How quickly did the world's highest paid musicians make average salaries in 2018? Lagos is virtually Nigeria itself, it’s the corporate, entertainment, financial and business capital of Nigeria. The music industry has become increasingly dynamic in a world of visual albums, mixtapes, collaboration albums, and more and more streaming. The wealth of the dynamic duo, Peter and Paul Okoye popularly known as “P-Square”, is not in question. 8. The comedian, who ranked … Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria 2019. He is a very rich Nigerian musician and was born in Surulere in Lagos State, Nigeria. His salary is up by a whopping 89.1% from the N302 million earned in 2017. Moolman took over as MTN chief in 2015 following the devastating $1 billion fine imposed on the telecommunication giants for SIM card infractions by the … This industry’s job is to entertain and they have a lot of such jobs like been a musician, comedian, presenter and actor and this fetch a lot of money. Every year, Forbes publishes a list of the highest-paid acts in country music, and this year's top earners are most likely just who you'd expect, with touring, endorsements and television gigs helping some of the genre's biggest names take home a whole lot of cash in 2019. He’s reportedly the wealthiest musician in South Africa, with an estimated net worth of R273 million. Here are the top ten richest musicians in the world, as of 2019. Blessed with vast talent, and these have managed to become popular and spread their songs throughout the world. With a daily sprawling population of over 18 million, the GDP of this state that is more of a city is the highest in the country. Daniels is currently a student of Igbinedion University. 04/17/2019 Tell your friends. Fuji was created by Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde barrister and it is one of the oldest genres of music in Nigeria. Highest Paid CEOs in Nigeria's Oil and Gas Industry and Their Hefty Pay Packages. Don Jazzy Net worth (N13 billion) Michael Collins Ajereh known as Don Jazzy or Don Baba J is also one of the top 10 richest musician in Nigeria. The Obi's 2016 Rolls Royce Phantom goes for nothing less than N100 Million. Each year that comes we get to listen to music from … Akon They like flaunting their wealth in public, but is not all of them are as well-to-do as they show off in social media. The Palace of the Obi of Onitsha is rated as one of the most beautiful palaces in Nigeria. The American singer was also ranked as one of the highest-paid female musicians in 2018 by Forbes. Also Check: Top 10 highest paid footballers in Nigeria. ‘2Baba’ as he’s fondly called has an NGO called 2Face Idibia Reach-Out Foundation. We compiled a list of the world's best-paid musicians. This year, the top earning musician is no surprise, but the number two earner is … Clocking in with 2020 earnings of $170 million, the rapper ranks at number two. Earnings in 2019: $84 million. He has huge investments in real estate across Nigeria. You may have noticed that some top musicians like Patoranking did not make it to the list. Income: $185 million Despite being under 30 years old, Taylor Swift tops the list of highest paid musicians this year. Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde barrister created Fuji in the year 1960 after seeing a Japan advert about its highest mountain which is called ‘fuji’. Iwobi is one of Nigeria’s highest-paid footballers with a weekly salary of £50,000 from his club side – Everton alongside other bonuses. 2019 is coming to an end and the world’s highest paid musicians of 2019 have been revealed! Taylor Swift came first with an income of 185 million US dollars, followed by Kanye West and Ed Sheeran. Take a look at the 10 richest South African musicians in 2019: 1. He occupies 38th position on Hopper HQ’s Instagram Rich List for 2019. Obafemi Martins. US rapper, Kanye West has been named the highest-paid hip-hop act of 2019 in a list compiled by global entrepreneurship magazine, Forbes. With all of these moving parts, it’s difficult to understand how much musicians are actually making. The Rolling Stones rule Billboard’s annual earnings list, which tracks the revenue streams of music’s top acts across streaming, publishing and touring. Highest Earner: MTN’s Fredy Moolman topped the chart with a total executive compensation (comps) of N571 million for the year ended December 2018. Most importantly, this ranking is in line with Forbes’ unrivaled ranking contents. Apart from being a musician, he is also an artist. Stacker collected 2018 Billboard data rankings released in July 2019 that show the top 40 paid musicians in the world. Wizkid is the Forbes richest musician in Nigeria. With a net worth of $535 million, Mariah Carey is the tenth richest musician in the world. He also plays for the Nigeria National senior team as a Foward. For example, a musician can charge N500,000 for a show or even N3 million depending on his or her popularity. In light of this, we’ve come up with this list. She is said to earn an average of N600,000 per movie and she’s worth an estimated $350,000 making her the richest teen actress in Nigeria. Obafemi Martins is another Nigerian superstar who has been in almost all professional leagues in the world. ... {Musician} In Nigeria and even in many other places, entertainment is not merely an act of delighting people but also a sure way of making money. As we've been doing the last two years, we asked ourselves this question again in 2019. Taylor Swift. Herb Alpert Net Worth – $880 Million. The brands he has collaborated with include Pepsi, MTN Nigeria, Guinness, and GLO. 7. The 42 … Kanye West is now a billionaire and the highest paid musician in the world, according to the 2020 edition of Forbes annual celebrity 100 list. Currently, in Africa, Nigeria and South Africa happen to be the respective largest and second-largest producers of the richest musicians. Top 20 Richest Musician In Africa And Their Net Worth 2020 1. Having a net worth of N18 billion in 2020, he is 2nd in the list of top ten richest musician in Nigeria. By Will Lavin. The Highest Paid Musicians in 2019 1. Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2019. Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in Africa with lots of musicians and rich gospel musicians in Africa. He was born on 26th November 1982 and attended Federal Government College, Lagos. The musician earns around $50k to $80k per show and owns a nightclub in Nigeria known as Rumors. SPECIAL REPORTS . Sir Shina Peters, during heyday, was one of the highest paid music artistes in the country. Regina Daniels is the highest paid teenager in Nollywood. Steve Hofmeyr. Prior to becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Seplat in May 2010, he was Managing Director at Platform Petroleum Limited, a company he founded. 7th December 2019. 10 Mariah Carey. This is one of most lucrative industries in Nigeria creating lots of millionaires. Nigeria's top 10 highest earning actors made N3.5 billion in 2018 Inemesit Udodiong. Augustine Avuru, the co-founder and CEO of Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc, is the highest-paid director in his company, and second highest in Nigeria for the year 2019. The Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) boss is the second highest-earning African influencer on Instagram, raking in as much an estimated USD 74 K every time he puts up a sponsored post on the platform. Top 15 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2019 – Musicians in Nigeria are known for living flamboyant lifestyles. This graph shows a ranking of best-paid musicians worldwide in 2019. Being among top 10 richest kings in Nigeria, the Obi himself is worth about 50 million USD and owns a Rolls-Royce, 2016 model that will go for nothing less than N100 million. Other names on the list include Lady Gaga, Fleetwood Mac and Kanye West. 3. Lagos is amongst the largest cities in the world and the biggest urban conurbation in West Africa. In 2019, he became the brand ambassador of the real estate brand, Pazino Homes and Gardens. 4. In fact, it was reported that, he bought a mansion worth 20 million Naira in 1990, which, today, would have cost well over one hundred million Naira. 10 Highest Paid CEO’s In Nigeria For 2019. During this period, the iconic singer lived a lavish lifestyle, which reportedly ran him down financially. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) At the very top of this list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria 2019 is the job of a CEO of a company or business. Taylor Swift tops list of 2019’s highest-paid musicians. Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu - Net worth: $8.4 billion (₦3 trillion 46 billion) Bola Ahmed Tinubu - Lagos State Governor from May 1999 - May 2007 is the official richest politician in Nigeria.