synonyms. The town has become a mecca for tourists. The methods of binding the pagri are innumerable, each method having a distinctive name as arabi (Arab fashion); mansabi (official fashion, much used in the Deccan); mushakhi (sheik fashion); chakridar (worn by hadjis, that is those who have made the pilgrimage to Mecca); khirki-dar (a fashion of piling the cloth high, adopted by retainers of great men); latudar (top-shaped, worn by kayasths or writers); joridar (the cloth twisted into rope shape) (Plate I. It is probable (see above) that Mahomet had already caused revelations to be written down at Mecca, and that this began from the moment when he felt certain that he was the transmitter of the actual text of a heavenly book to mankind. Turkey's Arabian possessions comprise, besides El-Hasa on the Persian Gulf, the low-lying, hot and insalubrious Tehama and the south-western highlands (vilayets of Hejaz and Yemen) stretching continuously along the east side of the Red Sea, and including the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The pilgrimage to Mecca he regards as dangerous. The worshiper must have a seal of Mecca which is made of clay and is about the size of a half-dollar. antonyms. Railway construction has begun in Arabia, and in 1908 the Hejaz line, intended to connect Damascus with Mecca, had reached Medina, Soo m. But it was found politic to continue the office of the grand sherif of Mecca in the sherifian family. a center/place that attracts people . Louisiana is a musical mecca for more than one genre, so it is no surprise that musicians from Louisiana are well-known to many music fans. Abi Arta made his expedition against Medina and Mecca, whose inhabitants were compelled to acknowledge the caliphate of Moawiya. The Rai Leh peninsular projects out into a bay filled with such tall islands and has long been known as a climbing Mecca. It is connected with Beirut and Mezerib by railway, and at the end of the past century the great undertaking of running a line to Mecca was commenced. synonyms. Mecca is a city in Saudi Arabia, which is the holiest city in Islam because the Prophet Mohammed was born there. The Muezzin, who is a paid servant of the mosque, must stand with his face towards Mecca and with the points of his forefingers in his ears while reciting Azan. L . Translations of the word MECCA from english to norwegian and examples of the use of "MECCA" in a sentence with their translations: This is like what mecca is to the jews. Thousands of Muslims gather during evening prayer in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia on Monday. Mecca is the name of a city in western Saudi Arabia. Its originator, Mahommed Ibn Abdul Wahhab, was born (1691) at Ayana in Nejd, and after studying in Basra and Damascus, and making the pilgrimage to Mecca returned to his native country and settled down at Huremala near Deraiya. I'm also interested to know more about how this links with Mecca bingo ( if at all ). 98+4 sentence examples: 1. So at least says Thomas Fuller, who in his Worthies of England prophesied truly how he would be afterwards known: "Mahomet's tomb at Mecca," he says, "is said strangely to hang up, attracted by some invisible loadstone; but the memory of this doctor will never fall to the ground, which his incomparable book De magnete will support to eternity.". Learn more. It was led by what may be called the spiritual noblesse of Islam, which, as distinguished from the hereditary nobility of Mecca, might also be designated as the nobility of merit, consisting of the "Defenders" (Ansar), and especially of the Emigrants who had lent themselves to the elevation of the Koreish, but by no means with the intention of allowing themselves thereby to be effaced. How to use mecca in a sentence. The unspeakable vices of Mecca are a scandal to all Islam, and a constant source of wonder to pious pilgrims.8 The slave trade has connexions with the pilgrimage which are not thoroughly clear; but under cover of the pilgrimage a great deal of importation and exportation of slaves goes on. Next year Mecca was taken and plundered; even the sacred Black Stone was transported to Lahsa, where it remained till 339 (950), when by the express order of the Imam, the Fatimite caliph, it was restored to the Ka`ba. The relatives of the murdered caliph fled to Mecca with vows of vengeance. 139+5 sentence examples: 1. Golden Gate park was the mecca of the destitute. On the 8th of Dhu'l-Hijja Hosain set out from Mecca with all his family, expecting to be received with enthusiasm by the citizens of Kuf a, but on his arrival at Kerbela west of the Euphrates, he was confronted by an army sent by Obaidallah under the command of Omar, son of the famous Sa`d b. Omar had likewise abstained, but they had left Medina for Mecca. The word originally signified a military commander, but very early came to be extended to anyone bearing rule, Mahomet himself being styled by the pagan Arabs amir of Mecca. The combined body of the Faithful will take Mecca, and finally Jerusalem, and all the world will accept the Faith. Vai al contenuto . The birthplace of Muhammad, and thus the holiest city for Muslims. Times, Sunday Times (2013) It opened a year ago and is a foodie mecca for locals. The video site is a mecca for fan clips, videos and even official releases of materials regarding the 30 minute drama. Struck by the difficulties of every kind which had to be encountered by poor pilgrims to Mecca from Bagdad and its neighbourhood, he ordered Yaqtin, his freedman, to renew the milestones, to repair the old reservoirs, and to dig wells and construct cisterns at every station of the road where they were missing. 14. the lord or owner of Shard; s he was worshipped under the form of a black rectangular stone, a sort of Petraean Kaaba (Suidas Lex. Mecca meaning: 1. the holy city of Islam in Saudi Arabia 2. a place to which many people are attracted: 3. the…. The actual store itself is a Mecca of clothing with a warehouse-like decor. Just like in Mecca you would find all types of people. 2. Examples of Mecca in a sen. An entertainment Mecca, Los Angeles attracts wannabe actors and actresses from all around the world. . At the present day male and female pilgrims at Mecca wear such a cloth (the ihram); it covers the knees and one end of it may be cast over the shoulder. An example sentence would be: She lives right outside of Mecca. Notwithstanding the protest of the Basrians, he transported this booty safely to Mecca. Kmba, Kaaba, or Kaabeh, the sacred shrine of Mahommedanism, containing the "black stone," in the middle of the great mosque at Mecca. About 250,000 passengers (including some 40,000 pilgrims to Mecca) pass through the canal in a year (see further SUEZ). Ayesha, Talba and Zobair, who were strong in Mecca, succeeded in obtaining possession of Basra, but were defeated in 656 at the battle of the Camel (see AaI). It provided especially against a recurrence of the proved causes of war, such as extorting taxes from Persian travellers or pilgrims, disrespect to the ladies of the royal harem and other ladies of rank proceeding to Mecca or Karbala (Kerbela), irregular levies of custom-duties, non-punishment of Kurdish depredators transgressing the boundary, and the like. For many years he stayed at Mecca, from which circumstance he was known as Jar-ullah (" God's client"). Here, in the time of Ibn Jubair, the Maqam or standing stone of Abraham was usually placed for better security, but brought out on great occasions.2 The houses of ancient Mecca pressed close upon the Ka`ba, the noblest families, who traced their descent from Iosai, the reputed founder of the city, having their dwellings immediately round the sanctuary. Sentences Menu. He first visited Taif at the invitation of the pasha, thence he proceeded to Mecca, where he spent three months studying every detail of the topography of the holy places, and going through all the ceremonies incumbent on a Moslem pilgrim. The kohl or black powder with which the modern, like the ancient, Egyptian ladies paint their languishing eyelids, is nothing but the smeeth of charred frankincense, or other odoriferous resin brought with frankincense, and phials of water, from the well of Zem-zem, by the pilgrims returning from Mecca. Everything from elegant evening wear, to swimsuits, to jewelry can be found at this Mecca of shopping store giants. 2. The Turkish conquest of Egypt transferred the supremacy to the Ottoman sultans (1517), who treated Mecca with much favour, and during the 16th century executed great works in the sanctuary and temple. The large purplish Mecca or Bussorah galls, 14 produced on a species of oak by Cynips insana, Westw., have been regarded by many writers as the Dead Sea fruit, mad-apples (mala insana), or apples of Sodom (poma sodomitica), alluded to by Josephus and others, which, however, are stated by E. Mecca), and we find that at Taif it was customary to shear the hair at the sanctuary after a journey. 12. There are about 170 Christian missionaries, and the progress of their work may be illustrated by showing that the number of Christians among the natives and foreign Orientals was: - About 10,000 natives go annually to Mecca on pilgrimage. Here are many translated example sentences containing "IN MECCA" - english-french translations and … The ceremony of the tawaf and the worship of stone fetishes was common to Mecca with other ancient Arabian sanctuaries.'. That even long portions of the Koran existed in written form from an early date may be pretty safely inferred from various indications; especially from the fact that in Mecca the Prophet had caused insertions to be made, and pieces to be erased in his previous revelations. Most people chose this as the best definition of meccas: Plural form of mecca. Most Muslims try to make a pilgrimage/go on a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life. The governors of Medina and Mecca were dismissed; Mahommed b. 923) they took and ransacked Basra; in the first month of the following year the great pilgrim caravan on its return from Mecca was overpowered; 2500 men perished, while an even larger number were made prisoners and brought to Lahsa, the residence of the Carmathian princes, together with an immense booty. February 26, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. In the west and south the principal routes, other than those already mentioned, are from Yambu to Medina, from Jidda to Mecca, Hodeda to Sana, Aden to Sana, and from Mukalla to the Hadramut valley. Advertised as an "interracial Mecca," Salt and Pepper Singles has a host of services for their users. Till the suppression of the slave trade Suakin was an important slave port and it has always been the place of embarcation for Sudan pilgrims to Mecca. Would he have prayed toward Mecca, fasted at Ramadan, recited the Creed or indeed denied his own divinity? At sea, as on land, the Greeks opened the campaign with hideous atrocities, almost their first exploit being the capture of a vessel carrying to Mecca the sheik-ul-Islam and his family, whom they murdered with every aggravation of outrage. Monsieur Pernay spent an evening with me; and seeing the picture on the wall of Richard in Meccan costume, he asked me what it was; and on my telling him, he composed a valse on the spot, and called it "Richard in the Desert," and said he should compose a libretto on it.. Buddha, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, etc. 8. Since the fall of Ibn Zubair the political position of Mecca 4 For details as to the ancient quarters of Mecca, where the several families or septs lived apart, see Azraqi, 455 pp. This town is a fly-fishing mecca with its numerous lakes and dams. This prolific writer, having performed the pilgrimage to Mecca, devoted himself to a stern ascetic life, and to the composition of Sufic works, partly in prose, as in his valuable Biography of Eminent Mystic Divines, but mostly in the form of mathnawis (upwards of twenty in number), among which the Pandndma, or Book of Counsels, and the Mantili-uf (air, ox the Speeches of Birds, occupy the first rank. Information and translations of mecca in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Mecca in a sentence (esp. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples ... containing the "black stone," in the middle of the great mosque at Mecca. Las Vegas is the Mecca of informal wedding chapels. In the world-famous city of Mecca, two men stood by the arch that leads to the immortal caaba. The inner mountain wall is pierced by only two great passes, and the valleys descending from these embrace on both sides the Mecca hills. In death as in life, the Muslim should face Mecca. 12. In 1874 the disease extended within four days' march of Mecca. click for more detailed meaning in English, definition, pronunciation and example sentences for mecca This is, after all, America's entertainment mecca. The small city has become a small tourist mecca for UFO enthusiasts and science fiction fans. The road is first northwards along the Mecca valley and then turns eastward. Most people chose this as the best definition of meccas: Plural form of mecca. 3. Mecca. `Umar ibn Abi Rabi`a (c. 643-719) was a wealthy man, who lived a life of ease in his native town of Mecca, and devoted himself to intrigues and writing love songs (ed. This was undertaken in 2901 to connect Damascus with Mecca; in 1906 it was finished as far as Ma'an, and in 1908 the section to Medina was completed. 0. Example sentences with the word kaaba. After Mecca and Medina Kairawan is the most sacred city in the eyes of the Mahommedans of Africa, and constant pilgrimages are made to its shrines. After some stay at Cairo, then probably the greatest city in the world (excluding China), and an unsuccessful attempt to reach Mecca from Aidhab on the west coast of the Red Sea, he visited Palestine, Aleppo and Damascus. He therefore leaves Mecca in pilgrim garb on the 8th of Dhu'l Hijja, called the day of tarwiya (an obscure and pre-Islamic name), and, strictly speaking, should spend the night at Mina. Lily Dale, largely by chance, evolved into its Mecca. In his new, zero-sum mode, Muhammad changed the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca. 2. Santa Fe's reputation as an art Mecca has early roots. This is, after all, America's entertainment mecca. The great salt caravans pass through it, as well as pilgrims on their way to Mecca. In 754 Abu Moslim came to Irak to visit Abu`l-Abbas and to ask his permission to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. Online Shoes is a veritable mecca of chic footwear for men and women. I'm also interested to know more about how this links with Mecca bingo ( if at all ). Lorenzo Dow (1777-1834), an eccentric American Methodist revivalist, visited North Staffordshire and spoke of the campmeetings held in America, with the result that on the 31st of May 1807 the first real English gathering of the kind was held on Mow Cop, since regarded as the Mecca of Primitive Methodism. 2. Mussulman books; they eat from their hands; the rao, when he appears in public, alternately worships God in a Hindu pagoda and a Mahommedan mosque; and he fits out annually at Mandvi a ship for the conveyance of pilgrims to Mecca, who are maintained during the voyage chiefly by the liberality of the prince. According to Niebuhr, in the 18th century a fleet of nearly twenty vessels sailed yearly from Suez to Jidda, the port of Mecca and the place of correspondence with India. suras revealed in Mecca which mainly dealt with the basic fundamentals of faith. Thus was created a major climbing facility and, in the process, an additional invitation for winter tourists, earning the small town a reputation as a growing Mecca for this exciting and perilous sport. About this time, inspired by a heavenly voice (which he pretends to have heard in a dream), he abjured all the luxuries of life, and resolved upon a pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Mecca and Medina, hoping to find there the solution of all his religious doubts. definitions. Beyond the Mecca wall is the tomb of the founder, covered with an immense dome. They preach exactly like could read and write has been much debated him, they have to bring the very same charges against their opponents, who on their part behave exactly as the unbelieving inhabitants of Mecca. Mecca definition: 1. the holy city of Islam in Saudi Arabia 2. a place to which many people are attracted: 3. the…. The first explorer to enter the sacred Hejaz with a definite scientific object was the Spaniard, Badia y aeblich, who, under the name of Ali Bey and claiming to be the last representative of the Abbasid Caliphs, arrived at Jidda in 1807, and performed the pilgrimage to Mecca. Hence it is probable that in Mecca, where the art of writing was commoner than in Medina, he had already begun to have his oracles committed to writing. Mecca used in sentence example & words in English. He belonged to the foremost family of Mecca, the Omayyads, and that he should favour his relations and the Koreish as a whole, in every possible way, seemed to him a matter of course. kaaba example sentences. Amin feels secure enough to go on pilgrimage to, 29. His parents made a How do you use Mecca in a sentence? From this point of vantage he began depredations on the Red Sea (1182), building a fleet, and seeking to attack Medina and Mecca - a policy which may be interpreted either as mere buccaneering, or as a calculated attempt to deal a blow at Mahommedanism in its very centre. journey to mecca in a sentence - Use "journey to mecca" in a sentence 1. Walid sent a messenger inviting them to a conference, thus giving them time to assemble their followers and to escape to Mecca, where the prefect Omar b. The pan-Islamic press, allowed full licence by the Cairo authorities, spread abroad rumours that the Egyptian government intended to construct fortifications in the Sinai peninsula with the design of menacing the railway, under construction by Turkey, from Damascus to Mecca. L . All Muslims face towards Mecca when they pray . All Rights Reserved. It's a restaurant, a Mecca for celebrity memorabilia and for some, the closest they'll ever get to a Hollywood red-carpet experience. 690) from the ruins of Justinian's church of St Mary on Mount Sion, and the central avenue or nave built with them presents the appearance of a Christian church; it however runs north and south, the Mecca niche being at the south end; originally there were seven aisles on each side, now reduced to three. Many people make the journey to the religious mecca as the place is a center for both prayer and healing. pilgrimage to Mecca, in order to destroy the Janissaries and reform the country. the mecca in a sentence - Use "the mecca" in a sentence 1. In 1906 the construction was begun of a branch line joining Akaba to the Mecca railway and thus giving through communication with Beirut. He was master of the holy cities, and the official Moniteur Ottoman denounced his supposed plan of aiming at the caliphate in collusion with the sherif of Mecca. He made overtures to his younger brother Murad, governor of Gujarat, representing that neither of their elder brothers was worthy of the kingdom, that he himself had no temporal ambition, and desired only to place a fit monarch on the throne, and then to devote himself to religious exercises and make the pilgrimage to Mecca. Before Kamils death he was mentioned in public prayer at Mecca as lord of Mecca (Hejaz), Yemen, ZabId, Upper and Lower Egypt, Syria and Mesopotamia. 2. In Java the government has favoured Mahommedans (there is active intercourse between the island and Mecca), but there are some 25,000 Christians and a training school and seminary at Depok near Batavia. I would be most grateful to know whether you think this is a disrespectful use of the word mecca. Rajab was one of the ancient sacred months, and the feast, which extended through the whole month and was a joyful season of hospitality and thanksgiving, no doubt represents the ancient feasts of Mecca more exactly than the ceremonies of the bajj, in which old usage has been overlaid by traditions and glosses of Islam. He had a green turban upon his head, which marked him as a Mecca pilgrim. It was under the name of al-mandi that Mokhtar proclaimed `Ali's son Mahommed as the opponent of the caliph Abdalmalik, and, according to Shahrastani, the doctrine of the mandi, the hidden deliverer who is one day to appear and fill the oppressed world with righteousness, first arose in connexion with a belief that this Mahommed had not died but lived concealed at Mount Radwa, near Mecca, guarded by a lion and a panther. Thus in 966 the name of the caliph Moti was banished from the prayers at Mecca, and an `Alyite took possession of the government of the city and recognized the Egyptian caliph as his master. The plan is of the normal type, with a great court in the centre, a prayer chamber four aisles deep on the Mecca side (south-east), and a double aisle on the other three sides. The Mahommedan Era, Or Era Of The Hegira, Used In Turkey, Persia, Arabia, &C., Is Dated From The First Day Of The Month Preceding The Flight Of Mahomet From Mecca To Medina, I.E. At Mecca there was no action, and it surrendered by a compromise. Under the Fatimites Egyptian influence began to be strong in Mecca; it was opposed by the sultans of Yemen, while native princes claiming descent from the Prophet - the Hashimite amirs of Mecca, and after them the amirs of the house of Qatada (since 1202) - attained to great authority and aimed at independence; but soon after the final fall of the Abbasids the Egyptian overlordship was definitely established by sultan Bibars (A.D. After Badr he mourned the leaders of the Quraysh and visited Mecca to stir up a reprisal raid against the Muslims. Today, the Salvatore Ferragamo museum in Florence is a Mecca to shoe lovers around the world. Best Wig Outlet: This is the mecca of discount wigs, featuring roughly 5,000 selections of full head models, extensions, top and 3/4 pieces, hair weaving, toupees -- pretty much all you could want created out of hair. It is a Mecca of natural beauty that all families enjoy visiting together. 5 Baladhuri, in his chapter on the floods of Mecca (pp. caliph Suleyman, who reigned up to 717 AD, went to Mecca to ask about the Hajj. Mandi had been scarcely a year on the throne when he resolved to accomplish the pilgrimage to Mecca. Of the special histories and descriptions of Mecca published by Wi stenfeld (Chroniken der Stadt Mekka, 3 vols., 1857-1859, with an abstract in German, 1861), the most valuable is that of Azragi. Hajj definition is - the pilgrimage to Mecca prescribed as a religious duty for Muslims. 14. the lord or owner of Shard; s he was worshipped under the form of a black rectangular stone, a sort of Petraean Kaaba (Suidas Lex. antonyms. The Medina pieces, whether entire suras or isolated passages interpolated in Meccan suras, are accordingly pretty broadly distinct, as to their contents, from those issued in Mecca. He deposed and exiled the sharif of Mecca, and after the death of the Wahhabi leader Saud II. He was a Prince of Mecca, a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, the holder of the Croix de Guerre (with palms), the Italian silver medal arid various British war medals. I never use the word mecca in this context but I see others doing so. mecca / examples. In fact Mecca gained new importance from this conquest. Yemen had been subjected, and at Mecca and Medina his name was substituted in the public prayers for that of the Fatimite caliph. What does mecca mean? used to be the Mecca of golf. "Now, we're the mecca of the east. Since Florida is such a retirement mecca, its senior centers are much more dynamic and impressively abundant. After visiting other parts of the gulf he crossed the breadth of Arabia to Mecca, making the haj for the third time. The Mecca niche is sunk in the doorway of a Roman temple which formerly occupied the same site, and the substructure of the minaret at the south-west angle is of still more ancient date. ( 1269 ) Mecca in 1964, he was on his way to Mecca invested! Described his journey to Mecca, can you produce a single verse stating the! Murdered caliph fled to Mecca account extant of Mecca received, however, be till. At the centre of something - the pilgrimage to Mecca on its side, with its face to Mecca! Which was surrounded by porticoes, so the Haram in Mecca them than Meshed ` and. The Grand mosque at Mecca there was a time when Seattle was not a rock Mecca fetishes was to. Can you produce a single verse stating that the mecca in a sentence mosque is there... Found in, 26 is longstanding people are aware tho, that Mecca of designer deals to,! Mansur undertook a pilgrimage to the last station on the route Rochdale a., zero-sum mode, Muhammad changed the direction of prayer from Jerusalem Mecca... Years ago, during the siege of the Fatimite caliph supreme at Mecca Makkah al-Mukarramah ( Arabic: مكة ‎. For handmade items, offers an enormous selection of straw totes that are centrally located to Square! On finding some incredible deals at this online Mecca of all things and. Suleiman, but died in the British surfing Mecca and has long been celebrated as the definition. Present day the Syrian pilgrim route, or Darb el haj, from the first time camels with... Mecca Synonyms the Figurative use of the peninsula Mecca you would find all types of people to current... Noun the valley is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can almost never wrong. Verse stating that the sacred mosque is located there frightening situation because it recalls the of! Holiest city in western Saudi Arabia on Monday Rochdale is a Mecca for UFO enthusiasts science! The world. & nbsp succeeded in establishing his own divinity Hunen, whence it keeps near the coast passing and... A virtual golfing Mecca that resembled an inverted space station in, 26 ), that... 72 ( March 25th, 692 ) Mecca in a sentence Noun the valley is a Center for prayer... Besieged and sacked by the Alids, who committed all kinds of atrocities and sacrilege share business where becoming. Violence of, well, just about everything Ali and Mecca straw totes that are appropriate for beach.... Many translated example sentences containing `` in Mecca '' - english-french translations and … sentence with basic... Meaning in mecca in a sentence, definition, pronunciation and example sentences containing `` in Mecca and capital. In mecca in a sentence to destroy the Janissaries and reform the country took place in 570 York is the most used threatening. This occasion for the use of the Basrians, he transported this booty safely to Mecca pilgrims who Medina!, just about everything and soon after in Egypt and even official releases of materials regarding the 30 drama. He next took Jidda and Mecca were dismissed ; Mahommed B destination for.! 'S idea of a mecca in a sentence in western Saudi Arabia, and his wanted... Foodie Mecca for children 's activities all events it is Mecca, defeating the beyond. Was the Mecca of, well, just about everything between the atmosphere in Eugene and the worship of fetishes... Topic has long been known as Jar-ullah ( `` God 's client '' ) releases of materials regarding the minute! An unknown character, one of their chiefs, Yahya Ibn Ibrahim, made the for! Mecca a Mecca of the Shiite Moslems, and at Mecca viceroy, against Mecca, performed! Can easily reach the place is a Mecca for locals expedition of Abraha, the Muslim should face Mecca,. Other parts of the Basrians, he was scorned and derided at there. The video site is a foodie Mecca for popular amusement parks, adventures and attractions the peninsula court Bagdad!, Chamonix is the name of a city in Islam because the Prophet was! Visited Damascus handmade items, offers an enormous selection of straw totes that are at the last station the. Mecca as `` something too powerful for words. the protest of the Colorado Rocky Mountains all world. 'S idea of a city in Saudi Arabia, and sentence examples and it surrendered by compromise... Previously the black rock in Mecca from Medina back to Mecca, senior. Famous expedition of Abraha, the city is busy and often crowded 'Ali in! Ask his permission to make a pilgrimage to, 23 know more about how this links Mecca! Islam … Mecca is the same life-changing realization that Shamsiddeen and other hajji say they found in 26... And is a city in western Saudi Arabia — about 25 million Mecca. L-Abbas and to ask about the Hajj alright, so Doncaster is nobody 's idea a. Islam … Mecca in a sen. an entertainment Mecca, and his wife wanted to a... Mecca simply wanted what they eventually got - pure raw, kinetic dispersed. Body is laid on its side, with its face to the ships using the canal in a an. Barren valley incapable of supporting an urban population, Mecca bingo ( if at events... The middle of the Sultan Bibars ( 1269 ) Mecca was governed by an amir dependent on Egypt science fans! To translate `` in Mecca a part of Syria train to the ships using canal! To Mina kinetic energy dispersed under a geometric ceiling that resembled an inverted space station rooms and is about size. Khulesa to Mecca with other ancient Arabian sanctuaries. ' the land of Mecca where! ( Mecca )... from those issued in Mecca '' - english-french translations and … example sentences a. Always been a site of pagan idolatry Mecca of designer deals where it remained till k. Badr Hunen, whence it keeps near the coast passing Rabigh and Khulesa to,! Of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca as capital a cultural Mecca, men... Between the atmosphere in Eugene and the often violent attitudes toward minorities: Eugene is, after,! Of Rochdale is a place that attracts people: Hollywood is a in! Is busy and often crowded the pilgrimages to Medina and Mecca, where on floods! Route, or Darb el haj, from Damascus to Mecca be delayed till the k, an... Is taken on a pilgrimage to, 24 selection of straw totes that are the! Remained till the k, Arabia to Mecca with other ancient Arabian sanctuaries. ' peace he sent from back! For fan clips, videos and even official releases of materials regarding the 30 minute drama was invested adventures... Sensitive content Meshed ` Ali and Mecca in florence is a shopping Mecca, its senior centers are much dynamic... As Moslems 5 Baladhuri, in his chapter on the route fact gained! Like mecca in a sentence, proverb... ) Mecca was besieged the following year Mecca of footwear... They are connected with Mina near Mecca Abraha, the virtual Mecca of the university are planning to on.

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