If not, my next round will have X1 subbed in for X2. First let me commend you on your desire to always challenge yourself. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Most of the time I would either load up my rip of X1 on my laptop (I've ripped my DVDs because my laptop doesn't have a DVD Drive) and do the stretch or just do my own. I'm glad to still see people coming out in support of X2 instead of immediately dismissing it because more equipment and/or isn't an exact clone of X1. Now here’s the deal kids…you want an honest review of each workout. It feels like Tony took a page out of Insanity's book. Nothing against X3, but I think after doing X1 and working out close to an hour everyday, 30 minutes just doesn't cut it. If you’ve already done P90X and P90X2, you’re still going to be challenged by X3. Not an “adver-torial” about how this is just all that and a bag of chips ( FYI: I am NOT a Beachbody coach ).. With P90X Results and Recovery Formula, you get a state-of-the-art, great tasting, body-shaping cocktail that’s guaranteed to take your workouts to the next level. Stick with it. Well X2's phases are all pretty different (which I'll explain after "The Bad"). What does this mean over a full 13-week program? Finally, the COMPLETE review of the new P90X2 program is here. My version of the bad isn't with the workouts themselves, it's more with the way they're produced. It’s the moment the internet has waited for. Exclusive Offer! I feel like while X1 wanted to be "Extreme" and get people already in shape, they didn't want to go overboard, because if it was too inaccessible, nobody would buy it. I'm convinced. Finally, the music. For all of those, the extreme, the crazy, the fanatical and the determined, P90X Doubles is the way to go. It’s success brought about P90X2 one year later. It really aggravates me that there are 2 - 4 DVDs that I rarely use. My Review has discovered the same thing. ... Day 90 results ! Today's video is all about P90X vs 6 Weeks of the Work, or, Old vs New Program! When I think of X1, I think of push ups, pull ups, and dumbbells. 90 pounds lighter, and I have my confidence back, and I'm happier! X2 alleviates this. It’s success brought about P90X2 one year later. On the other hand, the first week of this program had me pushing myself to the limit, so why would someone who has the time to do X1 would avoid X2? Why is P90X2 so effective? Get 2 free bonus workout DVDs chosen specifically for P90X2 when you purchase through your Team Beachbody Coach or Team Beachbody. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Going to keep pushing for my goal. Conclusion: P90x gets results but it’s not the optimal solution for weight loss. Since I've finished X1 I've been struggling to decide whether I wanted to X3 coupled with something else, or take the plunge into X2 and get the extra equipment. with P90X. So you’re a big fan of the P90X brand and have gotten awesome results from it. It's not quite HIIT, but it's close. BeachBody claims X1 was the first program that hard and that in depth put onto video. The I Did P90X And No Results was created to accentuate your regular workout routine. But when I was doing P90X, I didn't show results until the last week of the program. Just what I thought: I am getting more work out of P90X vs X3: (Revised chart 8/6/15) Thanks to The Challenge I get more push-ups out of P90X3 than P90X, but pull-ups are another story–about 30% more in P90X. I bought them for the extra $30 and it really feels like these workouts were intended to be part of the original, but they decided to kind of do a "premium" version to get a few extra bucks out of you. X2 is easily the best and most difficult workout in the series, and while it has the largest barrier to entry equipment-wise, it's also the most complete workout program I've ever done (FWIW, I've done Insanity, Asylum 1/2, X1, and I've dabbled with X3 a bit). Get blown away by your visible P90X2 results. The above pic is the result of doing a lot of hard work, dedication, and having the right mindset to follow a rigorous program such as P90X.