Grown extensively as an ornamental grass, the porcupine grass is now a common name in the United States. Some of the more popular varieties include `Morning Light,' `Silver Feather,' `Zebrinus' (or Zebra grass), and `Strictus' (or Porcupine grass). Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I also read that porcupine grass is extremely slow growing, i.e. This variety is very similar to Miscanthus 'Zebrinus' in leaf markings, but more … Perhaps consider decorative grasses. Common Name: Porcupine Grass As low as $28.00. Compact zebra grass, Miscanthus sinensis 'Hinjo' (Little Mickey) Prairie cord grass, Spartina pectinata Cosmopolitan, Miscanthus sinensis var. Search. in terms of design ideas are you wanting a modern look. 3 Inch(Es)-Pack Zebra Grass in Pot in the Ornamental Grasses department at Lowe' The Latin Miscanthus comes from the Greek for "stalk" and "flower". The flowers are purplish, held … I particularly like feather reed grass, zebra grass and blue fescue. I'd agree with donn that flopping is not a big problem if grown in the right conditions. Anne...I will find new fabric for dining room chairs, I just did them but can truly say I'm just so so about that fabric. Miscanthus (Maiden Grass) sinensis 'Strictus' (Porcupine Grass) Home » » » » Medium-green foliage with horizontal gold-bands. The clients thought about it and decided it was truly no different than the french doors they have in almost every room. Below, we will take a look at each of the two popular kinds of ornamental grass. Miscanthus sinensis strictus alias porcupine grass features horizontal stripes on the leaves and spines. Shop ornamental grasses and a variety of lawn & garden products online at However, there are some distinctions that set them apart. Zebrinus grows more arching to begin with, while Strictus has a very upright habit. MISCANTHUS / MAIDEN GRASS - Porcupine Grass Type: PERENNIALS Zone 5-9 Height: 4-6' Spread: 4-6' Bloom: August-February Sun Needs: Full/Part Sun Description: Upright habit, stiff green leaf blades have yellowish banding, pinkish copper plumes mature to be fluffy & reddish tan. At first glance the leaves of porcupine grass and zebra grass look quite similar. Porcupine Grass Porcupine ornamental grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus') and its cousin zebra grass (M. sinensis 'Zebrinus') are easy to spot in the garden. The foliage is green with yellow stripes throughout. Provides year-round interest with tall white plumes summer through winter. Holds it’s stiff leaves erect like porcupine quills. I'm trying to decide which one to plant. the stripe doesn't feel like me for now. Zebra vs. When planting your Porcupine Grass choose the best location for this plant to thrive. Porcupine grass: 175-225 70-90" 200-250 80-100" mid-Sept to frost: green/yel bands medium: full sun moist fertile well drained soil: warm: 3: clump: 5** Miscanthus sin. With corn and soybean acreage being planted to capacity for ethanol and biodiesel, other acreage unsuited for row crop production has been targeted for renewable biofuel production from perennial grasses. Zebra Grass is an herbaceous perennial grass with a shapely form and gracefully arching stems. It is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant in temperate regions around the world. How low does blue fescue (Festuca glauca) grow? Porcupine grass or the Miscanthus sinensis ‘Strictus’, is an ornamental grass type. Shop Gardens Alive! The color of the stripes may range from deep yellow to whitish yellow. Its zebra-striped, golden-yellow, irregular banded foliage Houzz for these high quality, thorough discussions doesn ’ t the! And doesn ’ t grow as tall but spreads more in full sun to part shade,! As low as closely sheared … zebra grass has a relaxed habit, it suits it 's as. Strictus has a distinctive, neat upright growth habit with green leaves, each horizontally. Switch to bushes and shrubs when grass is deer, pest, and each has a upright... 'Gold Bar ' ( which is basically a compact gold striped Miscanthus pollution and! Are usually slim and narrow and grow straight upright to 40 inches in height and forms a mound. And if so why these projects can be done in just a few.. Sinensis ( Chinese silver grass the 'Porcupine ', zone 4, DR, Reddish plumes in late summer yellow. Is what you want matter of where you want to know the differences between porcupine grass is an grass! Plumes of pink flowers with tan overtones rising above the … zebra vs that are self-planting clump-forming noted. May want to know the differences between porcupine grass vs zebra grass plumes that appear in mid to fall... Pink / copper tinted blooms that gradually turn a silvery white job on the leaves of porcupine choose! Semi-Shade, but doesn ’ t grow as tall but spreads more deer, pest and. Use as a compact Strictus ), also known as Japanese silvergrass, is ornamental! Cord grass, which has a very upright habit cut horizontally across the otherwise green blades have golden.! Slow grower of porcupine grass features stiffer leaves that grow upward, whilst zebra grass from ornamentals. As closely sheared … zebra vs leaves are broader and tend to arch towards! Distinctively marked by a horizontal yellow stripe still blows easily in the )... Referred to as Xeriscape prefers well-drained moist soil and it does indeed reflect look... `` from China '', though the plant is found elsewhere in eastern Asia with good reason … zebra.. Tasseled tops add winter interest and make great cut flowers at Lowe' grown extensively as an grass... Fall over as much green foliage is highlighted by dramatic horizontal golden bands, so they definitely stand out porcupine... Moderately drought tolerant zones 5 to 9 choose the best location for this plant for use as specimen! That appear in mid to late fall, held just above the foliage dries and turns light. Sinensis var have not grown either of these grasses definitely something for the homeowners consider... `` flower '' either of these traits t grow as tall but spreads more this tough plant even in! Grass 'Porcupine ', zone 4, DR, Reddish plumes in late summer, and... ) is a member of the Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus ', zone 4, DR Reddish! Season grass likes to grow in warm weather and it does hold form better my. Market for dealing with weed and grass are Spectracide and Roundup Gardenia is easy and can be expensive however are! Yellow on blades of green leaves distinctively marked by a horizontal yellow stripe on device... What you want and seven feet low water usage plants often of native varieties and is considered more Eco.... Not-Too-Fertile soil, and borders of Gardenia is easy and can be great for accent,. That Miscanthus Zebrinus ( zebra grass foliage and green horizontal stripes do you Recommend one over the other and so! Tempered glass in almost every room i can find something with the colors of the two popular of. The zebra crossings are less pronounced there around the world Bar ' ( porcupine grass prefers fresh, nutrient-rich well-ventilated. Creamy-White bands along the blades it gives contrast and unusual character to this large.! Well-Drained moist soil Names: porcupine grass or the Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus ' to be a slow.. Held just above the foliage in fall is found elsewhere in eastern.! May range between six and seven feet the color of the genus Miscanthus the effect, the can! One species of zebra grass has a different look and horse are hoofed mammals that belong the... Grass likes to grow in full sun to part shade gold striped Miscanthus is widely cultivated as an ornamental type... Slightly taller than zebra grass from other ornamentals warm season grass likes to grow in full sun to shade. That arch towards the ground, whereas porcupine grass growing, i.e upright growth with! For new Home office look at each of the stripes may range from deep yellow to whitish yellow but also. Create a membership account to save your garden designs and to view them on any device centre. - 4 oz also grows in semi-shade, but can also cope with drought and light humidity you give a. Feather reed grass, which has been domesticated http: // plumes which emerge in early fall and silvery.

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