That's valuable in DUST. Was extremely lucky, according to the schematics, aside from a few loose cables, the Q-35 was … Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality. This plasma rifle is located in the REPCONN Headquarters behind a very hard locked … I went through all the floors and took the back way to get into the secret room with the collapsed roof and I used the computer to unlock and I have the key but it still will not let me pick the gun up. All American 2. Frag Grenade. Don't be fooled by its base damage of 40. A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Skin Mod in the Pomson 6000 category, submitted by mat500 Close. Fat man 2. You have to pick a Hard door on … C-4 … * Floor 1 o Take the tour. Back to top #2 TheSilentEye Posted 20 September 2012 - 11:04 AM. Aim for the head and get a good gun such as : gauss rifle sniper rifle 12.7 sub machine gun anti mat rifle ( I use explosive rounds for the scum) Q-35 matter modulator and wear power armour and take cover At level 9 he might not be strong enough for most of those..Not sure though.. This is different than an FM transmitter which is much less reliable. Thumb - Thumb. Back to top #3 Posted 20 September 2012 - 11:39 AM. Posted by 7 years ago. 4. Transcript You will waste more ammo, no argument on that, but both weapons have the same 12 … GTA San Andreas Q-35 Matter Modulator Plasma Rifle From Fallout New Vegas Mod was downloaded 5524 times and it has 10.00 of 10 points so far. Assault carbine Shotguns-1. Q-35 Matter Modulator 풀 내구도 공격력 : 40 [1] 치명타 추가 공격력 : 62 연사력 : 2.3/초 크리티컬 확률 배수 : 2ë°° 특수 능력 : 탄속 10000(일반 플라즈마 라이플 7500), 발당 소모 MFC 1개 Download it now for GTA San Andreas! Pulse Grenade x15. Plasma Grenade. Demolition Charge. Esther. It's glitched and I can't get it, is there anyway to get it or am I screwed? This tutorial shows you how to get the Q-35 Matter Modulator which is a unique plasma rifle in Fallout: New Vegas. Going to take care of the first point today. Proton Throwing Axe x25. It seems like a big handicap. Plasma Rifle - Q-35 Matter Modulator: In the locked shipping room of REPCONN HQ, in a pod casement. Pulse Gun: In the Armory Cache, Vault 34. Image from I've found the gun but apparently it is glitched, it is not hanging in the case like it should be but leaning against the container. Elijah's Jury - Rigged Tesla Cannon *Explosives* Mercy. Annabelle. La longue carabine 5. Q-35 Matter Modulator. It uses one MC per shot and it is super deadly. Locked behind a Very Hard lock in the REPCONN headquarters, the Q-35 Matter Modulator is a variant of a plasma rifle featuring a suite of improvement, most notably its doubled fire rate. Plasma Grenade x15. From the Creator: Located in REPCONN Headquarters, in the shipping section. Stealth Boy x15. Members 22 posts A first person view image would be nice. Q35 matter modulator 5. Journeyman. There's also an energy weapon skill book on the 2nd floor, and a 75 lockpick way into the vault. Frag Mine. Tiff Clark Posts: 3297 Joined: Wed Aug 09, … Recharger Rifle. Stimpack x30 capital wasteland - q-35 matter modulator - posted in Image topics: capital wasteland - q-35 matter modulator Located in the second floor of the REPCONN headquarters. Use Q-35 Matter Modulator (Fallout Plasma Rifle) and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. Skillnaden mellan typ 1 och typ 2 muskelfibrer Skillnaden mellan Celsius och Fahrenheit Skillnaden mellan Chamilia-armband och Pandora-armband Skillnaden mellan RDBMS och ORDBMS Skillnaden mellan Adobe After Effects och Adobe Premiere Skillnaden mellan Oboe och … It’s not very accurate at long ranges, however, so it should be used strictly as a short-to-mid range gun. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Bottlecap mine 5. My favorite of all time (and I have been playing for a long time) is probably the Q35 matter modulator. TheSilentEye. This is on the PS3 version. $50 - $80. The very hard terminal next to the door can also be used. Fallout: New Vegas - Multiplas Rifle vs. Q-35 Matter Modulator؟ من در حال حاضر هر دوی آنها را دارم و هر دو از یک نوع مهمات استفاده می کنند بنابراین ترجیح می دهم یکی از آنها را بفروش٠Tri-Beam Laser Rifle (All Upgrade) *Energy Heavy Weapons* Cleansing Flame. Publicerat den 13-11-2020. How to acquire the unique weapon Q-35 matter modulator rifle in Fallout: New Vegas: REPCONN Headquarters, behind the very hard locked door at first floor. Big boomer 4. Because of this you will make more critical hits with the AER14, wich will put the critical damage of both weapons on par in the end. The Gauss Rifle one shots anything, I've faced so far insane. Fallout: New Vegas expands on the difference in plasma rifles by retconning it to be the "Q-series" (and showing the series' Super Prototype, the Q-35 Matter Modulator, as a unique weapon), as opposed to the classic Fallout "P-series" (like the Winchester P-94), which are now called "Plasma Casters". Festive bouquets and decor for everyone on your list. 3. I mean that's what we're going to see most of the time. Edit. Here is a screenshot of the location: Click to View Content [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] I am having issues with getting the Q-35 matter modulator gun. On the 1st floor, the vault hides an energy weapons skill book and the Q-35 Matter Modulator behind a 100 Lockpick/Science barrier. I looked at both of the weapon stats and am almost certain it is better. I can't pick up the gun and blowing it out of the container don't work either, so basically, am i screwed out of getting this gun? Is the holorifle better than the Q-35 matter modulator? Annabelle 4. With all the appropriate perks and equipments specializing in critical hits (ignoring magazines) Q35 will do a consistant approximately 133 damage at a 75% chance … Q-35 Matter Modulator. The weapon does respectable damage and fires quickly… for a rifle. html goes here if it would let me copy it. Grenade machine gun Rifles- 1. Fallout 4s game announcement was one of the most hyped announcement ever for me, i loved fallout new Vegas its my favourite game ever tbh and i was so blinded by the news a of a news of fallout that i spent days building up to realise watching the trailer over again, even after I beat the game and realised it was as shallow as a … Frag Grenade x15. This holodisk is added to the Courier's Pip-Boy 3000 after reading the Encrypted Message entry on the terminal in the Hacker's Office. Pulse Gun: In the Armory Cache, Vault 34. In this tutorial, learn how to use an FM modulator to listen to your favorite tunes. There are many different ways to connect an iPod to an in-car stereo, however, some work significantly better than others. this video should help you get the Q35 Matter Modulator when its glitched at the REPCONN Headquarters location. Esther. Simply … Plasma projectiles from this weapon travel much faster than other plasma … Annabelle. Sawed-Off Shotgun - Big Boomer: In Gibson Scrap Yard, carried by Old Lady Gibson, whom you must kill to get it. Power Glove. Q-35 Matter Modulator YCS/186 Plasma Caster Armor Enclave Remnant Power Armor Just seeing what weapon works, what doesn't. Lever action … Matter modulator project is a holodisk in Fallout: New Vegas. Watch this video to learn how to find it in REPCONN Headquarters. Gobi campaign scout rifle 3. Mini Nuke x 12. Nuka - Grenade. Plasma Rifle - Q-35 Matter Modulator: In the locked shipping room of REPCONN HQ, in a pod casement. Dynamite x 40. Accessing the weapon without 100 in Science or 100 Lockpick:. Dinner bell 2. Q-35 went through all the steps and still can not get it! 17 Q-35 Matter Modulator. Weapon Info - Q-35 Matter Modulator: The Q-35 Matter Modulator is a unique Plasma Rifle that’s actually pretty great against low-to-mid level foes. So, Q-35 matter modulator » Fri May 20, 2011 10:03 am . Tesla Beaton prototype Explosives- 1. Looking at the Q35 you may noticed that its based damage is really nothing to praise about but it has a high critical damage base of 62 and a x2 critical multiplier. Q-35 matter modulator? Riot shotgun 3. WIP Q 35 Matter Modulator and Plasma Rifle in Game 1. Red glare 3. The only thing that bugs me is the 4 shots in a clip. Plasma rifles are some of the sexiest guns in Fallout New Vegas, and the rare / unique weapon version of it, the Q-35 Matter Modulator, is even sexier. It's less damaging than a normal plasma rifle, but it's more ammo efficient. The two weapons have the same critical chance, x2, but the AER14 fires roughly 1/3 faster than the Q-35. Q-35 Matter Modulator. The Smitty Special. Sprtel - Wood 9700. Took out the Q-35 matter modulator, the prototype weapon I got from my expedition, and checked it for possible degradation it might have suffered laying decades in storage. Battle rifle 4. The modulator is the best method of connecting an … GTA San Andreas Q-35 Matter Modulator Plasma Rifle From Fallout New Vegas Mod was downloaded 5526 times and it has 10.00 of 10 points so far. Download it now for GTA San Andreas! Is the holorifle better than the Q-35 matter modulator? Location. Archived. The Q-35 Matter Modulator is a variation of the plasma rifle and although it is weaker than the average plasma rifle, it can shoot nearly twice as quickly making it much more efficient. Grenade Rifle.