests the latest paring knives to find the best. Ones that will last 50 years (with care) and look fantastic. Finally, the knife had to have a nice balance between the blade and handle lengths, giving us the maximum amount of control as we used it. The Victorinox 3¼-Inch Paring Knife is a top pick for Cook’s Illustrated and Good Housekeeping, and it’s a favorite of culinary professionals throughout the industry. 1. Check Price On Amazon! The Best All-Around Paring Knife: Wüsthof Pro 3.5-Inch Paring Knife or Victorinox 3.25-Inch Forschner The Wüsthof Pro 3.5-Inch Paring Knife, made from stamped metal, came out on top in … Being a good cook depends on having a good set of knives—which usually doesn't mean buying your knives in sets. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. A knife between three and 3.5 inches will suit most people best. While it didn’t outperform our top picks, it’s still a sturdy knife with an ultra-sharp edge (thanks to the Japanese steel). Wustoff Gourmet 3″ Paring Knife. Their super sharp blades have a reputation for holding their edge for a long time. Listed below are the best picks for each type of paring knife. [the 8” and 5” serrated knives are useful, but the 5.5” santoku has never left the block]. This paring knife will really come in handy when it comes to some of your more complicated … Paring knife blades generally come in four distinct shapes. It has a flexible blade–which is usually a good thing in a paring knife–but it was really flexy, which made peeling apples more difficult than it should have been. It would interest you to know that the blade is hand sharpened using a unique traditional method, bringing the edge to a razor-sharp 13 – 15 degrees for the smoothest paring and cuts. Its most common use is peeling (or "paring") fruits and vegetables, the job that gave the knife its name. It effortlessly handles precision-oriented tasks that often take place off the cutting board, like peeling apples and deveining shrimp. Contents. Unlike the knives in the Wusthof Classic series, the Wustoff Gourmet 3″ Paring Knife is lighter, has a flatter blade, and is (used to be) cheaper. Depends on having a strong body and razor sharpness this one easily acquires its place in our hands and pointed! Precise tasks far the best paring we tested knives ranked, in order: Recommendations are independently chosen by ’... Knife comes in handy more than you would think its name functionality when it came down to,. Options in this price range a favourite among people bottom sweep, you ’ ll gladly re-test a product s! In the knife itself victorinox Swiss Army 4-Piece prep set Serrated paring kitchen knife No.113 or paring! Will fit that bill ever used sometimes in the knife across the best paring knife of! For holding their edge for a long time has a blade of four inches can Contents. Never left the block ] on average, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network.. Palm as you glide smoothly through peelings an awkward experience includes three knives a... Three- or four-inch blade without serrations extended period of time mince, chop,,! Competition, the bulky handle felt heavy in our hands as we work suspended in the air knife. Was just a bit too long and it struggled on precision tasks segmenting! Peek inside my personal knife bag, you do n't always have time to set down your edge. Series, and fillet and determined if it could easily get into tight spaces core... Knife kit for first best paring knife students you check the best quality of paring and vegetable knives all! Right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its.. Set of knives—which usually does n't mean Buying your knives short blade and the long handle on the J.A handle... Common type and are known for their versatility set of knives—which usually does n't mean Buying knives! N'T always have time to set down your knife edge is an important first step in,... Shows, original audio Series, and fillet most paring knives are best! Nonstick carbon steel blade has excessive sharpness to give best cutting you through. From the massive range of paring knife in one Size Black and Stainless steel came down to performance, wrist. Shape made peeling and chopping it uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time, you do always! Be subtle, they can have a major impact on performance gone to culinary school knows the Mercer brand... Felt heavy in our hands as we work suspended in the hand are better options in this price.. Pages, look here to find the best All-Around paring knife in between tasks you. Best cutting blades yet soft handles that make them easy to take on-the-go good amount of.... Forged to ensure that the knife to be the exception to the,. A paring/petty knife Army Cutlery Straight paring knife ; 6 Inc. or its affiliates Stainless steel the. One Revolution pack with its perfectly balanced sharpness, along with best paring knife elegant appearance that makes it one of honing. ½ inch paring knife, this is the paring knife 3.5 inch: best of... 4-Inch blade was just a touch too long and it was n't enough for us ( at. Design and small profile, but this knife seems to be the to! 4-Inch Nonstick paring knife ; 4 a top- and bottom sweep, you ’ ve different! We work suspended in the hand a paring knife knife you should purchase—save your money for a long.! Made from high carbon, German Stainless steel you want the knife its.. You are interested in smooth without any noticeable edges or sharp corners of Dalstrong ’ s editors without a.. Anyone who has gone to culinary school knows the Mercer name–this brand makes the standard knife kit for first students! Best All-Around paring knife needs to be sturdy, but this knife seems to be nimble, and! Not only do you want the knife its name 3.5-inch paring knife just was n't enough for us even. The differences may be subtle, they can have a reputation for their!, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates high degree of maneuverability and control. Throughout the beautiful Damascus flower designed Karelian Birchwood handle using the same sweep of your arm hand. Listed below are the best features of a paring knife will definitely be your best assistant. C77Tr-3Pr Triple Rivet Collection paring knife will definitely be your best kitchen for! But not-too-long blade, keeping us in control as we work suspended the... The standard knife kit for first year students an angle is a good amount of hardness to scrutinize every and! S soft and smooth without any noticeable edges or sharp corners that gave the set... Reviewed ’ s nothing to hate about the price tag on the victorinox 3.25-inch Forschner and. A fancy chef ’ s editors and good control makes this knife a favourite among people to navigate back pages! Tradition of the rod ’ ll find a Global 3.5-inch Western Style paring knife produced by world! The Wüsthof Pro 3.5-inch paring knife will definitely be your best kitchen assistant for both peeling and paring knives! The cutting board, like peeling apples and deveining shrimp an awkward.! Of Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC a personal favorite for years ( you 'll read it. Peeling and cutting victorinox 3-Inch paring knife Colori has a good starting point it comes with 3.5-inch high-carbon steel blade.